Sean O’Malley Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | March 7, 2024

Sean O’Malley Workout Routine and Diet Plan: UFC 299 between Sean O’ Malley better known as Suga and Marlon Vera is an exciting fight to look for in the bantamweight category.  Sean O’Malley is the next rising WWE champion in this category, having lost just one fight and winning 18 of them.

Sean O’Malley has been quite the quintessentially motivated, strong, and smart UFC fighter, who seems to have a promising career ahead. A d given his popularity, people are quite curious about the way he achieves such strength and tact, with a low body weight.  So in this post, we will dive deep into what Sean O’Malley training and workout looks like. We will also look into his diet routines and approach to intense training.

Sean O'Malley Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Sean O’Malley Workout Routine and Diet Plan

First, Here’s a look at Sean O’Malley ( Suga) Body Stats-

Height 5 Feet 11 Inches
Weight 61 Kgs
Age 29 Years
Waist 26 Inches
Shoulders 34 Inches
Biceps 14 Inches

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Sean O’Malley Workout Routine

Sean is a professional MMA fighter and that requires a lot of time in the gym and around other fighters. So, naturally, his workout routine is pretty intense and our readers can benefit greatly by getting just a quarter of his workout plan. So, Sean goes through hours of intense fight training, cardio workout sessions, and strength training sessions. This coupled with being highly active towards rehearsing his skills by shadow boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Sean O'Malley Workout Routine

Sean O’Malley Workout Routine

Here’s a list of all the exercises Sean O’Malley does-:


Everyday training for Suga starts with an intensive cardio session that serves the purpose of warming up and getting the heart pumping. For cardio, Suga prefers a 20-minute intense stationary bike ride. Cardio is the first exercise that Suga does and it helps him to actively lose fat to maintain his body weight for a fight. 


Bodyweight Training

Suga also undergoes extensive bodyweight training following the cardio session. This includes lots of planks, push-ups, lunges, pull-ups, and other similar sets. This is also an important part of maintaining his strength and agility. For strength and conditioning, battling rope is another exercise that forms a part of the Suga workout routine. 


Fight Training

The next part of Sean O Malley workout plan is focused on skill development. He gets into real fights with an opponent to get the best chance at improving himself by practicing his skills. He also does a couple of other exercises. His fight training involves lots of combat sports like



Grappling is an important part of Suga workout routine and he likes to keep it in his routine consistently. This gives him a simulation of a real fight. And usually, Suga gets into three sets of grappling with his contender. 

Grappling is one of the most important pillars of WWE fights, but it’s also a great way to work out and keep yourself in shape. Grappling involves almost all major muscles of your body, improves strength , and burns loads of calories. It’s also a great way to release stress and release happy hormones in your body. So, Grappling is a great way of working out. Usually for Suga, he likes Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as its his major skill set. 

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or for that matter, any Martial Arts is truly an Art to completely transform yourself from the inside out. It’s a great way to maintain good emotional and mental health alongside a great physique that’s beyond aesthetics. So, taking up any form of Martial Arts is one thing that you should do if you are a fan of Sean O’Malley.


Shadow Boxing

Shadow Boxing is another big part of Sean O’Malley Training routine. He includes at least a 30-minute shadow boxing routine in his training session every day. Shadow Boxing also builds strength and agility besides improving cognitive and motor abilities. 

Boxing is a great way to boost yourself and your lifestyle for anyone struggling with physical or mental well-being. Firstly, boxing builds up lean muscles which are great for metabolism and keep your weight in check.  It also builds strength without bulking up the body and is a great option for people wanting to remain lean and healthy.


CrossFit and Medicine Ball Training

CrossFit is another important part of Sean O’Malley workout training routine. CrossFit training combined with Medicine Ball exercises is a good part of Sean O’Malley workout routine on days when he is not quite into fighting or other workouts, or when he wants to keep it light. This part of his routine is one that each of us can easily incorporate into our lifestyles without much hassle. So, CrossFit training can be one routine that you can surely add to your lifestyle.

That’s all for Sean O’Malley Workout Routine.

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Sean O’Malley Diet Plan

As far as diet routine is concerned, being a professional MMA fighter, Sean is naturally quite restrictive in his diet. He takes the help of dieticians and professional nutritionists to get the best out of himself and is highly disciplined about what goes on his plate. 

Firstly, Sean ensures that he eats less. This is important to keep himself within the required body weight criteria. He mostly keeps out bad carbs from his diet and includes lots of good vegetables for vitamins and meats for protein.

Sean O'Malley Diet Plan

Sean O’Malley Diet Plan

Preparing for a Fight

When preparing for a fight, Sean keeps his weight in check by reducing water intake, eating as little carbs as possible, and cutting out all sugar. He eats protein powder, blueberries, three ounces of chicken, cheese, and then again some meat with a big bowl of Greek yogurt for dinner. So, his diet is dominated by high-quality protein like grass-fed beef and mutton and good fats through almonds, nuts, cheese, and butter. 


Experiment with Veganism

Sean O’Malley is known to have gone vegan for six months and later on, he came back to eating meat. Veganism did not suit him and he felt weaker. So, Suga shared that eating high-quality meat makes him feel more aggressive and more strong, thereby improving his performance as an athlete.


Is Sean O’Malley Vegan?

No, Sean O’Malley is not Vegan.

That’s all for Sean O’Malley Diet Plan.

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