Queen Latifah Weight Loss

By | March 10, 2023

Queen Latifah Weight Loss: Queen Latifah is the true queen of rap. Latifah is an American actress and singer who have created a name that many rappers in the industry couldn’t make. Latifah was labelled a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Her music is just like an eye-opener to many Latifah who talked on complex topics and paved the way for many females in the male-dominated rap industry. It is known to many of us that Latifah has also been awarded a Grammy award; however, the beauty of her song is worth the praise she is getting. Latifah may not be the first female rapper, but she is the rap queen. Latifah has even talked about feminism and sexuality in her music.

The queen of rap is the queen of transformation too. Latifah has always been a beautiful lady. She has worked as an ambassador for many cosmetics brands. Latifah has been in the industry for decades, and looking at her; no one can tell her age. Even at this point, she still looks the same. Her beauty is remarkable. She cared about her physique and skin and has always paid a keen interest in body positivity. I know many of you want to know how Latifah went through a transformation but don’t worry, a health yogi is here to tell you about the queen Latifah weight loss diet plan and workout routine that even you can follow.

Queen Latifah Weight Loss

Queen Latifah Weight Loss

Queen Latifah Weight loss Body Stats:

Height  5 feet 10 inches
Weight 91 kg
Age 52 years
Breast  45
Waist  40
Hips 45

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Queen Latifah Weight Loss Workout Routine:

Queen Latifah’s debut album “ladies first” is a vibe for many of us. It was just after that Latifah got into a diss battle with brown. However, the marker of the ladies’ first album was also first in the struggle. It was a win-win for Latifah. Ups and downs are a part of life, and even Latifah couldn’t avoid them. She was diagnosed with obesity and shared her concern and journey with the red table. She spoke about how we start hating ourselves due to obesity and many things, but she didn’t mention her diet plan and workout routine


Hold on, and if you are looking for queen Latifah’s weight loss workout routine, then don’t worry; you have ended up on the best website. After doing some research, we learned about her workout routine. Standing 5 feet 10 inches tall, Latifah was a basketball player in her college. Her enthusiasm and activity were always at their peak; that’s why her obesity was not her habit but genetics, so to know more about her workout routine, keep your eyes on it.

Queen Latifah’s weight loss workout routine includes,


Cardio is a great start to lose weight, and for Latifah, it was a lifesaver queen who used to train for five days a week, but she insisted on doing cardio every day. Queen Latifah has always been an active person. She was the part of basketball crew in her college; however, over time obesity syndrome took over her and sealed her enthusiasm but she didn’t give up and started doing some cardio. Jeanette Jenkins is Latifah’s trainer. He helped her lose weight and get into her standard shape. Jeanette knew the importance of cardio, and that’s why he made Latifah do a lot of cardio exercises daily.



Latifah followed a five-day training schedule that involved training in the gym. However, weightlifting was not the only thing she did. Latifah also did CrossFit and resistance training. However, her trainer Jeanette always ensured that her stretching was proper to avoid injuries. In the gym, she used to do squats, lunges, weight training, and body weight exercises.


Core training

Latifah rocks in her bikini. Where did she get such abs? Well, it’s all her core training. Latifah does a lot of core training, like planks and crunches. Her trainer Jeanette has designed an accurate and beneficial plan for Her. Core training helps in increasing mobility and gives stability to the spine, and for someone who is obese then, they should do core training.



Latifah was customary to play basketball in her college; however, her career had different plans for her, but her physical well-being was because of her active interest in basketball.

That’s all for Queen Latifah’s weight loss workout routine.

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Queen Latifah Weight Loss Diet Plan

The queen of rap is the queen of transformation. Her transformation photos are all over the internet about her weight loss. She has lost an ample amount of weight.

 She has eliminated fats from her diet; only the necessary fats are consumed. Latifah used to quantify her food and tracks the calories she consumes. Her breakfast is light and so on her lunch and dinner are also lightweight. She tries to make her diet Simone and clean. 

Is Queen Latifah a vegan?

No, Queen Latifah is not a vegan.

That’s all for the queen Latifah weight loss diet plan.

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