Post-workout meal: What to eat after a workout to built muscle

By | July 16, 2018

Post-workout meal: Why Post workout meal is important 

      Nowadays all people are health conscious day by day. Everyone is looking to improve health yourself. To achieve that goal everybody is doing a workout every day but the only workout doesn’t work for us. You have to follow a diet plan. During Workout our muscles are breaks, a Post-Workout meal is very important  45 minutes after Workout. In that period muscles start rebuilding. A pre-workout meal is also equally important as a post-workout meal. “What to eat after a workout to built muscle” is very important. During a workout, body use pre-workout meal as a fuel. Below we discussed both Pre-workout meal and Post-workout meal.

Pre-workout meal: What to eat before a workout to built muscle

  • OneTwo bananas. OR
  • one cup of coffee without milk it is for weight loss.

Post-workout meal: What to eat after a workout to built muscle

  • Two Eggs and three egg whites, grapes or one apple, one cup milk OR
  • Grilled chicken OR
  • Two scoops Protin powder, one cup of milk, grapes or one apple OR
  • Fish OR
  • Oatmeal, almond, bananas OR
  • Brown rice, black beans, vegetables OR
  • Brown bread, two spoon peanut butter, five boiled eggs with only two yellow part of it.

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