Victoria Bonya Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | March 17, 2024

Victoria Bonya Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Victoria Bonya is a Russian TV host and one of the richest models and bloggers on Social Media. The woman boasts of millions of followers that’s only increasing day by day. Her Cannes appearances have been quite impressive as well. 

But beyond her professional prowess, the woman is known for her breathtaking ageless beauty. She is in her early 40s, and a personification of the popular phrase ‘appearances are deceptive’. It’s a secret how she maintains such an ageless beauty and we are here to dig up the whole picture.  If you are curious like us, about what is the secret behind her enviable beauty, toned body, and a fit physique, you landed up at just the right page. 

In this post, we will dive deep into the Workout Routine and Diet Plan that Victoria follows. We will also look into her overall approach to fitness and nutrition.

Victoria Bonya Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Victoria Bonya Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Here’s a look at Victoria Bonya Body Stats-:

Height 5 Feet 6 Inches


Weight 54 Kgs
Age 44 Years
Waist 26 Inches
Shoulders 32 Inches

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Victoria Bonya Workout Routine

Victoria is an experienced woman. She has adequate knowledge of her body and so she is quite well acquainted about what works for her. 

At the outset, it is also pertinent to inform our readers that Victoria is an example of extremely rare and unrealistic beauty standards. And you must not fall into this trap. Healthyogi has always suggested that you must look at fitness from a healthy angle and that aging is natural. You must always aim at keeping your body naturally healthy and strong, rather than fitting into unreal Instagram body measurements. 

That being said, Victoria is a woman who takes good care of her discipline and consistency. She works out with her daughter almost every day.

Here’s a list of all the Exercises that Victoria Bonya Does-:

Victoria Bonya Workout Routine

Victoria Bonya Workout Routine


Victoria is an active Yoga practitioner. She has been in this practice for a long time now. Yoga seems to be a big part of her lifestyle now. You can often see her posting pictures of herself in her Yoga pants and a Yoga mat. 

Yoga is well known for its anti-aging effects. It activates the parasympathetic part of your nervous system, which is closely linked with the repair and healing of the body. 

Yoga is also an excellent way to build real strength and flexibility along with better heart and lung function. It’s also linked with better mental health and blood circulation. And so, given all its effects, Yoga is one of the crucial ways in which Victoria Bonga maintains a fit physique.


Gym Workouts 

Victoria likes to get into different forms of workouts from time to time, to keep challenging her body. So regular gym workout is also a part of Victoria Bonya Workout Routine. Regular gym workouts for Victoria look like a lot of heavy lifting including deadlifting and bars.

She also does sets of weighted squats, lunges, planks, push-ups, burpees, bench press abs, and a bunch of other back and core exercises.

Adequate weight training is important for countering the loss in bone density due to aging. And so, Weight training through regular gym workouts forms a part of Victoria Bonya Workout Routine.



Recently Victoria shared a picture of herself enjoying a good intense bicycle ride around the city. Cycling seems to be an enjoyable activity for Victoria Bonya. And just like most cardio exercises, cycling too has a wonderful range of benefits for physical and mental health. Firstly it improves cardiovascular strength. And is a great way to remain fit at any age. It’s not as exhausting as a gym workout, so, it is quite beneficial for people at many different levels of physical fitness. Cycling also builds lean muscles, especially in the lower body, that keep women quite toned. It’s also known to uplift mood and help with maintaining a good mental balance and motor skills.

So, cycling seems to be an important part of Victoria Bonya Workout Routine as well. 

And for our readers, Cycling is one of the most enjoyable ways to reach your fitness goals. A stationary bike is good as well.



This Russian model seems to be a water child. Her vacations are usually around the beach and her Instagram pages are full of her pictures from her enjoying her time around the pool. 

Swimming seems to be an activity that Victoria Bonya really enjoys. It seems to be a part of her relaxation schedule and helps her calm down after a hectic day. Swimming burns calories, keeps you flexible, and has effective toning benefits. It’s not a very exhausting form of exercise but has quite impressive results. Swimming late at night is also linked to better sleep which is extremely important for physical and mental health. And Victoria is definitely getting all of these benefits and more.


Other Exercises

As mentioned, Victoria likes to keep experimenting and trying out new workouts. So, she is often seen going on hiking vacations or enjoying a horse riding session. Altogether, being active in her lifestyle, throughout the years has been her secret to maintaining a healthy and enviable physique.

That’s all for Victoria Bonya Workout Routine.

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Victoria Bonya Diet Plan

Victoria is as mindful of her eating habits as it can get. She has been following a healthy diet plan for years now, and it’s definitely showing. Getting a great body after your 30s is not a day’s work, it requires a high degree of discipline and consistency throughout the years. And Victoria has been quite consistent in her food habits through the years. She avoids processed food, sugar, and unhealthy fats as much as possible. 

She loves pancakes, a good fruit bowl, preferably of blueberries and strawberries, Coffee, and Croissants.

She also likes Pasta, Meat (except red meat), egg white, omelet, and various seasonal juices. Grapefruit and Green Tea are also something she regularly consumes.

Victoria Bonya Diet Plan

Victoria Bonya Diet Plan

Experiments with Diet

In an interview, Victoria Bonya shared that she is not a vegan or a vegetarian. She has experimented with various food habits for some time now. And she prefers to avoid red meat. 

She also tried a raw food diet recently, which led to surprising weight loss for the actress, but she felt too weak and came back to a meat-eating diet. So, her approach to dieting is about making it sustainable and listening to her body.

That’s all for Victoria Bonya Workout Routine and Diet Plan.

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