The Great Khali Workout Routine and Diet Plan [2020]

By | April 14, 2020

The Great Khali Workout Routine and Diet Plan: The Great Khali is our India’s homegrown WWE wrestler who made his mark in the world after performing in WWE (2006-14) after his debut in World Wrestling Entertainment business and we all have become a fan of this beast.

Dalip Singh Rana who performs under the stage name ‘The Great Khali’ is a former Police officer of Punjab. He has beaten many hardcore wrestlers during his reign such as – The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, John Cena, and Dave Batista.

The Great Khali Workout Routine and Diet Plan

The Great Khali Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Ever since his retirement, the netizens around the world want to know, what is he doing after retirement? Is he still working out? If he is what are his goals? What is The Great Khali Workout and diet plan?

 Many bodybuilders and workout enthusiasts follow him and his physique. But the most searched on the internet is his The Great Khali Workout Routine and Diet Plan.

The Great Khali Body measurement  

He is one of the tallest WWE wrestlers on the globe, with a humongous frame and enormous power he mesmerized and shocked the world his strength, stamina, power, and endurance.

Age 47 Years
Height 7 ft 1 inch / 216 cm
Weight 157 kg / 350lbs
Chest 63 inches
Waist 46 inches
Biceps 25 inches

There is no accurate data over his size of legs as he has skinny legs and mostly wears pants. There is a little data about his shoe size is 22 as he had worn one pair in the T.V. serial Big Boss 4 (2010).

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The Great Khali Workout Routine

The Great Khali Workout for six days a week. His workout begins from Sunday and goes up to Friday. Let’s know what exercise Khali does each day.

The Great Khali Workout Routine

The Great Khali Workout Routine

Khali Workout Exercise Plan includes:

Sunday Khali Workout: Chest

The Great Khali focuses on his chest so the traditional push up is topped at the list. Then he does flat, incline and decline bench presses.


Monday Khali Workout: Biceps and Triceps

It is the day for pumping up those massive biceps and triceps. Khali does multiple sittings of the Barbell and dumbbell Curls and triceps. But apart from this push up is also included.


Tuesday The Great Khali Workout: Cardio

Khali does mostly cardio on Tuesday.  The Great Khali Cardio includes 30 minutes of running on the treadmill, 20 minutes of cycling, abdominal workout and, crunches. As he is the master of such a humongous body his movements are limited.


Wednesday Khali Workout: Sholders and Traps

Shoulders and traps with multiple sittings of military press and dumbbell military press. In addition to that, he does lateral raises and rear lateral raises.

Dalip Singh Rana Khali at gym

Dalip Singh Rana Khali at the gym

Thursday Khali Workout: Back and Abs

Khali works on his back and abs on this day. He does some reps of bent over barbell row and pulls ups. Apart from that, he also works on the lower body with crunches and leg raises.


Friday Khali Workout: Abdomen Exercise

He focuses on legs and abdomen exercises. He does multiple reps of seated leg extensions, leg press, and squats. Apart from this, he also does calve raises and of crunches.


Saturday Khali Workout: Rest

Rest is an important part of the relaxation and growth of muscles. But it is also important to keep the engines running so this day sees only 30 minutes of light jogging on the treadmill.

Khali loves to hit the gym but with this extensive workout, he also does Yoga. He does say “Yoga is for Old people and doesn’t win gold medals but he does Yoga on odd days. This is all about Khali Workout routine.

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The Great Khali Diet Plan

As a Former WWE wrestler, Khali has to maintain his physique and stamina so do that he follows a strict diet plan. As for the readers, we divide his diet into 3 sections as

The Great Khali Diet Plan

The Great Khali Diet Plan

Khali Workout Diet Includes:

Morning Breakfast

In the morning, he drinks a lot of water and walks for approx 10-15 minutes. 

 Then he consumes 4 liters of milk, 2 liters of fruit juice, 100 gm dried fruits. Later he eats some bread with Chicken.  

Afternoon Lunch

The same food is continued in the afternoon such as curry, pulses, salads, 1 kg of chicken and dried fruits. 

Evening Dinner

During the night time, he eats 100 gm of cheese, 10 brown bread, Brown rice, chicken, 6 whole eggs, 2 liters of milk and some ice cream.

This is all about Khali Workout diet plan.

Finally, He quotes –“I Dream of Wrestling all the time.” He is a very religious person and also abodes Alcohol and Smoking. He now runs a school of wrestling in his hometown and spends his retirement days happily!!!

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