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Jesse Plemons Weight Loss

Jesse Plemons Weight Loss: Jesse Plemons has been quite successful in the movie-making sphere.  Starting as a child actor, this Breaking Bad actor quickly ascended the ladder of popularity. Having worked in quite successful ventures through the years, like Game Night, The Program, and a more recent project titled Love and Death, the actor is… Read More »

Kevin Hart Weight Loss

Kevin Hart Weight Loss: Kevin Hart and his obsession with being the perfect celebrity is well known. The guy is a phenomenal comic, a good actor, and a perfect self-care expert. His accident which led to a back injury, following which he went through tough cycles of therapy and rehabilitation, and now a complete recovery… Read More »

David Tennant Weight Loss

David Tennant Weight Loss: David Tennant and his successful portrayal of doctors in ‘Dr. Who’ is all about perfection and conviction at the same time. David Tennant holds the record for appearing as Doctor thrice, a record that’s tough to break. His career as a professional actor in Hollywood extends over decades and his graph… Read More »

Amy Schumer Weight Loss

Amy Schumer Weight Loss: The year 2023 has been about all your favorite celebs losing weight. Bs it Oprah Winfrey or Kelly Clarkson, everybody seems to be on the treadmill nowadays. Amy Schumer is no exception. Her recent appearances on the red carpet are all about her effective weight loss. And the weight loss is amazing. … Read More »

Anna Kendrick Weight Loss

Anna Kendrick Weight Loss: Anna Kendrick and her ‘Alice, Darling’ is quickly getting the attention of all movie buffs. In a recent interview, the actress shared that she has been in abusive relationships and the movie was a way for her to process her emotions. But another fact that caught my attention was how perfect the… Read More »

Camila Cabello Weight Loss

Camila Cabello Weight Loss: Camila Cabello and her struggles with body image and online trolling are nothing new to the media circles. But now the woman seems to have come to a happy space with her body and her health. She can be seen effortlessly embracing her curves on all recent appearances and this confidence looks… Read More »