Shane Dawson Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | February 14, 2022
Shane Dawson Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Shane Dawson Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Shane Dawson is a YouTuber, internet personality, influencer, and social media star known for his videos and content.

Besides all that, Shane Dawson is also one of the most talked-about people regarding weight loss/gain. So if you also want to know more about the Shane Dawson workout and the Shane Dawson diet plan, keep reading.

Shane Dawson Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Shane Dawson Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Shane Dawson Body Stats

Height  6 ft
Weight 95-105 kg
Age 33 years
Chest 45-47 inch
Waist 36-38 inch
Biceps 16-17 inch

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Shane Dawson Workout Routine

You all would surely know Shane Dawson, a guy who has gained quite a huge fan following and sits around people like Jeffree Star and many other YouTubers. Shane Dawson is also getting known for his new series, where he is doing ghost haunting and paranormal documentaries. However, fans are also surprised and want to know when Shane Dawson lost weight back then, how he lost so much weight, and why he is back being chubby?

A few years ago, Shane Dawson was quite heavy and obese, if you don’t know. So he was also working out to get back in shape. He followed a diet, and as you can see in this post, Shane Dawson mentioned that he did the workout and diet and was able to lose 11lbs on his first week. There was also a talk about surgeries to remove the excessive fat from Shane Dawson’s body. That might also be the reason that Shane Dawson got chubby again.

During that time, Shane Dawson did workouts like cardio routines, some weight lifting, etc. However, no workout is available that Shane Dawson is doing at this point. If you want to lose weight, as Shane Dawson lost back a few years, you can start by working out cardio and weight training. However, there is not much of a routine that Shane Dawson follows, and if he follows a routine shortly, I will surely update you.

Shane Dawson workout includes:

Shane Dawson Workout Routine

Shane Dawson Workout Routine

How to lose weight like Shane Dawson when he was lean?

Well, to do that you would need to do some specific exercises. If you are obese and trying to lose weight, I recommend doing at least an hour of cardio every day. The cardio workout can consist of interval training running on a treadmill, walking, or even boxing. Whatever suits you, you go ahead and try that workout.

My recommendation would be 10 minutes jogging and then finishing up with 15 minutes walking at 10-15% incline. After that, do 20-30 minutes of boxing to activate your core, legs, and upper body. Lastly, finish the cardio routine with rope jumping for 10-15 minutes. Also, make sure to do stretching after the routine.

Add in some weight training routine once you get done with the cardio. While the muscles will not show until you lose fat, they will surely build while you train your body. So do a standard mixed weight training routine dividing your upper body, lower body, and core workout.

That’s all for the Shane Dawson workout routine.

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Shane Dawson Diet Plan

In the diet plan of Shane Dawson, there is no diet that he follows at this point. However, when he was on a strict diet, Shane Dawson was eating healthy and clean, focusing on greens, chicken, fish, salad, etc. His carbs amount was meager during the diet, and he was following a calorie deficit diet plan. So I will be giving you a healthy diet to give you a good body like Shane Dawson when he lost weight.

Shane Dawson diet includes:

Shane Dawson Diet Plan

Shane Dawson Diet Plan

Is Shane Dawson a Vegan?

No, Shane Dawson is not a Vegan.



  • Eggs whites with avocado toast



  • Fruits



  • Chicken breast
  • Veggies
  • Salad


Evening Snack

  • Healthy smoothie



  • Fish with veggies or whole-grain pasta (spinach & tofu)
  • Salad

That’s all for the Shane Dawson diet plan.

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