Sonam Arora Diet Plan and Workout Routine | Age | Height | Body Measurements | Instagram Photos 2019

By | August 28, 2019

Hello Everyone! Today we are going to discuss the new Bollywood actress Sonam Arora Diet Plan and Workout Routine. Many of you guys will not know Sonam Arora as she is a new Bollywood industry. So let me give a brief introduction of her to you.

Sonam Arora is an Indian Actress best known for his role in Satymev Jayate (2018). She is a new Bollywood actress and model. Sonam Arora debuted in the Industry with her film Bollywood villa in 2014. Later she has been a part of films like Batla House(2019).

Sonam Arora Diet Plan and Workout Routine | age | Height | Body Measurements | Instagram Photos 2019

Sonam Arora Diet Plan and Workout Routine | age | Height | Body Measurements | Instagram Photos 2019

 She has also been the part of various  Tv serials. Her hard work and dedication can be easily noticed in  Gandi Baat (2019), Aadhe Adhure(2015), Good Night Sleep Tight (2018)  and Miyan Biwi Aur Banana. Here in this article Sonam Arora workout routine, Sonam Arora diet plan, Sonam Arora fitness regime, Sonam Arora health tips are explained in detail.

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Sonam Arora Body Measurements

Age     27

Height     5 foot 4 inches

Waist     26

Hips    35

Bust    36

Eyes    Dark Brown

Hair    Black


Sonam Arora Diet Plan

Let’s know about what is the diet plan of Sonam Arora. here we are given some important points related Sonam Arora meal plan.

Sonam Arora Diet Plan

Sonam Arora Diet Plan

  • Sonam Arora is strict about her diet during the shooting of various films.
  • Soups and salads are a requirement for the Sonam fitness diet.
  • She has been asked by her trainer to chop the number of sweets intaken.
  • Sonam anyways avoids sweets or fried/oily food.
  • She doesn’t eat rice in her meal.
  • Sonam Arora isn’t in love with frozen dessert which might be stunning to several.
  • She may be a non-smoker furthermore as a non-alcoholic that is sweet for the fitness.
  • Sonam loves Indian staple food, therefore she prefers easy roti and sabzi in her everyday meal.
  • She is additionally keen on the lemon. Lemon clears the body from the within and clears toxins creating your skin bright and lucent.

Sonam Arora Meal Plan ( whole time-table):-

Sonam as per her trainer prompt is incredibly strict for her diet. Though she fills her abdomen up to the amount. Here is her time-table set for her diet.

For breakfast: Bread-omelet, walnuts.

Lunch: she has 5-6 chapatis daily in lunch followed with vegetables and lentils.

For Supper: for evening snack she has fruits. Since she isn’t a strict diet follower she has noodles and vada pav too.

Dinner: in dinner, half dozen chappatis together with decaliter, vegetables and for style buds some pickle.

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Sonam Arora Workout Routine

Sonam Arora believes aerobic exercise is more helpful in maintaining her body. Though, Sonam Arora’s fitness includes dance most of the time, which she believes is that the best exercise. She conjointly manages to go to the gym daily.

Sonam Arora Workout Routine

Sonam Arora Workout Routine

Keeping the body toned is the key ingredient for Sonam Arora’s fitness. Yet her metabolism is nice she still prefers gyming. She practices gyming beneath a professional trainer. Losing body mass from any piece makes the body disproportionate says Ankita. Above all Aerobic keeps her body in proportion and he or she is extremely keen on it too.

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