Song Seung-heon Workout Routine and DIet Plan

By | July 9, 2023

Song Seung-heon Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Hallyu star Song Seung-heon is all set to rock the fans again. Song has been a Korean actor and model in the K-drama industry for the last two decades. Song seun heong has done a lot of movies and shows. His first debut series was the three guys and three girls; following that, he also stepped up in the film industry by debuting in the film Calla. Song rose to prominence in the late 2000s for his remarkable role in the popular TV drama Autumn in my heart. Eventually, this show was a tv hit and forged a trend of dramatic series in Korea. Song was also selected as a Hallyu. After that, Song started receiving a lot of advertisement and film roles in Asian countries, mainly Japan and Hong Kong.

The Song is A model turned out the actor. His first ever modeling gig was for a jeans brand in 1995; however, later on, Song got into the K-drama industry and earned a name for himself right after his mandatory service in the military Song appeared in the east of Eden, Song got popular in Japan and also did some films like a ghost: in your arms again. The Song is a fitness freak. His fans are always curious to know about the secret behind his physique. Keep scrolling to learn about Song Seung-heon workout routine and diet plan.


Song Seung-heon Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Song Seung-heon Workout Routine and Diet Plan


Song Seung-heon Body Stats

Height 6 feet 1 inches
Weight 73 kg
Age 46 yrs
Chest NA
Waist NA
Hips NA

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Song Seung-heon Workout Routine

The voice actor, song seun Heong, never compromises with his workouts. Song was the main lead in the voice season four. According to sources, it is also said that Song may join the voice of Season 5. However, there is no official news on it, and we all know that season 5 would be way better with a song. Song had a toned look in their voice. All those abs and curves made many of us fall for him. Song has a good physique, so many people aspire to be like him.

Songs’ appearance has gazed at millions of people. His physique can be compared to a bodybuilder who pursues it professionally, but how was Song able to build this physique? The song is A model turned actor, and for a model and actor, staying fit is the only option song seun Heong enjoys working out. His workout consists of cardio and weight training. So let us dig deep into Song Seung-heon workout Routine.


Song Seung-heon Workout Routine

Song Seung-heon Workout Routine



Song Seung-heon workout routine includes,

Weight training

Song seun heong is a fitspiration for many. All those shoulders, biceps, triceps, and chests are built just by doing nothing. The Song is obsessed with lifting weights more than five days a week. He goes gym. What kind of workout split he follows is unknown, but Song is a big fan of resistance training. Weight or resistance training helps properly contract and expand muscles, resulting in healthy muscle gain. It creates a resistance impact on muscles and gives them a perfect shape. Resistance training can be done using a band or by lifting weights. Many celebrities like Song Seun Heong prefer doing weight training for bigger muscles. There are a lot of plans available on the Internet. Still, if you want to look like Song Seung-heon, you can for the traditional Push pull-legs workout routine. Hence, the push day includes all the push moments like chest, shoulders, and triceps, and pull day has all the back and biceps muscles and the legs, including lower body muscles.


Own bodyweight training

Song seun heong travels a lot due to work, so sometimes training in the gym becomes hard for him. But that doesn’t mean he gives excuses about not working out; instead, the song does his body exercises, pushups, planks, and squats. He says not working out tends to cause him to lose his muscles. That’s why he chose to do his body weight training when no gym was available. However, own body weight training is a good workout strategy. It doesn’t require external weights and also helps build muscle; however, weight training is a bit more optimal for building muscle, but own body weight training has its significance; usually, people who do calisthenics prefer training on their body weight. However, song seun heong doesn’t do calisthenics or as such.



Song Seung-heon is a great runner while living on Jeju Island. The song showcases his healthy lifestyle. He also shared that he loves to run, and running near the sea gave him a different experience.

That’s all for Song Seung-heon workout routine.

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Song Seung-heon Diet Plan

The Song is peculiar with his diet. Diet holds a lot of significance in his life. All these years of training wouldn’t have been possible without diet. The diet contains 70 percent in building a body. That’s why looking after a diet plan is the most essential thing for Song. What he eats the whole day is unknown, but Song shared about the protein shake he drinks to stay healthy. The shake contains broccoli powder, Kale powder, grain powder, noni powder, kelp powder, and honey. Song likes to have a lot of veggies in his diet, and adding them is essential as they hold macronutrients that are important for muscle building and regular body maintenance.¬†¬†


Song Seung-heon Diet Plan

Song Seung-heon Diet Plan


Is Song Seung-heon a vegan?

No, Song Seung-heon is not a vegan.

That’s all for Song Seung-heon diet plan.

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