Yoga For Weight Loss For Beginners With Pictures

By | June 19, 2019
Extended Side Angle Pose Yoga For Weight Loss For Beginners With Pictures

Yoga For Weight Loss For Beginners With Pictures

Hello, We are going to discuss “Yoga For Weight Loss For Beginners With Pictures”.  Let’s start, Yoga poses have become like some kind of game or just an exercise for flexibility. That’s what you think. But, There are a lot more benefits from Yoga to your mental and physical health. Read on to know what I really mean.

I will explain Yoga For Weight Loss For Beginners With Pictures. To lose weight, all other tools are beaten in-front of yoga. Yoga posture from the so-called ‘quick’ weight loss measures such as starvation diet, zero calorie diet, weight loss pills, machines, and cosmetic surgery, not only to lose weight but also to maintain a healthy and natural body.

Looking for the perfect yoga workout for weight loss for beginners with pictures, which is initially favorable and saves you time? We found you! When I first started yoga, I started it with intent to reduce my anxiety and stress, but secretly it was hoped that this would help me reach my physical goals. So, read some poses of yoga for weight loss for beginners with pictures.

Yoga For Weight Loss For Beginners With Pictures

  1. Surya Namaskar: Yoga For Weight Loss For Beginners

Surya Namaskar is a series of poses that warms, strengthens and aligns the entire body. It acts as an all-purpose yoga tool, like a hammer, which is also a saw and a screwdriver, if you can imagine this kind of.


This sequence can be considered to be classic, but there are many variations that many modern schools will dispute this. You can change this special sun salutation by playing with your speed. If you move fast through the sequence (the next time you breathe, then by transitioning into the next pose), you will get very hot. Start with 5 or 6 iterations and gradually build 12 or more or set a timer starting from 3 minutes and gradually increase to 10 or more.

  1. Downward-facing dog: 

Downward Facing Dog Pose is what you would definitely like to learn as a beginner. I have to say that a down dog keeps the doctor away one day.

There are so many benefits of this yoga pose. A downward facing dog can work in every part of the body and bring blood flow to the brain. It makes your every muscle strong, long and energetic. It is important to learn how to do the downward facing dog properly so that you can truly achieve all the Poses benefits.

DOWNWARD-FACING DOG: Best Yoga Poses To Lose Weight in 10 Days

DOWNWARD-FACING DOG: Yoga For Weight Loss For Beginners With Pictures

  • Start on your hands and knees, stack your hands under your hips under your shoulders and knees.
  • Widen your hands and press your index finger and thumb in your mat.
  • Raise your tailbone and press your hips up and down, pull your hips toward the ceiling. Straighten your feet as quick as you can and press your edges gently towards the floor.
  • Your head should be between your arms, your knees are facing, and your back should be flat.
  • Hold 5-10 breaths.


   3. Boat Pose



A Boat Pose is another power addition yoga pose to weight loss, which also helps in toning abuser. You need to sit like the boat and stretch your legs up to 45 degrees in the size of the boat. This yoga posture is considered to be effective in reducing stomach fat and strengthening the lower and upper body. This is Yoga asana For Weight Loss For Beginners With Pictures.


  1. Half-moon Pose:  Yoga For Weight Loss for beginners with Pictures


A Half-moon Pose is one of the popular weight loss yoga poses which also helps keep away fatty lav handles. In addition, this mud helps to strengthen the stomach area as well as ankles, thighs, buttocks, and spine. Half-moon Pose yoga exercise is also found to coordinate the body and to improve the digestion process.


  1. Shoulder stand Pose: Yoga For Weight Loss For Beginners


Being a Sarvangasana or shoulder stand pose is a yoga posture in which the whole body is balanced on the shoulders. This Padma sadhana is also a part of a yoga sequence. ‘Sarv’ means, ‘anga’ means the body part, and v posture is asana. As the name indicates, universal impact affects the functioning of all organs in your body. Shoulder stand Pose is highly beneficial in maintaining mental and physical health and it is also called ‘Queen of Asanas’. This is Yoga For Weight Loss For Beginners With Pictures.


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  1. Extended Side Angle Pose: Yoga For For Beginners to lose weight

The pose is entered from Tadasana. Legs are spreading separately, the triangular feet are out to the outside and the hand is spread across the sidewalk. A knee has bent towards the right angle and the hand is placed on the floor just behind the foot. The upper arm is then pulled directly to the upper body, above the ear.


Beginners often have two problems with this pose: they can not anchor their back axes to the floor because they bow their front knee in the pose, and then they can easily lower the fingers of their lower hand to one The bar can not touch the floor ‘Again in the posture. To solve the first problem, bind your back ax against a wall.

As you twist the front knee and then push your torso downwards, imagine that with your heel, you are pushing the wall away from you. For the second problem, either relax your front part on the top of the bent-knee thigh (instead try to touch the hand on the floor) or use a block outside the front leg to support your hand. This is the best Yoga For Weight Loss For Beginners With Pictures.

My work is done. Results will show from a part of your movement now! Increase the steps for yoga. This will never let you down. Almost spontaneously, you’ll be able to shed an incredible amount of pounds. Good luck guys! You can comment on your opinion or your journey with yoga.