Robert Lewandowski Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | June 9, 2019

Robert Lewandowski Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Hello, We are going to discuss Robert Lewandowski Diet Plan and Workout Routine. Before going to discuss diet plan of Robert Lewandowski and workout routine of Robert Lewandowski, let’s know about him. Robert Lewandowski was born on August 21, 1988, in Warsaw, Poland. He is a footballer for Krzystof Lewandowski, a national judo champion, as well as Hutnik Warszawa in Division 2, and Iwona Lewandowski, once a volleyball player, is AZS Warszawa, as well as Vice President of Partyzant Leszno.

Robert married Anna Stachurska, who is a bronze medalist from June 2013 to 2009 Karate World Cup. She has a younger sister and her name is Milena, who is a famous national volleyball player representing Poland in the national team of U-21.

Robert Lewandowski Diet Plan and Workout Routine

He has been a full international player for Poland since 2008 and has earned more than 70 caps and was also a member of the Euro 2012 team. Robert Lewandowski is quite famous for his amazing Ripped Body. He is acclaimed for Robert Lewandowski’s workout routine and diet plan is very famous among fitness enthusiasts.

Robert Lewandowski adheres to a strict and healthy diet and a comprehensive workout session to stay in shape. So let’s take a look at Robert Lewandowski’s diet plan and workout routine.

Robert Lewandowski Diet Plan

Now, let’s know about the diet plan of Robert Lewandowski. He always makes great efforts to stay fit. Robert works honestly and he eats cleanly. Here is all information about Robert Lewandowski Diet Plan

Diet Plan of Robert Lewandowski

  • He prefers his breakfast in the morning and has 3 cups of fried eggs, 5 strips of turkey bacon, six cantaloupe slices or a cup of low-fat curd with strawberries.
  • After the workout, they have shake 15-ounce Myoplex.
  • His lunch includes 2-3 turkey meatballs, baked chicken breasts or some time spaghetti, grilled beans with tomato sauce and two brown bread slices.
  • For dinner, Robert Lewandowski likes spaghetti with a lean beef burger or chicken caesar salad or grilled broccoli.
  • Sweets are mostly melon slices or a myoplex bar. This is all about the diet plan of Robert Lewandowski.

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Robert Lewandowski Workout Routine

Now we will discuss the exercise routine of Robert Lewandowski. His intensive training is on 666 plan (6 hours per day, 6 days a week, and 6 months in the year). Robert Lewandowski’s workout routine is often considered to be the hardest and longest workout.

Exercise routine of Robert Lewandowski

Workout A (Chest/Triceps/Abs) of Robert Lewandowski

  • Incline dumbbell press of 6-8 reps 4 sets
  • Flat bench press of 10-12 reps 4 sets
  • Weighted dips of 8-10 reps 4 sets
  • Tricep rope extension of 10-12 reps 4 sets
  • Hanging leg raises of 10 reps 3 sets

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Workout B (Legs/Calves) of Robert Lewandowski

  • Rack pulls of 5 reps 4 sets
  • Dumbbell Bulgarian 4 sets
  • Weighted hyperextension of 8-10 reps 3 sets
  • Calf raise (any variation) of 12 reps 5 sets

More about Robert Lewandowski workout plan is given below.

Workout C (Back/ Biceps/ Abs) of Robert Lewandowski

  • Weighted chin ups of 6-8 reps 4 sets
  • Barbell row of 6-8 reps 4 sets
  • Barbell curls of 8-10 reps 3 sets
  • Hammer curls of 8-10 reps 3 sets
  • Hanging leg raises of 10 reps 3 sets
  • Robert Lewandowski makes sure to take a day off in a week from his busy work so that he can rest his body.
  • Relaxation is an important module for an effective weight lifting practice
  • To avoid injuries, muscles need to be recovered and rested.