Storm Reid Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | July 4, 2022

Storm Reid Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Storm Reid is a notable American actress. Her acting debut movie was a period drama named 12 Years a Slave (2013). She rose to prominence by playing a role in the superhero movie Sleight ( 2016 ) and earned sky-rocketing recognition through the fantasy movie A Wrinkle in Time (2018). 

Due to her amazing work in the acting front, she has received awards and nominations for various prestigious awards. The storm has a striking personality and a very gorgeous body figure even at this young age. So here we are going to jot down the splendid beauty Storm Reid workout routine and  Storm Reid diet plan in detail. 


Storm Reid Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Storm Reid Diet Plan and Workout Routine


Storm Reid Body Stats 

Body Stats  Units 
Height 1.7 m or 5 ft. 7 inches 
Weight 51 Kg 
Age 19 years 
Chest 30 inches 
Waist  24 inches
Hips  32 inches 

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Storm Reid Workout Routine

Euphoria fame star Storm has developed a corner in the heart of people globally. She has around 2.5 million followers on her Instagram I’d and approx. 180.7 K fans following her Twitter account. People are cherishing her work, physique & personality. Are you ready to give a read about the Storm Reid workout routine

Storm frequently posts a glimpse of her workout sessions on her Instagram handle to update and inspire her fans. Storm believes in striking a balance between different exercise forms from cardio to strength etc. Also, she curiously looks out for new exercises that challenge her body muscle growth and development.  She goes out to the gym five days a week for 45 to 65 minutes without any misses. Reid has a fierce attitude towards her fitness goals and workout sessions. 

For all young females, her fans & our lovely readers out there, we are presenting the extremely amazing Storm Reid workout routine in detail. Draw out the motivation and guidance from the below-mentioned workout regime to get started with your fitness journey. 


Storm Reid Workout Routine

Storm Reid Workout Routine


Storm Reid Workout Routine includes:

Workout Training 

Perform a 10 to 15 minutes warm-up session before starting the workout training session to get an optimum positive outcome. 


stretching exercises 

  • Move on to a bent arm wall stretch 
  • Lying quad stretch 
  • Trunk twist 
  • Seated glute stretch 
  • Hip flexor stretch 
  • Standing toe lift 
  • Rotator cuff stretch 
  • Piriformis stretch 



Yoga workouts 

  • Low plank 
  • Three-legged dog 
  • Cat cow pose 
  • Reverse lizard 
  • Intense child’s pose 
  • Extended shoulder rolls 
  • Hip width forward bend 
  • Eagle pose 



Pilates workout 

  • Forward fold 
  • Spine twists with hands behind head 
  • Hip lift 
  • Rollovers 
  • Kneeling side kick 
  • Plank to-leg raises 
  • One-legged downward-facing dog
  • Shoulder bridge 
  • Criss-cross 
  • Seated roll-down 


Storm Reid Workout Routine

Storm Reid Workout Routine


Strength Training 


Upper Body 

No.of sets – 4 

Reps count – 10 

  • Incline Dumbbell presses 
  • Horizontal rowing 
  • Up and over shoulder press 
  • Assisted pull-ups and dips 
  • Bear crawl and hang clean 


Lower body 

No.of sets – 4 

No.of reps – 10 

  • Hip hinging motion 
  • Bulgarian split squats 
  • Plank jacks burpees 
  • Crossover punches in sumo squats 
  • Squat glute stretch 


Cardio Training 


 No.of reps – 8 to 12 

  • Torso twists 
  • Ventral jacks  
  • Switching lunges 
  • Narrow squats 
  • Pivot punches 
  • DB forward to overhead press 
  • Marches in places 
  • Toe touch  


Core workouts 


No.of reps – 8 to 10 

No.of sets – 3 to 4

  • Plank shoulder tap 
  • Angel’s leg raises 
  • Reverse crunch 
  • Crunch and reach 
  • Hand plank to side plank 
  • Foot touch to flutter kicks 
  • Russian twists 
  • Ankle tap crunches 


That’s all details we have about the fit star Storm Reid workout routine that he practices regularly and dedicatedly to maintain his fit & well-built body image. He has an impeccable physical shape attained through rigorous workout practice. So, if you want to achieve a physique like him, then must start practicing a few exercises every day. 

This is all about Storm Reid Workout Routine.

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Storm Reid Diet Plan 

Storm Reid diet plan is consist of only high nutritional value containing food items and beverages. As Storm strictly believes in consuming a good diet that helps her body to stay healthy and fit. She intakes a high quantity of lean proteins, carbs, and fibers. She stays away from alcoholic beverages, high fats, sugar, and so on to maintain a healthy food routine.  

Let’s check out the amazing actress Storm Reid diet plan to know what comfort food she prefers to eat in a day. 


Storm Reid diet plan

Storm Reid diet plan


Is Storm Reid a Vegan?

No, Storm Reid is not a vegan. 


Storm Reid diet plan includes:


  • Frozen fruit smoothies 
  • Roasted carrots & pears 
  • Air fryer squash soup 
  • Kale juice 



  • Pickled Mushrooms 
  • Spring Panzanella 
  • Herbed white bean dip 



  • Dry nuts & seeds 
  • Tahini drizzle 
  • Kale & apple chips 
  • Savory yogurt 



  • Asparagus & Mushroom Frittata 
  • Garlicky Swiss Chard & Chickpeas  
  • Tuscan tuna & white bean salad  


These are all details we catch up on related to the Miles Teller diet plan that he used to adapt to in his regular life.  He has a strict diet regime that he follows to maintain his well-toned body image and good disease-free health. If any male individual is aspiring to attain a body figure like him, then must include a healthy food routine in his daily life.  

This is all about Storm Reid diet plan.

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