Rosario Dawson Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | April 9, 2023

Rosario Dawson Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Disney released the trailer of Ahsoka two days ago, and the anticipation of what it carries is huge among fans of Star Wars- Return of the Jedi. The series is a spin-off from the 2019 series titled ‘The Mandalorian’. Set to be released in August 2023, this series features Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano, leading the show. But Rosario is not a new name in Showbiz. She has already harbored a following of millions and continues to surprise her fans with her immense reserve of talent. She is known not just for her filmography but also fitness, even after the age of 40. Rosario is the true epitome of the quote – ‘ Age is just a number’. She is a complete package, be it acting or fitness, she has everything under her reach.

So, this post will delve deep into Rosario’s routine and diet regime which helps her stay in shape and be vibrant in all her interactions.

Rosario Dawson Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Rosario Dawson Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Here’s a look at Rosario Dawson’s Body Stats-

Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 60 kgs
Age 43 years
Shoulders 33 inches
Waist 25 inches

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Rosario Dawson Workout Routine

Rosario was brought up in poverty. She has slowly made her way up to the pinnacle of prosperity and popularity through sheer hard work. So the actress is accustomed to working very hard. But through the years, with maturity, she has come to be at ease with herself and now she tries to be as present as possible. She also takes lots of therapies and keeps her mental health in check, which in turn helps her physical health.

Here is a list of Exercises that Rosario Dawson Does-:


The actress shared in an Interview with Shape magazine that she is not a fan of traditional gyms. Being a New Yorker, the ‘ Sin City’ actress has a habit of walking long distances. She shared her love for walking outdoors and prefers it over the Gym any day. Rosario believes that we are not robots, we are alive natural beings, so we must try to connect to nature as much as we can. Rosario connects to nature through her walks, strolls, Hiking, and Camping. Rosario prefers this since it is a complete body exercise and is low-impact, it doesn’t put too much stress on the body.

So, you can also walk your way to fitness, literally!

Rosario Dawson Workout Routine

Rosario Dawson Workout Routine


Hiking is also an activity that Rosario loves. She goes on regular hikes with her family and it helps her unwind since her job is pretty demanding.  Hiking and camping are preferred by lots of celebrities for their physical and mental benefits. Physically, Hiking works on the complete body and builds cardiovascular strength. Mentally it helps you with anxiety and depression by releasing happy hormones in the body. So, Hiking can be a good exercise for your Workout Routine, just like Ahsoka Tano, if you don’t like the Gym.


Pilates/ Yoga 

The actress goes to Pilates or Yoga classes with her friends and shared that she really enjoys Yoga and Pilates. Yoga is a lifestyle and it works on every aspect of human life; be it spiritual, mental, or physical. Many celebrities dedicate their age-defying looks to the regular practice of Yoga. We mean look at Jennifer Aniston, Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Demi Moore. All of these ageless beauties give credit to the ancient wisdom of Yoga. Pilates is also common among celebrities looking to lose weight while also gaining lean muscles. So, you can book Pilates and Yoga classes thrice every week for your long-term health.



It seems the actress prefers cardio workouts and doesn’t like weight training of any sort other than those ancillary to cardio sessions she enjoys. So, Dancing in her home to the 80s Afro tunes is one of her favorite things to do on a day off.  Dancing is a fun and efficient way to lose weight while learning a new skill. Dancing is also said to have spiritual benefits because one tends to go beyond the mind while dancing. So, if you enjoy dancing it can be a great way to lose weight with consistency.


Kung- Fu

Kung Fu is a Martial Arts form of Chinese origin dating back to ancient China. Rosario practices this MMA and she is pretty regular with that. MMA builds complete body strength and is one of the most wholesome workouts. It builds muscles and improves metabolism, thus helping with weight management. So, you can also join MMA sessions to build core strength in less time. Further, the actress performs Meditation and Mindfulness which she shared, brings her in sync with herself and has tremendously helped her heal trauma.  She also resorts to lots of hot baths and massages to release tension from her muscles. That’s all for Rosario Dawson Workout Routine. 

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Rosario Dawson Diet Plan

Rosario went through a complete overhaul of her lifestyle following her father’s diagnosis of Pancreatic cancer. This led her to embrace healthy eating habits and she gave up on cigarettes and other toxic substances. Now her diet plan includes lots of stir fry veggies,  Oatmeal, Avocado toast, Salads, and Ramen. She has also learned to take good care of her Gut health and eats lots of probiotics like Yogurt, Kimchi, and SauerKraut. Further Rosario puts lots of spices like Turmeric and Ginger in her dishes which have anti-inflammatory properties.

Rosario Dawson Diet Plan

Rosario Dawson Diet Plan

Is Rosario Dawson Vegan?

No, Rosario Dawson is not Vegan.


Cheat Meals

The actress loves to tweak her diet according to what her body wants. She loves peanut butter and jelly Toast, Lasagna, smoked Salmon, Coconut Rice with Pork chops, Desserts, and Wine.

That’s all for Rosario Dawson Diet Plan.

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