Renato Moicano Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | May 4, 2023

Renato Moicano Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Renato Moicano’s stint at the UFC this year ended with the cancellation of his fight with Arman Tsarukyan due to injuries. Renato has been making efficiency gains in the last few years but this year’s fight did not go well and he has been absolved of any opportunity to redeem himself. Renato is a Brazilian Mixed Martial Artist and has already made a name for himself with his career in UFC. 

This was Renato Moicano’s second-ever UFC main event, scheduled for April 29.  The UFC crowd was looking forward to this fight and now people want to know more about Renato and his injury which is keeping him out of the Main Event. Renato got introduced to MMA at the age of 18 years and has been a professional MMA fighter since the age of 21 years. He Fights in the featherweight category and is often defined by experts as a strong skinny guy. 

The crowd is also intrigued about his workout and diet regime. And in this post, we will be covering exactly that. You can pick up some good tips from this experienced MMA UFC fighter to use in your workout sessions and in the way you approach health and strength. Since Renato is an MMA fighter, his workouts are very difficult to follow, you should change them according to your body and fitness goals.


Renato Moicano Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Renato Moicano Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Renato Moicano Body Stats

Height 5 feet 11 inches
Weight 70 kgs 
Age 33 years
Shoulders 29 inches
Waist 26 inches
Biceps 15 inches

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Renato Moicano Workout Routine

Renato is a very hardworking and disciplined guy. With his career on a relatively lower slope and frequent injuries, this is a tough phase for him. Many players go through these phases and yet rise again. We hope he trains well and comes back in the next season.  In several interviews, Renato has pointed out that now he has to be more careful since he is getting older and is more prone to injuries. 


Renato Moicano Workout Routine

Renato Moicano Workout Routine


Renato Moicano Workout Routine includes:

Rest More, Train Less

In recent years, Renato’s approach towards workouts has been to train less and recover more. He shared that since he is getting older, his body is more prone to getting broken, and takes longer to recover. So he always tries to keep a balanced schedule, where he is well-fed and well-slept after his training sessions. Allowing your body to recover and rebuild torn muscles is the most important aspect of training. This is what builds strength. Your muscles are not made when you are fighting, it’s made when you are recovering from the fight or training. 

Many people don’t get results even after working out diligently. Many times, because you are not allowing your body to process those results. You need to sleep and rest which will result in strength and muscle gain. For resting Moicano uses Ice Tub baths, usually twice daily, along with sleeping and taking breaks.


Gym Exercises

Renato uploaded a video on his YouTube channel documenting his workouts and training schedules while preparing for a fight. He is seen with his coaches. Moicanos workouts include typical gym exercises with equipment targeting every major muscle group and functional training. He worked with the kettlebell, Bench Press, Pull-ups, and lots of weight training.  You can watch his video here. He does not work out with heavy weights, since he Fights in the featherweight category and avoids bulking up.


Fight Training

Next, in Moicanos workout routine is fight training. Under this part, his workout revolves around Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, and Wrestling. This is a direct combat exercise where he also practices practical skills with his coach Gabriel de Oliveira. His Jiu-Jitsu coach is Porrompa and it seems, it is the part that he enjoys the most. He considers this part of his training as a socialization exercise where he learns about techniques his opponents may use in real-life combat events. 

Renato also does Judo and he has been into Jiu-Jitsu since the age of 11 years.  Other things in his workout sessions include Running, Rope skipping, Reflex Training and Rope pulls. All of his sessions are usually indoors – inside the gym or in the Rings.


Tips for our Readers

As mentioned, unless you are an MMA fighter, you can achieve results with just a quarter of the effort that Renato puts in. MMA is preferred by many celebrities that we have covered- be it from showbiz or sports. Mixed Martial Arts have great results for your mental health while building physical strength. Also, basic functional exercises like Squats, lunges, push-ups, pull-ups, and rope pulls, with moderate weights are pretty effective for fitness and lean muscle gain.

That’s all for Renato Moicano Workout Routine.

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Renato Moicano Diet Plan

Renato is conscious about his eating habits because he thinks that’s where the money comes from. He lets loose only when he is not training for a fight. 


Renato Moicano Diet Plan

Renato Moicano Diet Plan


Is Renato Moicano Vegan?

No, Renato Moicano is not vegan.

Renato focuses on being well-hydrated. His favorite cuisine is Brazilian and that’s what he binges on when not training.  Usual meals include Coffee, Toast, Honey, Orange Juice, Eggs, and Fruits. He also takes vitamin supplements. His favorite Brazilian meal is Rice, Vegetables, and Brazilian Steak.

That’s all for Renato Moicano Diet Plan.

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