Ronda Rousey Diet Plan and Workout Routine [Updated]

By | February 27, 2022

Ronda Rousey Diet Plan and Workout Routine [Updated]: Ronda Rousey is an actress, former MMA fighter, and currently a professional wrestler signed to WWE. Ronda Rousey has achieved the most significant things in the UFC.

Ronda Rousey has retired and is working in WWE, looking to leave her excellent footprint. However, even though Ronda Rousey had left MMA, she still trains more intensely than anyone. So if you also want the Ronda Rousey workout and the Ronda Rousey diet plan, keep reading.

Ronda Rousey Diet Plan and Workout Routine [Updated]

Ronda Rousey Diet Plan and Workout Routine [Updated]

Ronda Rousey Body Stats

Height 5 ft 7 inch
Weight 61 kg
Age 35 years
Breast  34 inch
Waist 25-26 inch
Hips 35 inch

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Ronda Rousey Workout Routine

Ronda Rousey is a professional wrestler and former MMA fighter. Ronda Rousey is also known for her roles in many movies and TV shows; she has achieved so much that you can call Dwayne Johnson of UFC. The athlete started her journey through sports and gained fame worldwide when Ronda Rousey won Olympic gold; after that, Ronda Rousey became the fearless lady of UFC. Ronda Rousey was known to have no mercy while fighting her opponent, and she still doesn’t have it when she is in the ring.

However, many people wonder how Ronda Rousey is training now that she is more a wrestler, especially in UFC, and then go to a more drama-based professional wrestling like WWE. Well, Ronda Rousey still put up the work and trained around 4-6 hours a day and four to six days a week. Yep, Ronda Rousey hasn’t stopped training as she was still in the UFC league.

Ronda Rousey’s Workout includes:

Ronda Rousey Workout Routine [Updated]

Ronda Rousey Workout Routine [Updated]

Ring workout and MMA Training 

You can see in this video before the wrestle mania where Ronda Rousey talks and shows her training. There you will see Ronda Rousey working on the ring, doing different wrestling drills and things that all wrestlers have to do every week. That’s the core thing to get when you enter sports like pro wrestling.

After hours of ring workouts and drills, Ronda works on her boxing workouts and judo training with her trainer. Ronda Rousey does have her trainer for various MMA workouts. The sparring and training go on for a couple of hours. Also, when Ronda Rousey is not in the ring, she does a lot of cardio. Ronda Rousey is also a cardio freak from her UFC days.


Strength and Conditioning Workout 

Ronda Rousey finishes her workout with a total body strength and conditioning routine. Now it keeps on changing, and she also trains with lightweight doing shadow boxing to train her arms in this routine. While I have seen her doing a lot of workouts, even on her website, I still haven’t found her complete routine. So I will be adding the workouts that get done by MMA fighters.

Dynamic warm-up

Sets: 3

Reps: 45 second 

  • Bear claws
  • High knees
  • Arm circles
  • Air squats



Rounds: 4

Reps: 4-6

Rest time: 30 seconds

  • Spartan makers
  • Burpee push-up jump
  • 8-min EMOM barbell complex
    • Power cleans
    • Front squats
    • Push press
    • Snatch


Tuesday & Friday 

Rounds: 4

Reps: 4-6

Rest time: 30 seconds

  • Dumbbell curls
  • Squats to press-ups
  • Cable pulls
  • Curls to shoulder press
  • Kettlebell swings



Rounds: 4

Reps: 4-6

Rest time: 30 seconds

  • Muscle activation SMR with a foam roller (Do it for 5 minutes and target as many muscles as you can)
  • HIIT routine (45 seconds on 15 seconds off for five sets)
    • Glute bridge (with barbell)
    • Lateral leg swing
    • Arm swings
    • Lunge with a twist (weight plate)



Rounds: 5

Reps: 5-7

Rest time: 1 minute

  • Med ball Rotational throw
  • Med ball overhead throw
  • Med ball slams
  • Landmine push press
  • Rack pulls
  • Barbell good morning


Core workout (after every MMA routine)

Sets: 4

  • Crunches x 20
  • Cross crunches x 20
  • Leg raises x 15
  • Russian twist x 20
  • Side plank x 40 seconds
  • Plank hold x till failure

That’s all for the Ronda Rousey workout routine.

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Ronda Rousey Diet Plan

Ronda Rousey’s diet includes eating, having a big breakfast, moderate lunch, and a light dinner. Since Ronda Rousey travels a lot for her work, she often has to have snacks to pick seeds, shake, fruits, nuts, salad, etc. Now, I did find her old diet that Ronda Rousey was following,  so we will follow that diet:

Ronda Rousey’s diet includes:

Ronda Rousey Diet Plan

Ronda Rousey Diet Plan

Is Ronda Rousey a Vegan?

No, Ronda Rousey is not a Vegan.



  • Chia bowl made from chia seeds, oats, hemp seeds, raisins, cinnamon, almond butter, and agave nectar (but you can try the various recipes)



  • Seeds, almonds, protein shake, Greek yogurt, sweet potato, yam chips



  • Scrambled eggs
  • Turkey bacon
  • Veggies like spinach, mushroom, bell peppers, tomatoes, grass-fed butter, and one avocado



  • Turkey or chicken chili

That’s all for the Ronda Rousey diet plan.

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