Wonyoung Weight Loss

By | December 24, 2022
Wonyoung Weight Loss

Wonyoung Weight Loss: Young K Pop Idol Jang Wonyoung is amidst social media controversy yet again, this time trollers terming her lazy for the dance routine she performed for 2022 KBS Song Festival. But her loyal fans are defending her and are trying to give a befitting reply to the trollers. Jang Wonyoung is a very young KPop idol and she has garnered a lot of praise for her performances, talent and looks in equal proportions, in such a short time.

Currently within the K Pop group IVE, Wanyoung is truly loved by her fans and people admire her physical fitness incessantly. She has also lost a lot of weight lately, and so in this post, we will try to chart out her journey for weight loss and carve out some tips that we can employ in our own fitness journey.

Wonyoung Weight Loss

Wonyoung Weight Loss

She is very young so we will avoid quoting her Body Stats.

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Jang Wonyoung Weight Loss

Social media has been full of people being concerned about Wonyoung’s weight loss and many of them are terming it unhealthy, especially because she is yet a teenager.

Her weight loss has been more intense in the last couple of months and she has been a topic of discussion for this matter.

Her workouts for weight loss are leaned more towards achieving a lean frame and are not focused on building muscles. 


The singer is a big fan of Pilates and she can be seen flaunting her Pilate poses quite often on the stage. Pilates has been proven to be helping with stamina and overall functional strength. It improves the body’s capacity to burn calories while at rest and helps with the overall toning of the body.

It’s also proven to release body strain from shoulders, legs, and back which is beneficial, especially for KPop idols who have a pretty strict schedule.

So Jang Wonyoung is a great fan of Pilates and she really employs a good amount of her time on this Exercise to achieve the weight loss that she did.



Wonyoung is a KPop artist, and that makes dancing almost obligatory in their lives as such idols. So Wonyoung dances a lot, as a part of her job. This gives her a good cardio workout routine and has a myriad of other benefits.

A study in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology found that aerobic dancing is hugely beneficial for weight loss and toning of the body. You just need progressive overload and consistency to get the results. So being a stage performer for many dance routines has definitely helped Wonyoung lose those extra kilos.


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Flying Yoga

Jang Wonyoung is also a fan of flying Yoga and she routinely devotes her time to a session of flying Yoga. Furthermore, we have seen a lot of celebrities resort to flying Yoga for their weight loss journeys.  

Flying Yoga or Aerial Yoga has been proven to be helpful with flexibility,  balance, toning, and weight loss.  Aerial Yoga helps build lean muscles through various yogic postures that ultimately help you burn a lot of fats.

Some people consider it to be a compliment to traditional yoga and actually enhances the life-giving forces of Yogic Practices.  Wonyoung has posted some of her shots in Aerial Yogic Practices and it left netizens admiring her fitness and routines.


Other Exercises

Wonyoung combined these exercises with consistency , discipline and an active lifestyle which ultimately resulted in weight loss. Further, she is really young, which obviously helps.

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Jang Wonyoung Weight Loss Diet Plan

Jang Wonyoung Weight Loss Diet plan is not very categorically defined and she claims to really love food. In fact, she says that having her favorite foods is a routine. She has her own food patterns and isn’t dictated by her managing company unlike a bunch of other celebrities in the KPop arena.

So she chooses her own foods but doesn’t consume her favorites every day and leaves it for pseudo cheat days.

Jang Wonyoung Weight Loss Diet Plan

Jang Wonyoung Weight Loss Diet Plan

 Diet as a young person

When asked about some dietary tips by a young fan, the artist said that diets can be detrimental to the health of young students and one must always focus on their own specific body types and nutritional requirements before embarking on any such specific diets or schedules.

Thus one can definitely say that Jang Wonyoung shares a healthy relationship with food unlike what anyone may think because of her impossibly lean frame. In fact she loves her body, likes to focus on it, and truly balances food and health despite a busy schedule.

 Her favorite foods include pasta, Risotto, and many such high-calorie foods.


 Intermittent Fasting 

The artist also revealed that she doesn’t have three meals a day and hints towards intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting has been promoted as a panacea to weight gain and it’s everywhere.

But according to celebrity nutritionist Luke Coutinho, one must only subject their body to these harsh routines, if it works for them. And so he suggests we stick to the basics of consistency and discipline for weight loss. And as far as ideas like intermittent fasting are concerned, one must take a decision judiciously, as it may have long-term negative effects.

So, Jang Wonyoung’s workout for weight loss was her workout routine, with increased intensity and a probably stricter diet routine.

We have also covered her regular workout routine, check it out here.

That’s all for Jang Wonyoung Weight Loss Diet Plan

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