Rosa Salazar Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | July 26, 2021

Rosa Salazar Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Rosa Salazar is an actress known for her movies like Alita: Battle Angel, Maze Runner series, Bird Box, Chips, Insurgent, Night Owls, etc.

Rosa undoubtedly is one of the big names in the movie industry and a star when it comes to looking gorgeous. Rosa has a very lean and toned body, and if you also want the Rosa Salazar workout and the Rosa Salazar diet plan, keep reading.

Rosa Salazar Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Rosa Salazar Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Rosa Salazar Body Stats

Height 5 ft 4 inch
Weight 52 kg
Age 36 years
Breast 33 inch
Waist 25 inch
Hips 34-35 inch

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Rosa Salazar Workout Routine

Rosa is one of the actresses you must have watched in the movie The Maze Runner and even in many incredible shows like American Horror Story. However, Alita made Rosa even more recognizable as that was her significant chance to play the title character in that movie. I’m not saying other movies where Rosa worked were not as good, but Atila was something else.

Rosa also learned martial arts to play the character of Alita; yes, even though the character looked CGI made, but in reality, Rosa was the one that played and did all the stunts for the role. Many of you would be familiar with that, but some people still doubt it since the face looks animated. Now, the question about how Rosa keeps herself fit and in shape?

Well, there is no workout routine that I could find about Rosa; she does train for the roles when needed, but other than that, her private life is not that open. Rosa also doesn’t have any social media accounts, so I can’t even check her social media to know what Rosa regularly does. The last article I did check was about Rosa learning martial arts for her role at Alita.

While there can be many ways to get a body like Rosa, I think it would be best to work out naturally and don’t include much weight training. I was looking at Rosa trains; it doesn’t make me feel like she does much weight training. So I will be giving you a workout of my own that I think will be best for you to get a body like Rosa. We will work out around five days a week and train twice a day for about an hour. So let’s get started:

Rosa Salazar workout Includes:

Rosa Salazar Workout Routine

Rosa Salazar Workout Routine


We will do an hour of Pilates workout in the morning to get that flexible and lean body shape. This routine will help you get the toned arms and legs while keeping them lean and also provide you with a slim waistline.

Many celebrities like singers, actresses, models, and idols do Pilates regularly to get these benefits. It also helps you burn many calories and fat and strengthen your lower body and core area.


Mixed Martial Arts

As we read earlier, Rosa was doing hours of martial arts workouts to get in the shape of Alita. So I would also recommend you do an hour of martial arts workout routine.

According to the trainer, you can join a nearby gym and start working out, as I don’t know much about MMA training. However, if there is no MMA gym near you, you can start with pad workouts, shadow boxing, sparring, footwork drills, agility training, etc.

That’s all for the Rosa Salazar workout routine.

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Rosa Salazar Diet Plan

Rosa tries to avoid eating processed foods and junk food in the diet plan and focuses on eating a clean and healthy diet. The diet that Rosa takes mostly includes eating a high protein diet with a low amount of carbs. Also, Rosa drinks lots of water to keep herself hydrated.

Rosa Salazar diet includes:

Rosa Salazar Diet Plan

Rosa Salazar Diet Plan


  • Eggs
  • Avocado toast
  • Juice



  • Almonds



  • Chicken
  • Veggies
  • Salad


Evening Snack

  • Smoothie or soup



  • Salmon salad

That’s all for the Rosa Salazar diet plan.

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