Pooja Sawant Latest workout routine and diet plan

By | May 26, 2019

Pooja Sawant Latest workout routine and diet plan

Hello, We are going to discuss Pooja Sawant workout routine and diet plan. Before going to discuss latest workout routine of Pooja Sawant and latest diet plan of Pooja Sawant, let’s know about her. Pooja Sawant was born on 25 January 1990. She is an Indian film actress who appears in Marathi films. Pooja Sawant started Sachin Patil’s multi-starrer film Kshanbhar Vishranti in 2010.

Pooja was born in Maharashtra state in Mumbai. Pooja studied with Balmohan Vidyamandir in Mumbai and graduated from SIWS College of Science and Commerce. She has appeared in the dance show ‘Boogie Woogie’ and ‘Marathi Dance Reality Show’ ‘Eka Peksha Ek Jodicha Mamla’.

Pooja Sawant Latest workout routine and diet plan

Pooja Sawant started her career in the Marathi industry with a multi-starrer movie, which rested the cultural status between film lovers. In 2011, she appeared in “ Zakas” with superstar Ankush Chaudhary, the film was Blockbuster. Pooja appeared again in another multi-starrer film Satrangi Ray.

In 2014, she appeared in the satire blockbuster movie Poster Boyz in front of Aniket Vishwasrao. In addition to the films, Pooja has been a part of much Marathi reality show, in which one pair of Ek Peksha Ek Jodicha Mamala and Jallosh Suvarnayugacha are included.

She also participated in the dance reality show Boogie Woogie. In 2019, she made her Bollywood debut with the Bollywood film “Jungle” with Vidyut Jamwal. Here in this article Pooja Sawant latest diet plan, Pooja Sawant latest workout plan, Pooja Sawant fitness regime, Pooja Sawant beauty secret, Pooja Sawant figure secret, Pooja Sawant gym tips are explained.

Pooja Sawant fitness regime

Pooja Sawant Latest Diet Plan

Let’s start from the latest diet plan of Pooja Sawant. She was not always aware of what she is eating and in the early years she is called fatty but after realizing the importance of a fit and shapely body she changed her diet and exercise plan. She is now active and healthy to follow a disciplined and simple five meal a day diet plan. Pooja Sawant’s Diet Plan includes-

Pooja Sawant diet pattern

  • The beginning of the day begins with a glass of lukewarm water, followed by a cup of tea and almonds frozen overnight.
  • Pooja Sawant likes Toast and a glass skimmed milk with 6 egg white, fresh fruit and porridge.
  • In lunch, she eats chicken, salad and 2 soya chapatis with a bowl of lentils and vegetables.
  • For evening snacks, she drinks a cup of tea with digestive biscuits.
  • In dinner, she makes a small dessert with 3 veggies cooked in olive oil with grilled or steamed fish, green salad, lentils, and 2 chapatis.
  • She avoids all kinds of junk food and rice.
  • To keep her hydrated and keep her skin bright, she drinks lots of water and coconut water throughout the day. This is all about the latest diet pattern of Pooja Sawant.

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Pooja Sawant Workout Routine

Now, fitter, Pooja Sawant adheres to a strict work rule and never forgets for even a single day. Here we have some important points relates to the latest workout routine of Pooja Sawant. Pooja Sawant’s workout routine includes:

Pooja Sawant Zero Figure HD Photo

  • She starts her workout on the treadmill for 20 minutes with cardio, then she bicycles for 20 minutes and then after 10 minutes cross-trainer does.
  • On Monday, Pooja Sawant works on her upper body.
  • On Tuesday, she works on her abs.
  • Pooja Sawant focuses on her lower body and legs on Wednesday.
  • On Thursday its glutes are set to a workout regime.
  • On Friday, she repeats her abs workout.
  • Pooja Sawant repeats her upper body exercises on Saturday.
  • She goes for a walk or a quick trip on Sunday
  • Pooja Sawant also practices kickboxing and makes her routine optional so that it is not boring. This is all about the latest workout routine of Pooja Sawant.