Roberto Firmino Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | October 24, 2022
Roberto Firmino Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Roberto Firmino Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Brazilian footballers have a different vibe. Their skills have just made many great footballers doubt themselves. A perfect example is Roberto firmino, a Brazilian footballer who has stunned the whole world. Roberto is an active person, very eager to move on the field, and his moves are insane. He legit swings on the field. At the start of his career, Roberto was also part of Hoffenheim for more than four seasons. Roberto now plays for the premier league club, Liverpool.

He has dedicated himself to the Brazilian national team and has also won many matches for the team. Roberto has achieved many awards, and it’s all thanks to his physique. Yes, physique plays a significant role in the field. Many big faces in football still never compromise with their body. We have seen that Roberto has never been in shape. Even during the lockdown, Roberto ensured he never missed his meal prep or workout routine. His fans are so obsessed with his physique because of his toned abs and natural aesthetic look. They always wonder how he maintains himself in such great shape. But don’t worry, Health yogi is here with the ultimate Roberto Firmino workout routine and diet plan.

Roberto Firmino Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Roberto Firmino Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Roberto Firmino Body Stats:

Height 5 feet 11 inches
Weight 76 kgs
Age 31 years
Chest 38
Waist 31
Biceps 14

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Roberto Firmino Workout Routine:

Roberto firmino started as an attacking midfielder. However, over time Roberto unleashed his true potential, and he was named the center-forward of the team. Well, no doubt that his majestic skills are incomparable, as he is labeled as one of the best footballers in the world. Roberto is full-fledged in the work he is doing. He has just outdone himself in the few matches his fans can’t wait to see him swing in the field more.


Roberto firmino is 1.81 m. His unbelievably stunning looks are just so pleasing to his fans. Despite such game stress, he never takes a day off from his workout routine, as he is always eager to showcase his awesome game on the field. Roberto is fond of working out. His workout plan includes going to the gym doing cardio, jump ropes, and resistance training. Roberto aims for higher agility and speed for better performance. He follows a scheduled workout routine that helps him stay in shape. Maintaining a physique is not easy, so let us look at Roberto firmino’s workout regime that you can follow.

Roberto Firmino’s workout routine includes,

Penalty kicks 

Penalty kicks have helped Roberto to increase his standards. Roberto can move swiftly on the field thanks to his penalty kick practice. Leg strength is significant for players like Roberto firmino. 

Roberto Firmino Workout Routine:

Roberto Firmino Workout Routine:

Why does Roberto firmino practice penalty kicks?

Penalty kicks js an essential exercise for a footballer. Penalty kicks help them set off the aim to pass in the field. That’s why Roberto firmino does penalty kicks.


Roberto firmino’s legs workout

Legs play the most crucial role in football. The critical moment in football is dependent on the legs. That’s why players focus more on the legs. Roberto follows high-volume intensity training. His training also includes strengthening his legs.


Roberto firmino’s secret legs workout:


Weighted squats

Weighted squats target all the muscles in the legs evenly and strengthen the core.


Leg press

Leg press targets the quads and calves muscles of the legs. 


Seated calves 

Calves are a small muscle group; that’s why training becomes necessary.


Leg extension

The leg extension is an isolated moment focusing on the quadriceps and helps increase mobility.


Hip thrust

Hip thrust targets the glutes and upper hamstring.


Leg curl

Leg curl is also an isolated moment focusing mainly on the hamstrings and improving mobility.


Sumo squats 

Sumo squats train the abstract and target a minute area of the quadriceps.


Intense cardio

Roberto has a severe obsession with velocity. He always tries to improve his speed to gain a health benefits on the ground. Roberto doesn’t follow ordinary cardio drills. He goes all out while doing cardio.


 he tries to run as fast as he can until failure. 



Apart from running, he also goes cycling to stretch his muscle tendons. 


Jump ropes

Doing jump ropes is also a part of his cardio routine.


That’s all for Roberto firmino’s workout routine.

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Roberto Firmino Diet Plan

If you are willing to have a body like Roberto, then make sure you also go all out on yourself. Roberto follows a clean diet plan that fits his macros and stabilizes his body. A Diet plan provides him with all the energy he wants on the ground. He was seen eating clean foods like an omelet, salad, and orange juice in a photo. That tells a lot about his clean diet. Roberto Focuses more on nutritious food.

Roberto Firmino Diet Plan

Roberto Firmino Diet Plan

Is Roberto firmino a vegan?

No, Roberto firmino is not a vegan.

That’s all for Roberto firmino’s diet plan.

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