Prabhas Workout Routine And Diet Plan | Fitness Regime

By | November 17, 2019

Prabhas Workout Routine And Diet Plan | Fitness Regime 


Hello, We are going to discuss Prabhas Workout Routine And Diet Plan also his Fitness Regime. Before going to this topic workout routine and diet plan of Prabhas, let’s know about him.

 Prabhas is an Indian film actor especially known for his work in Telugu cinema. He was born on October 23, 1979, in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. He is 6 feet 2 inches long. This actor lifted 82 kg weight and got 20 kg weight for his role in his recent movie, Bahubali. If there is something other than cricket that has linked this country’s people each other, it’s Bahubali.

 People, irrespective of age, occupation or race talking about this Magnum Opus, who broke all the box office records without sweating. The man who played the role of great character Bahubali, Prabhas has made fanbase same for men and women. And why not? Where do you see such dedication and passion for work in today’s film world? Whether it is Prabhas or every actor has given their best and that is why Bahubali has managed to make history on many fronts.

    Prabhas became a national sensation in the form of Amarendra Bahubali, due to his heart-melting look and Greek god physique. Want to get a body? Well, here’s a diet plan and workout routine of Prabhas and a wonderful his 6 pack abs fitness regime. Let’s be clear … catching Bahubali is not easy! He is being trained by local trainers because he has not opted for any foreign trainer. here workout routine of Prabhas, diet plan of Prabhas, fitness regime of Prabhas, bodybuilding tips by Prabhas, Prabhas fitness HD photos, Prabhas body images, Prabhas gym tips are explained in detail.

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Prabhas Workout Routine 


Here all details of a workout routine of Prabhas. Prabhas followed the 30/70 rule – 70% diet and 30% workout. Prabhas said that a suitable pre and post work diet plan is important for getting the right results from their hours at the gym. He spent 6 hours in the gym every morning divided between morning and evening sessions.

The morning started with cardio sessions and after this, stretching and yoga. After this, intensive endurance sessions were organized including plyometric and CrossFit exercises.

In the evening, the exercise of muscle building, weight training was included. Rather than relying on isolation practice, Laxman, gym trainer of Prabhas put it on compound routines like squats, bench press, and deadlift. This helped him get more muscle in less time. Apart from this, Prabhas also continued active external activities such as cycling, swimming, etc.

After lifting 135 kg or maybe 150 kg, Prabhas is definitely on the stage of losing because the film is over. Laxman said in an interview that the weight is slowly losing and it can take about 5 to 6 months to reach its normal weight. Laxman also mentioned that the diet will remain the same but the quantity will start decreasing. That’s all about workout routine of Prabhas, fitness regime of Prabhas.

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Prabhas Diet Plan 

we discussed workout routine of Prabhas now we are going to share Prabhas diet plan. here is diet plan of Prabhas in detail. Prabhas is quite tough on the Diet Regiment. The key elements of his diet plan for Bahubali are as follows:

  • His breakfast consists of 40 egg white part, which is half boiled and is added every day with protein powder.
  • His diet has many restrictions and he can eat whatever he wants. He was on zero carbohydrate diet for his role in his recent movie Bahubali.
  • Prabhas’s diet includes nuts, fish, almonds, egg whiteness, and those vegetables, which he used to eat in their six meals.
  • Rice is not included in their diet.
  • He took their food every two hours.
  • Prabhas consumed a total calorie intake between 2000 and 4000 calories a day.

That’s all about Diet Plan of Prabhas.

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Prabhas Workout Tips 

Here we are given Fitness regime of actor Prabhas.

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  • The body needs to grow in the correct proportion. For this, strict and weight lifting workout should be followed.
  • He said that there is never any steroids for the bodybuilding, he says that drugs are risky and can cause health problems.
  • He likes to exercise daily with natural proper diet and regular training.


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