Tom Brady Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | November 29, 2021
Tom Brady Exercise Routine and Meal Plan

Tom Brady Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Tom Brady Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Tom Brady was born in 1977 and he currently plays football for the University of Michigan and is been known as a patriot in the 6th round which actually makes him the biggest steal in the history of the NFL draft. Brady has currently 3 children and is married to supermodel Gisele Bundchen. In this article, we focused on Tom Brady workout routine, Tom Brady diet plan, Tom Brady body measurements, Tom Brady workout videos, Tom Brady gym routine in detail.

Let’s start with Tom Brady’s body stats.

Tom Brady Body Measurements

Tom Brady

Tom Brady

Age  42 years (as in 2019 )
Height  6 feet  4 inches (193cm approx..)
Weight  211  lbs (96 kg approx..)
Hair color  Light Brown 
Eyes  Blue  
Chest  46 inches (112 cm)
Waist  37 inches (94 centimeters )
Bicep  16 inches(41 cm ) 
Build  Athletic 
Net Worth  180 million dollars  

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Tom Brady Workout Routine

A workout routine of Tom Brady includes warm-up workouts and main workouts. A full description of Tom Brady’s warm-up workout and main workout is given below.

Tom Brady Exercise Routine

Tom Brady Workout Routine

Tom Brady Exercise routine includes:

Warm-up of Tom Brady

  • Hands 
  • Resistance quick feet Quick

Continuous reps and sets are needed you can do at your convenience.


The main Workout routine of Tom Brady

  • Standing Row 

You can do as many sets you want but perform on set till failure. 

  • Push-ups (banded version )

You can do as many sets you want but perform on set till failure. 

  • Core rotations (banded versions )

You can do as many sets you want but perform on set till failure. 

  • Deadlift (Banded version )

You can do as many sets you want but perform on set till failure. 

  • Triceps extension (Banded version )

You can do as many sets you want but perform on set till failure. 

  • Shoulder press (Banded version )

You can do as many sets you want but perform on set till failure. 

  • Squats (Banded version )

You can do as many sets you want but perform on set till failure. 

  • Lunges in deceleration 

Earlier in his career, Brady also uses to do the Weighted workout but soon he is going through a lot of injuries and started changing his approach for training with the help of his trainer Alex Guerrero.

Brady basically all movements started with the core as it is preferred by his coach Alex and his all the exercise are maintained in such order that it becomes the most athleticism workout and it also helps Brady to reduce his back pain.

Note: You should keep the resistance of the band high as it should not be able to pull you backward 

Do three rounds of each workout exercise.

Tom Brady Fitness Training

Tom Brady Fitness Training

Tom Brady Workout routine also includes:

Bird – Dog (Lateral Resistance )

  • Start with a normal bird dog position and place a band around your hips and anchor of the left side.  
  • Secondly, brace the core of yours and raise your left arm’s right leg.
  • Repeat this exercise for the alternate 10 times and change your position for the complete exercise.


Walking Plank (Lateral Resistance )

  •  Get in a plank position like place your shoulder under your hands and band your hips.
  • Walk away from the anchor part by maintaining your feet and positioning of hands go out at least 5 steps in that position and then go back.


Squats (Banded version)

  • Place a band at shoulder height and try to hold it directly in front of you next pull your chest in and out then do the press squat (until your thighs become parallel to the ground ).
  • Repeat the exercise  10 times per side.


Running place in a four-way band 

  • Place an anchor band around your hips and run in a place by facing the band away from your face for at least 20  seconds.
  • And then repeat in the other 3 directions.

This is all about Tom Brady workout routine.

Tom Brady Biceps

Tom Brady Biceps

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Tom Brady Diet Plan

In the mid of his workout, Brady starts drinking water with electrolytes and he said he drinks at least one-half of his body weight that too daily. Tom takes his diet more seriously than his workout and he basically follows a mix of an eastern and western diet.

Tom Brady Diet Plan

Tom Brady Diet Plan


  • Tom Brady’s diet consists mostly of vegetables and anti-inflammatory foods.
  • He eats protein and carbs separately that are in his separate diet.
  • Brady’s main rule is to drink a lot of water per day but not with meals. He also uses to drink smoothies and protein shakes.
  • He mainly intakes High-quality carbs, Low -medium protein, and Low -medium fat.
  • During the rest of the day when he did not eat a meal, he eats snacks like almonds, cashews, and energy bars. does tom Brady eat eggs? Yes, he eats eggs and avocado for breakfast. fish and nuts for launch with salad. chicken and green vegetables for dinner
  • Tom Brady also drinks more than three protein shakes per day according to his workout intensity.

This is all about diet plan of Tom Brady.

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More About Tom Brady

Tom has won the 4 super bowl MVP  awards and 3 league MVP awards and not only this Brady has also been chosen for the 14 pro bowls and led his team to the 16 division of titles which is a record in the history of the NFL.

Brady holds the records for Various breakdowns, completions, and touchdowns .he is the only one on the team with 200 regular-season wins. Brady currently has the age of 41 and is the oldest QB to win a super bowl. He has an amazing 6 -million followers on Instagram.

In football, even kickers are starting slowing in this game but that’s not the rule that Brady follows this year is the 20th birthday of Brady in the league and he is also recommended for the GOAT (the greatest of all times for those unofficial ).

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