Red Velvet Wendy Diet Plan and Workout Routine [Updated]

By | October 10, 2023

Red Velvet Wendy Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Shon Seung-wan (wendy son) is a renowned k-pop singer; Son has been part of the red velvet group and joined Got the beat supergroup in 2022. From her childhood, wendy was an aspiring singer her only dream was to sing, but her parents had a different plan for her.

They were slightly against her singing and wanted her to educate herself; later on, she went to Canada for further studies, but after seeing her determination towards singing, her parents let her give an audition for a singing show. Unfortunately, Wendy couldn’t win, but she was in the top 15, which was a good start for her as a singer. Now Wendy is one of the topmost singers in the world. Apart from her career with the Red velvet band Wendy also launched her singles, ep like water.

Wendy is not only known for singing also her looks are nurtured by her fans. Wendy is so beautiful that even people outside of Korea say that she looks like a goddess her sweet voice and personality are in sync. Her fans are crazy over it. On her social media handles, Wendy likes to flex her slim-fit outfits and toned physique. Many people wonder how Wendy has maintained herself with such an amazing physique, so let us discuss Wendy workout routine and Wendy diet plan that has blessed her with such beauty.

Red Velvet Wendy Diet Plan and Workout Routine [Updated]

Red Velvet Wendy Diet Plan and Workout Routine [Updated]

Wendy Son Body Stats:


5 feet


42 kg


26 years


31 inches


23 inches


32 inches

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Wendy Workout Routine

Wendy was part of the famous red velvet girls group where she played the role of main vocalist Wendy’s vocals are no joke. She has practiced and sharpened her vocals. It’s unbelievable the way Wendy holds on to her lyrics. People are mad at her vocals, and how couldn’t someone be mad at her? It’s so amazing the way she showcases her talent through the songs. Wendy has recently joined the got-the-beat supergroup with their first song, step back. Their music has shaken up the k pop industry. Their theme was so good that it was all set to break all the records. Very little time is left until the world knows about their talent. Got the beat supergroup is a mixture of three famous bands, girls generation, red velvet, and aespa. Wendy joined this group alongside her old bandmate, selugi.

To attain so much, Wendy went through so many hardships S.M entertainment once also revealed that Wendy faced a big accident where she was injured badly with fractured and bruises all over her body. Despite this, Wendy still seems so fit and flexible. Her moves in the m.v are so remarkable. Wendy follows a proper workout routine to stay healthy, so let us look at Wendy workout routine.

Wendy Workout Routine

Wendy Workout Routine

Wendy workout plan includes

Jump ropes

As I previously said, Wendy went through many Hardships. Whatever she has achieved now is all thanks to her struggle. We usually see celebs and think how much they enjoy their lifestyles, but it’s not what we see, not in the case of wendy. While debuting in the industry, she was rejected for her weight, which barged a barrier; instead, she started working on herself. The first step she took was a big one. She started doing 10000 jump ropes daily.

Can you believe this? Her dedication is on another level. While talking about jump ropes, let me tell you how jump ropes can help you. While doing jump ropes, you need to push the ground with the toes, which impacts the calves. However, jump rope is not only profitable for your calves, but it also helps you burn a lot of calories minimum calorie Wendy burnt was upto 425, but this depends on the range of motion, speed, and power.

If you increase these three things, then you can surely burn more than 425 calories using jump ropes. But, is jump ropes effective for you? No, jump ropes are a good cardio exercise, but it focuses more on building stamina. If you are a healthy individual and think you can also do 10000 jump ropes daily to lose weight, then let me tell you that you are thinking wrong. It would help if you tried focusing on different cardio and strength training exercises to lose weight and give your body a perfect shape. Make sure you do other cardio exercises like walking, sprinting, or stretching.

How many jump ropes should you do?

If you are habitual with jump ropes, you can maximum do 500 jump ropes daily with proper form. If you are an individual who doesn’t have any experience, then start with your compatible number and increase it gradually.




Wendy is good at breaking out a sweat. Her moves, damn! Wendy has practiced for years to perfect her moves while preparing for the industry. Wendy used to do 2 hours of dance. Isn’t this amazing?

Then wait are you waiting for yourself to get in your shoes and start dancing for hours daily? That will help you bust stress and break out a sweat, eventually burning calories.

That’s all for Wendy’s Workout routine.

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Wendy Diet Plan

Wendy Diet Plan includes, Wendy shared that she used to follow a strict diet that led her to lose weight and look skinny, but it was not a diet but torture to her body. Her morning started with blending black beans, milk, cabbage, and apple and ate, and for dinner, one pumpkin juice. But now, she has shifted to a maintenance calorie diet that has helped her maintain her weight. The duet she used to follow was not optimum and is considered improper.

Wendy Diet Plan

Wendy Diet Plan

Is Wendy Son a vegan

No, she is not a vegan.

This is all about Wendy Diet Plan.

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