Pooja Hegde Latest Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Pooja Hegde Latest Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Hello, we are going to discuss Pooja Hegde Latest Workout Routine And Diet Plan. Before going discuss  Latest Workout Routine And Diet Plan of Pooja Hegde, let us know about her. To After getting the title of second runner-up in the Miss Universe India 2010 competition, there was no restriction for leggy lass, Pooja Hegde, whose simplicity and behavior earned her millions of followers around the world. In 2009, Pooja won the title of Miss Indian Talent Honor and Miss India South Glamorous Hair in 2010 and she is active in South Indian Film Industry since 2012.

Pooja Hegde Latest Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Her beauty and fitness started in her very first movie with superstar “Hrithik Roshan”, in Bollywood ‘Mohenjo Daro’. Pooja Hegde talks about fitness, style, and beauty. Here is the fitness, and diet secrets of Pooja Hegde.

Pooja Hegde is one of the upcoming and talented Indian model and actress. In 2012, she made her place in acting through her first appearance in Mysskin’s Tamil superhero film Mugamoodi. She is also a part of Bollywood with Ashutosh Gowariker’s Mohenjo Daro with her role in Bollywood in the year 2016. Here in this article Pooja Hegde latest workout routine, Pooja Hegde latest diet plane, fitness regime of Pooja Hegde, Pooja Hegde gym routine, Pooja Hegde exercise tips is explained in detail.

Pooja Hegde Latest Workout Routine

Pooja Hegde’s workout routine is really intriguing because she has the best fitness trainer in Bollywood who keep her in a clear shape. She has taken Pilates class from Namrata Purohit and has received aerial silk lessons from Aditi Deshpande and CrossFit training from Harrison James. Despite having a tight work schedule, she never compromises on her fitness routine. Pooja is an actress who started her journey as a thin but unfriendly girl in the film industry, and she is now an avid lover of many workout styles. addition information related to the workout schedule of Pooja Hegde is given below.

Pooja Hegde after gym

Actor Puja Hegde has been involved in the exercise habits since that time when she was part of the beauty pageant. When she talks of reducing her weight and giving her body the best look, she is very conscious. She usually exercises the gym session 4 times a week. At the gym, she does the treadmill walk, cardio exercise and some kind of weight lifting. She does not involve himself in any push-up practice. She also makes an hour of daily practice. The most common fitness routine of Puja Hegde includes circuits and interval training in addition to calisthenics, pilates, and kickboxing. She believes in sticking to a 45-minute workout routine, which helps in her rejuvenate and maintains that kind of fitness, which she always dreamed of. This is all about the latest workout routine of Pooja Hegde.

Pooja Hegde fitness regime

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Pooja Hegde Latest Diet Plan

While the most perception about actresses is that they eat very little that the stunning body craves for everyone, Pooja Hegde is an actress who likes to include everything in her diet. It prevents unhealthy food and keeps a count of your calorie intake. It is a quick shot of coffee after the exercise to promote the metabolic system. Pooja Hegde latest diet plan is given below in detail.

Pooja Hegde exercise HD Photo

Breakfast –

Its breakfast begins with a glass of fresh juice with toast slices. She often eats almonds and cereals at breakfast. Her morning meal is incomplete without a bowl though.

Lunch –

If she is not busy on shooting, she has rice/roti, vegetables and pulses in a lunch with a glass of juice. And while working, she likes to garnish with fresh fruits and shakes on homemade food.

Dinner –

Pooja believes in eating light and easy-to-eat food.

Pooja Hegde FigureHD Photo

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Recently, Pooja Hegde has revealed that the secret of her unshakeable look is that she eats food every two hours and uses coconut oil and ghee in her diet. She is also involved in chocolates, which is a way of treating it between work schedules. Eating a decent amount of water, drinking lots of water and avoiding junk food is a diet mantra which she performs rituals. This is all about Latest diet plan of Pooja Hegde.


Pooja Hegde body HD Photo


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