Nastya Ivleeva Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | March 17, 2024

Nastya Ivleeva Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Russian celebrities and their social media pages have become quite popular lately. Nastya Ivleeva i.e ‘ Agent Girl ‘ is the latest celebrity to join the list of global Russian faces.  Nastya Ansthasia Ivleeva is a Russian TV presenter, Actress, and Vlogger. She is best known for her YouTube channel where a host of podcasts and fun content is uploaded.  But another thing that she is quite popular for, is her breathtaking beauty. This 32-year-old Russian actress carries a beautiful physique, a gorgeous smile, and a toned body. Besides that, she is a fun-loving personality who likes to enjoy her life and is quite open with her social media followers. 

So, Naturally, most of her followers are quite curious about how she maintains such a healthy physique, and what is her approach to fitness that bestows her with an enviable body. In this post, we will answer that for you. We will dive deep into the lifestyle choices that Nastya makes, which are sustainable and give her a fit body and mind.

Nastya Ivleeva Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Nastya Ivleeva Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Here’s a look at Nastya Ivleeva Body Stats-

Height 5 Feet 8 Inches
Weight 58 Kgs
Age 32 Years
Waist 26 Inches
Shoulders 32 Inches

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Nastya Ivleeva Workout Routine

As we all know Nastya is a happy and enthusiastic woman who believes in completely enjoying every moment of her life. This approach to life is also applied in her choice of fitness activities. She carries a body that’s quite toned as well as flexible and healthy. In a nutshell, her fitness is wholesome, beyond aesthetics. She prefers to enjoy her workout regimes, instead of forcing herself into strict and restrictive routines. This keeps her regular and consistent without any extra and unnecessary effort. Here’s a list of all the Exercises Nastya Ivleeva Does-:


Dancing is an activity that Nastya absolutely loves. She attends her dance classes with some of her friends and regularly posts snippets from her Dance routines. Contemporary and Tango seem to be her favorite dance routines. Dancing actually forms a huge part of Nastya Workout regime and her lifestyle. She is a dancer at heart.

Dancing is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy body. Especially in a world where obesity is on the rise, Dancing is a great way to lose weight also without any hassle of huge equipment. 

Dancing is known to promote cardiovascular health, build lean muscles, improve bone health and flexibility as well as improve metabolism. And it seems Nastya is definitely reaping the benefits. She often shows off her clean and impressive moves in her vlogs.



As you must have guessed by now, Nastya doesn’t like boring workouts. She prefers active ways to remain healthy. Cycling is one of the exercises that fits perfectly into her regime. 

Cycling is also quite regular in her workout regimes. Most of her days around the city are covered through cycling itself. 

Cycling is also a great exercise that our readers can easily inculcate in their fitness routines. It has all the benefits of a cardio workout, plus lower body muscle activation. It is known to effectively reduce weight and promote muscle growth. Regular cycling, like dancing, also helps with maintaining good mental health and hormonal balance.

Nastya Ivleeva Workout Routine

Nastya Ivleeva Workout Routine


Nastya never holds herself back from showing off her Pilates moves. She likes the leaning and challenging nature of an intense Pilates session. Pilates is known to build lean muscles and activates every small muscle of your body. Especially for women after their 30s, it’s also a great preventive exercise that protects bones from degeneration and improves overall muscle-mind connection. Pilates is known to have anti-aging effects that go beyond aesthetics. Pilates is a big part of Nastya Ivleeva Workout Routine.

If you too are interested in getting a lean but strong body, Pilates is a great route to try. And you will surely be stunned by the results.


Hiking / Walking

Nastya is also an avid traveler. Her vacations are spent usually on one or the other form of adventure sport. Hiking is one of them.

Nastya often shares pictures of her hiking vacations on her Instagram pages. On her days in Moscow, Walking is another way in which Nastya gets her body moving and burns calories. Hiking burns a lot of calories, builds muscular endurance, and gives stronger brain function. So, it is a highly recommended exercise for every one of our readers, especially those who are battling with mental health or hormonal issues.  


Other Exercises

Nastya likes to regularly try out novel forms of workouts. Basketball is one of the many. She is quite active in other team sports like football. Swimming too is a part of her lifestyle. Sometimes Nastya also gets into the conventional gyms to try out the good old treadmills and elliptical trainers.

That’s all for Nastya Ivleeva Workout Routine.

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Nastya Ivleeva Diet Plan

A sustainable approach is applied to diet plans as well. So, there is no specific diet routine that Nastya prefers. She focuses on enjoying her food rather than counting calories. So, her food habits are not restrictive or prohibitive. 

She loves good noodle-based meals, coffee, salads for fiber, seafood, Crab, salmon, and meat dumplings. She doesn’t shy away from a loaded pizza slice or a heavy dessert once in a while. Chocolate also seems to be her favorite.


Multiple Small Meals

Nastya believes in eating multiple small meals throughout the day instead of three big meals. Eating multiple times in the day is linked to better metabolic rate, better digestion, and higher energy levels. It is also linked to lower body weight and lower fat accumulation. 

So, Nastya eats multiple small meals throughout the day, including a good amount of fruits, nuts, and veggies to get all adequate minerals. 

Is Nastya Ivleeva Vegan?

No, Nastya Ivleeva is not Vegan.

That’s all for Nastya Ivleeva Workout Routine and Diet Plan.

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