Suman Rao Workout Routine And Diet Plan

By | June 16, 2019
Suman Rao Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Hello, We are going to discuss Suman Rao Workout Routine And Diet Plan.  Before going to discuss the workout routine of Suman Rao and the diet plan of Suman Rao, Let’s know about her.

Miss India 2019 has been announced and Suman Rao’s name is breaking the Internet, now. Suman, who lives in Rajasthan’s Rajsamand, was crowned Miss India 2019 on Saturday night. Anukreethy Vas of Tamil Nadu, who won the title last year, crowned Suman Rao at a grand ceremony. She is 56th Miss India.

Suman Rao Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Suman Rao Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Not only Miss India 2019, but Miss India Rajasthan 2019 is also in addition to winning the Miss Ramp Walk before wearing Miss India crown in the 20-year-old model Suman Rao Vallabhumi Indoor Stadium.

Apart from this, she is going to represent India at the international level by becoming part of Miss World 2019, which will be held in Pattaya, Bangkok in December this year.

Although Suman Rao was born in Rajasthan, she spent most of his life in Mumbai. She resurrected her passion for modeling for a while and now has more dreams to achieve.

“When you set yourself to a particular goal in life, every nerve and fiber in your body starts working in that direction for a victorious journey,” she said in an interview given to ANI. Apart from this, she always keeps a healthy diet and continually takes good care of her body and beauty after her workout sessions.

Suman Rao miss india 2019 photo

Suman Rao miss India 2019 photo

She is always serious about her health and fitness body. Below are Suman Rao’s diet plan and workout routine, which you can find a perfect body like them.


Suman Rao Diet Plan

Let’s start with a diet plan of Suman Rao. She does not follow a very strict diet. She is a foodie and loves to eat healthily. Suman Rao eats everything in small parts. She likes to eat small meals throughout the day.

Suman Rao Diet Plan includes-

Suman Rao beauty secrests

Suman Rao beauty secrets

  • Rao Suman never misses her breakfast and makes it the biggest meal of her day.
  • She likes eggs in different varieties for her breakfast with coffee. She also likes sandwiches, bagels, and muffins in her breakfast.
  • For lunch, she likes chicken with veggie or spicy tuna rolls with salad
  • She also eats many snacks a day and likes to eat nuts and fronds for snacks
  • Suman Rao dinner includes caviar, salami, and a lobster ravioli with tiramisu as dessert.
  • Suman Rao eats a seasonal fresh fruit or nuts every two hours.
  • The beginning of her day is a glass of lemon and honey with hot water. She drinks 8 glasses of water every day to reduce the pain of hunger
  • She loves Japanese food too.
  • Suman Rao likes to drink green juice.
Suman Rao diet plan

Suman Rao diet plan

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Suman Rao Workout Routine

Now We will give full information about the workout routine of Suman Rao. Suman Rao is not a regular girl going to the gym and follow any daily workout routine. She never wanted a zero figure and felt happy in her cool body. Suman Rao’s daily Exercise routine

Suman Rao playing volleyball EXercsie

Suman Rao playing volleyball exercise

  • Her exercise begins with fast walking or jogging.
  • Then she does some light exercises such as crunches, push-ups, squats, and pull-ups.
  • She practices yoga for 45 minutes daily and gives priority to Shakti Yoga.
  • Suman Rao also does some functional training while focusing on different body parts.
  • She does daily Pilates and spinning workouts.
  • Suman Rao also plays a number of beach volleyball to be active.
  • She loves swimming very much.
Suman Rao hot HD Photo,

Miss India 2019 Suman Rao hot HD Photo

Suman Rao Workout Tips

  • Do more exercise and eat less
  • There are many small meals in one day instead of one or two big meals
  • Have a proper combination of carbs and proteins in your diet
Suman Rao figure secret HD images

Suman Rao figure secret HD images