Ranveer Allahbadia Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | February 21, 2021

Ranveer Allahbadia Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Ranveer Allahbadia is a social media influencer, health and fitness influencer, and YouTuber with over 2 million subscribers. Ranveer gets quite well known in the Indian fitness YouTube community.

He does have a lot of knowledge about fitness and nutritional factors. You can realize that when you watch a few of his videos. Ranveer also gets known for his body physique, which is not a surprise. So if you also want to know the Ranveer Allahbadia workout and the Ranveer Allahbadia diet plan, keep reading.

Ranveer Allahbadia Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Ranveer Allahbadia Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Ranveer Allahbadia Body Stats

Height 5 ft 8 inch
Weight 73 kg
Age 24 years
Chest 42 inch
Waist 32 inch
Biceps 15½ inch

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Ranveer Allahbadia Workout Routine

Ranveer Allahbadia Workout Routine

Ranveer Allahbadia Workout Routine

Ranveer likes to stay fit a lot, and that’s why he also loves inspiring lots of other people. I love Ranveer because he doesn’t tell other people what most fitness YouTubers do, which might get you in bad shape or even sick. I believe in not depending on supplements and equipment, and that’s what Ranveer believes in himself.

I would surely relate to his thoughts and the ways he keeps the people fit. For knowing the workout routine of Ranveer, nobody has to research that much. Ranveer himself tells other people about the workouts he does, and all of those workouts include doing HIIT training.

Ranveer loves to rest between exercises to help his metabolism boost up, which I always promote. Whether it’s weight training or bodyweight exercises, HIIT training can surely help you boost your performance, enhance your stamina, and let you save a lot of time as not every person has two to three hours to waste in the gym.

If you are an athlete, it’s okay to spend two hours or more in the gym, but for an average person to spend two to three hours training to be fit and get abs and muscle is just stupid. You can get all that with an hour of exercise or maybe an hour and a half maximum in a whole day. Now Ranveer does two things: bodyweight/free body workout in the morning time for 30 minutes. That helps him work his cardio and stay active and healthy.

Then later in the evening, Ranveer focuses on weight training by doing a superset workout. In that training, Ranveer does four to five days of activities in a week. As when you are training biceps/chest on Monday, shoulder/traps on Tuesday, back/triceps on Thursday, and legs/glutes on Friday. You have to rest in between because of the intensity and volume of exercises you do.

Also, fitness science and many professionals have declared that four days of workout in a week is enough for an average person to stay fit.  However, on the other three days, Ranveer remains active by doing house chores, going for a walk, doing different activities, and doing his 30 minutes HIIT free-body workout. You can check many exercises on his beer biceps or his own Instagram channel and account where Ranveer has explained and shown all of the activities.

That’s all for the Ranveer Allahbadia workout routine.

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Ranveer Allahbadia Diet Plan

Ranveer Allahbadia Diet Plan

Ranveer Allahbadia Diet Plan

As far as the diet goes, Ranveer uploaded his video about the vegetarian diet that he takes. The diet contains only vegetarian food, and even his protein shakes are pure plant-based proteins. Ranveer follows the intermittent fasting diet, which helps you boost your body metabolism and that on its own, eat the extra fat in your body.

Ranveer also eats small meals, which is one of the best ways to recommend five-factor meals. However, as this is intermittent fasting and the meals will be just an hour or two hours later, we will surely lessen the food consumption volume.

Ranveer also eats many raw veggies, which has its benefits, and other things like dry fruits for healthy fats, protein shake for protein, brown rice khichdi for fiber and protein, etc. So yeah, it’s a lot of things that you can watch on his video right here.

That’s all for the Ranveer Allahbadia diet plan.

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