Robert Sheehan Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | July 16, 2022
Robert Sheehan Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Robert Sheehan Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Third season of ” The Umbrella Academy” is releasing on 31st July and fans can’t keep calm over the trailer that dropped on the Instagram handles of its cast and the official page of Netflix. The series has been quite popular with the masses and its characters come across as quite interesting and charming. One of the characters that quite beautifully ticks both of these boxes is Klaus Hargreeves played by Robert Sheehan.

Robert Sheehan is an Irish Actor who gained popularity with his role of Nathan Young in Misfits and has been named in the 50 greatest Irish actors of all times. He is also a model and recently dropped his photoshoot with FAB on his Instagram page. So in this post, we will trace Robert Sheehan’s workout routine by analyzing his interviews and information available online and we will also combine our two cents that will help you in getting that lean, agile body.

Robert Sheehan Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Robert Sheehan Workout Routine and Diet Plan


Robert Sheehan physical Stats

Height 6 feet
Weight 70 kg
Age 34 years
Shoulders 34 inches
Biceps 14 inches

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Robert Sheehan Workout Routine

Robert has a very lean body as one can clearly see in the seasons of The Umbrella Academy and he seems to have extremely low body fat. In interviews during the promotion of the season, the actor seems to have gained some muscle mass, and his biceps and upper body seem more toned.

Robert Sheehan Workout Routine

Robert Sheehan Workout Routine


Robert Sheehan Workout Routine includes:


Robert enjoys Cardio workouts more than any other training methods since they relax and refresh him. Here is a list of cardio exercises that you can do for leaning up your body.


Running/ Treadmill

We came across a post on Tumblr in which Robert was featured on a treadmill. It seems to be an integral part of Robert’s schedule or at least he enjoys them thoroughly. But if you can invest in such hefty equipment, simply going for a run is worth it from a health perspective. Running is an excellent exercise for burning calories and it also builds great bone strength and improves cardiovascular fitness. So you must add this to your regular workout routine. Regular Brisk walking to has similar effects.



Robert is a pretty spiritually inclined person which is evident from a recent interaction he uploaded on his Instagram page with author Deepak Chopra who works in the field of alternative medicine and yoga. So yoga also forms a good part of Robert Sheehan’s workout routine. And it has benefits for the body, mind, and soul.

You can also enroll yourself in a Yoga class or simply practice from online mediums to put yourself on the road to overall health.


Biceps Exercises

Even though Robert’s body is lean, he has a noticeable hint of muscle mass in his biceps. Muscles are highly important for the overall fitness of a person and they also enhance the functioning of your immune system.

Here is a list of bicep exercises you can do

Dumbbell curl: 3 sets, 12 reps each

Cable bar curl: 3 sets , 15 reps each

Dumbbell hammer curl: 3 sets, 13 reps each


Leg Exercise

Leg Exercises also find themselves in  Robert Sheehan’s workout regime. Here are some simple leg exercises that you can incorporate into your schedules

Squats: 4 sets, 12 reps each

Hip hinges (deadlifts)

Lunges: 2 sets, 12 reps each for every leg.

For more benefits, include weights of moderate intensity.

This is all about Robert Sheehan Workout Routine.

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Robert Sheehan Diet Plan

Robert Sheehan is highly passionate about the issues of planet conservation and climate change. And this reflects in his diet and food habits too. It is a result of Robert’s passion for climate change that he has shifted to a zero-waste lifestyle and continuously endeavors to engage himself in food choices that have safer consequences. In an Instagram post, the actor and model revealed that this lifestyle has helped him in eating healthier and in choosing healthier versions of unhealthy foods.

He also revealed that this life has deepened his spiritual contentment.

Robert Sheehan Diet Plan

Robert Sheehan Diet Plan


Is Rober Sheehan Vegan?

No, Robert Sheehan is not vegan.



Where celebrities live for days on coffees, Robert doesn’t drink any kind of caffeine and he always goes for a decaf with soy milk. In a report by Healthline, it was revealed that avoiding caffeine improves sleep and helps in better absorption of nutrients enhancing the overall well-being of a person.

Further, it balances your hormones and improves mood stability besides lowering anxiety. So you can also try to cut down your sugar intake and it will help you in your overall health.



Hydration is extremely important for a healthy balance in your body. Also, it removes toxins from your body to improve the absorption of nutrients. Robert also has 3-4 glasses of warm water first thing in the morning before starting his day.

Here is what Robert Sheehan eats on a typical day and you can also take directions through this diet plan.


Robert Sheehan Diet Plan includes:


  • Boiled Eggs
  • Fruits


  • Cereals
  • Oatmeal



  • Grilled Veggies
  • Legumes
  • Green salad


That’s all for Robert Sheehan’s Diet plan.

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