Sam Ashgari Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | June 21, 2022

Sam Ashgari Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Britney Spears tied the knot with Sam Ashgari on 9 June 2022. The attractive dude is finally married to his long-time girlfriend and we are all gushing over their chemistry. Sam Ashgari is an American actor known for his work in Black Monday, Can you keep a Secret, Hot Seat, and PBC. With his marriage to the famous American Singer, the attention is inevitably drawn to the Actor who has also worked as a model and Fitness Trainer.

Ashgari is highly conscious of health and fitness, something that is reflected in his superhero physique and charming looks. So, this post will try to chart out the Workout and Diet Regime of Sam Ashgari and bring out some useful tips for our readers.

If you want to know what Sam’s choices are in diet and workout, then follow along.


Sam Ashgari Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Sam Ashgari Workout Routine and Diet Plan


Sam Ashgari’s Body Stats

Height 6 feet 2 inches
Weight 60 kgs
Age 28 years
Shoulders 38 inches
Biceps 16 inches

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Sam Ashgari Workout Routine

In a recent interview, Sam revealed that he loved a great high-intensity workout. He also told the media that he loves to work out as a high-performing athlete and exercise has therapeutic for his body and mind.


Sam Ashgari Workout Routine

Sam Ashgari Workout Routine


Exercise for Mental Health

Mental health has been a focal point in popular culture for quite some time now. With the much-needed awareness, various researches have shown that Exercise enhances your mental health and improves mood. Sam Ashgari, being a fitness trainer himself, vouches for its benefits and says that a good workout session instantly motivates and inspires him.



Sam has always been a sports player. Growing up, he played almost every game that there was. And he has also talked about his special love for American Soccer in several interviews. Playing any sport is an excellent workout in itself, plus it improves mood and fosters team spirit and leadership qualities. Moreover, it’s an excellent cardio workout and improves mobility and agility. So you can definitely include any sport of your choice in your workout routine, at least 2 times a week.


Mixed Martial Arts

In a recent Instagram post, the actor is seen training heavily in an MMA gym. This means that Sam likes to keep variations in his workout routines. You can also include a couple of MMA sessions per week to improve your cardiovascular health by manifolds. Good Cardiovascular health is a quality defense against various lifestyle diseases like obesity, hypertension, and depression.


Fitness as a lifestyle

Sam defines fitness as a lifestyle and commitment that he loves. He also reveals that fitness has changed his life and consistency is the key.



In a recent workout video on Instagram, Sam is seen on a weight training regime, which he combined with other forms of workout like a yoga ball. Being a trainer himself, Sam designs workouts for himself and his wife Britney Spears. Here is a complete Workout Routine that Sam follows in the Gym


Sam Ashgari Workout Routine

Sam Ashgari Workout Routine


Sam Ashgari Workout Routine includes:

  • Pull-ups 

3 sets of 15 pull-ups.


  • Rower

15 minutes, for a quick cardio boost


  • One arm press on Yoga Ball

10 reps


  • Pushups

Sam pulls out elevated handles in a 

L- Sit. You can do normal push-ups in 4 sets of 8 repetitions each.


  • Bicep Curls

You can do that with the weight of your choice, 4 sets of 15 reputations each.


Sam works out twice daily in a set of 1 hour each.

That’s all for Sam Ashgari Workout Routine.

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Sam Ashgari Diet Plan

Sam Ashgari’s diet plan is pretty disciplined and he knows cooking, so his meals are quite homemade and wholesome. But he focuses on a protein dominant diet. According to Ashgari  “My diet starts with eating things that are grown from the ground, rather than processed foods”. Processed food has very low pranic value or life force, and so they are less nutritious on the other hand they stress the body by being difficult to digest.


Sam Ashgari Diet Plan

Sam Ashgari Diet Plan

Is Sam Ashgari Vegan?

No, Sam Ashgari is not vegan, though he is looking for vegan options from time to time.


Fish Oils

In his interview with Men’s Health, the actor and Model revealed that he includes fish oils in his fitness regimes. Fish oils are helpful for your brain development and heart health. Additionally, they are good for your mental health. You can add Salmon oil capsules to your routine.

Here is a chart of what Sam Ashgari Diet Plan looks like


Sam Ashgari Diet Plan includes:


  • 4-5 Eggs
  • Vegetables
  • Salmon/ Tuna fish



  • Rice
  • Vegetable soups/ Lightly fried Vegetables
  • Soya Chunks/ Lentils

His lunch and dinner have a balance of 25% Carbs, 25% Vegetables, and 50% Proteins.


Sam Ashgari Diet Plan

Sam Ashgari Diet Plan



  • Sweet Potatoes/ Potato
  • Rice/ Soup
  • Chicken breasts
  • Fish


Sam also includes protein shakes into his daily habits.


Cheat Days

Well, Sam has cheat days often. But he ensures that overall he is eating healthy 95% of the time.  Ashgari has been a cook and he reveals that he loves cooking and eating steaks. Additionally his cheat days include classics like burgers and fries. You can also include cheat days in your diet plan, as they have been proven to be helpful for overall fitness but you must maintain the balance.

This is all about Sam Ashgari Diet Plan.

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