Henry Cejudo Diet Plan and Workout Routine [2020]

By | September 19, 2019

Henry Cejudo Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Henry Cejudo was born on 9 Feb 1997. He is a Freestyle wrestler and American Mix Martial Artist. He is currently signed to the Ultimate Fighting Championship(UFC). He is in the top 3 rankings for UFC pound for pound ranking category. Henry Cejudo is famous for his ripped body. let’s know Henry Cejudo workout routine and Henry Cejudo diet plan.

Henry Cejudo Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Henry Cejudo Diet Plan and Workout Routine


Henry Cejudo Body Stats

Henry Cejudo Age 32 Years
Henry Cejudo Height 5 feet 4 inches (about 163 centimeters)
Henry Cejudo Weight 57 kg(125 lbs approx..)
Biceps Size 14 inches
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair color Black
Chest Waist Hip Ratio 38-30-35

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 Henry Cejudo Diet Plan

Let’s start with “HENRY CEJUDO DIET PLAN”. Henry Cejudo typically takes 3 meals and 3 light-weighted snacks in a day. He mainly eats organic food and he keeps his one’s eyes off from grains, sugars, and processed foods within the morning he prepared the dish with broccoli, spinach, cheese, and ham.

More about Henry Cejudo diet plan, In lunch, he prepares a dish with several greens and spinach, a grilled egg, and chicken. He would like to have some form of fish or a clean supermolecule for dinner.

 Henry Cejudo Diet Plan

Henry Cejudo Diet Plan

Henry Cejudo even has some fruit and drinks a cold-pressed juice. Snacks are typically Muscles- building and energetic Supermolecule bars and a few loopy. This is all about the diet plan of Henry Cejudo.

Does Henry Cejudo Uses Supplement 

Yes, he uses Supplement, and here’s the reason why ” Since I do not intake carbs from bread, Maggie, or rice, the number of vegetables I’m the intake of late is unreal.

That’s a giant reason I have to use supplements to get a number of those macronutrients that I miss out on my intake a high-protein, high-fat diet. My coach solely permits Pine Tree State to use a product that is third-party-tested.” This is all about the Henry Cejudo diet plan.

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Henry Cejudo Workout Routine

Henry Cejudo’s workout routine changes as per the requirement of there body or it may depend on the type of opponent on UFC or on another program in which Henry Cejudo take participate. But here are the thing that henry Cejudo keep in mind while training for every session:-


Henry Cejudo Workout Routine

Henry Cejudo Workout Routine


It is probably one of the most important things for a UFC fighter to gain endurance and here how henry Cejudo does it.

Cejudo runs four days every week for forty minutes at a time, totaling twenty-four miles every week. His dedication to enhancing his cardio capability has helped him outlast several of his opponents on the UFC Field.


Henry Cejudo Core Exercise

In wrestling, a robust core is completely essential. If any of contestant lacks the flexibility to transition power from his lower body to higher body once playacting takedowns, he’ll shortly realize himself trying up at the ceiling that is why Cejudo dedicates an outsized a part of his coaching to developing a rock-solid core.

Cejudo performs four core exercises in his routine, difficult himself from a range of angles.This sweat consists of Suitcases, Side-to-Sides, Crunch-to-Sit-Ups and Hanging Sit-Ups. Cejudo performs six sets of forty reps every. No surprise his ribbon match opponent at the 2008 Olympic Games could not get a hold on him.

Here’s another  “HENRY CEJUDO WORKOUT ROUTINE” to try for you 

  • Front -squat  4 sets x 8 reps
  • Plank 4 sets x 30 sec

Rest of 60 sec

  • Alternating Dumbell press 4 sets  x 6 reps each arm   
  • Open Med Ball Rotation 4 sets x 8 reps each side of your body 

Rest of 60 sec 

  • Pull-ups 4 sets x 6 reps 
  • Physioball push up to hold 4 sets x 30 sec

Rest of 60 sec 

  • Tempo push-ups 4 sets x 10 reps 
  • Goblet lunge 4 sets 8 reps each leg 
  • Knelling 
  • Anti-rotation 4 sets x 30 sec 

Rest of 60 sec

This is all about Henry Cejudo workout routine.

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