Snoop Dogg Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | March 26, 2022

Snoop Dogg Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Snoop Dogg is an American rapper, singer and songwriter. He is doing so good these days the man is about to hit 50 but he’s still slaying the real OG is still playing. He’s still working out and man even though snoop doesn’t look super bulky his workout will make you sweat your pants. Snoop Dogg workout is intense.

Believe that! He is slaying in the gym and training a lot of things. Man he’s in the best shape ever and he’s doing a lot of good health workout with his trainer and he’s super ripped root now with all muscles. So let’s see what Snoop workout looks like.

In this article, we focused on Snoop Dogg’s workout routine, Snoop Dogg diet plan, and Snoop Dogg body measurements. Let’s see in detail.

Snoop Dogg Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Snoop Dogg Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Snoop Dogg Body Stats

Snoop Dogg Height 1.93 m
Snoop Dogg Weight 75 kg
Snoop Dogg Age 48 years
Other N/A

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Snoop Dogg Workout Routine

Snoop Dogg’s workout routine is a mix routine of lots of weight training, intense full-body workout with agility training and lots of mix martial arts.

Snoop Dogg Workout Routine

Snoop Dogg Workout Routine

Snoop Dogg Workout Includes –

Snoop Dogg Mix martial arts Training

The man starts with sparing in the MMA gym and working with a trainer. Snoop Dogg likes to learn new techniques and the strongest point of a Snoop is his punches man. He is so fast that he will knock anyone out before they can even react to his punch.

The reflex of a Snoop is super good as he knows how to doge a lunch and how to lunch so you better not mess with him. So there’s a mixture of lots of jabs, hooks, and uppercut with step work out and lots of punching bag exercise with kicks and all. Man, to be honest, I was really surprised when I saw Snoop getting so fast I mean I always knew Snoop loved fighting and wrestling things. Which is why he appears in WWE and knocked a wrestler out of the ring.


The agility training is done on an inside gym basketball court where Snoop works on his agility. He does a circuit of agility ladder to agility steps and then dribbling passing the defender to shoot a basket to go back and forth while running a lot of times. Man, he does it so fast that you can just get an idea of his stamina by just watching him do it.

Snoop Dogg Weight Training

Snoop Dogg likes to workout with weights and does every part of the body. While he’s really good at his squats which you may have seen him posting. He was doing squats with a pretty heavyweight. 

Another he posted and that he loves to do is shoulder press or you call maybe Arnold press. He posted a masked workout video of him doing that.

Snoop Dogg likes to do dumbbell rows which he also posted on social media. He’s going pretty hard in there too.  

He loves doing masked workouts even when he’s on the treadmill. He still wears that mask. 

Of course, he does train chest, shoulder, back, arms, legs, and core but that’s all we could find. So let’s wait till we get updated on the full workout routine of Snoop Dogg. This is all about Snoop Dogg workout routine.

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Snoop Dogg Diet Plan

Snoop Dogg is blessed with a high metabolism rate. So he eats what he wants plus he does so much work out that he burns thousands of calories in a day.

Snoop Dogg Diet Plan

Snoop Dogg Diet Plan

Snoop Dogg Diet Includes –


Snoop Dogg takes the protein from chicken and turkey food like that. You may have seen him making chicken and fried chicken on his social media. 


Well, Snoop Dogg does eat rice and eggs and other things that give him the carbs he wants.


Snoop Dogg eats oats, bread, and stuff to get all the Fiber.


Snoop Dogg drinks gallons of water while working out and throughout the whole day. This is all about Snoop Dogg diet plan.

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