NMIXX Kyujin Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | January 31, 2024

NMIXX Kyujin Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Nmixx has become one of the most sought-after K-pop groups. Launching in 2022, with the album, AD MARE, the K Pop sensation is quickly topping the charts. Consisting of seven members, the girls’ group is all about intensive preparation and spectacular performance. But one member of the group who has got extensive attention for her performance, and perfect notes is the central member Kyujin.

Kyujin has one of the best vocals and one of the most perfect moves. At the mere age of 17 Years, the girl is all about perfection, beauty, and intensity. So, she is getting an immense fan following as well. Many people are enamored by the perfect appearance of Kyujin, and she is often praised for her beautiful physique. Some are quite curious about her workout routine and diet plan, and her secrets to such stellar shape. if you are curious too, you landed at just the right webpage.

NMIXX Kyujin Diet Plan and Workout Routine

NMIXX Kyujin Diet Plan and Workout Routine

NMIXX Kyujin Body Stats

Height 5 Feet 5 Inches
Weight 52 Kgs
Age 17 Years
Waist 24 Inches
Shoulders 28 Inches

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Nmixx Kyujin Workout Routine

Nmixx Kyujin is quite young. At the age of a mere 17 years, she is quite conscious of her well-being, especially about her fitness. She has been training for four years with JYP Entertainment, where they were required to go through intense preparation routines. So, she has been professionally trained to maintain a good workout discipline. 

Nmixx Kyujin Workout Routine includes: 


Dancing is one of the pillars of training for NMIXX members. They are required to sing challenging notes while performing in live performances. This requires focused training to prevent the voice from shaking. So, like every other member, Kyujin too works out intensely to hit the perfect notes. She dances for around four hours every day to perfect all her moves. Dancing is one of the most important parts of training for any K-pop celebrity. Dancing is one of the easiest ways to get your preferred shape along with getting the dopamine hit. Dancing is a great way in which you can lose weight too. It is known to promote heart health build strength in your body and help with maintaining good mental health. 

Dancing regularly is one of the most common ways in which K-pop stars meet their daily caloric burn targets. It’s also one of the most important parts of the Kyujin workout routine, and the girl is quite dedicated to the dance routines.

Nmixx Kyujin Workout Routine

Nmixx Kyujin Workout Routine


Running is also a crucial part of working out for all NMIXX idols. A regular 30-minute run every day is good to start with. Just like dancing, a run is accompanied by singing as well, to train their vocal cords. Running is more of a warm-up, after which the dance routine starts, followed by other workouts scheduled for the day. Running every day is a great way to get into your preferred shape. It improves cardiovascular capacity, builds stronger bones and muscles, and increases happy hormones in the body. Running also tones up your body and gives you better mental, physical, and emotional regulation. So Running too, is a constant part of the NMIXX Kyujin workout plan.


Weight Training

Sufficient Weight training is important to get to your preferred shape along with improved strength. Weight Training is thus a small but vital part of the NMIXX Kyujin workout routine. Weight Training exercises like using a kettlebell, or simple bodyweight exercises like squats were central parts of the NMIXX Kyujin workout routine, as they give muscle toning and improve one’s appearance. She usually did this in circuit training methods to get the most benefits. Exercises like different variations of Planks, Squats, Pushups, Russian Twists, and other compound exercises are a big part of her workout routine.


Pilates and Yoga

Kyujin likes to continuously experiment and try out new things in her life. The girl is quite young so carries an attitude of exploration when it comes to workouts too. So, alongside the above-mentioned exercises, Kyujin also did substantial training in Pilates and Yoga, to get the most benefits of working out. Both of these exercises are preferred for their emphasis on muscle-mind connection, which gives them a wholesome approach to health. Pilates classes seem to be the secret behind that finely toned body of Kyujin.

That’s all for the NMIXX Kyujin Workout Routine.

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NMIXX Kyujin Diet Plan

As far as diet is concerned, Kyujin tries to keep herself active and energized, and on that basis chooses her platter. She loves avocados and salmon. She prefers to have a protein-rich diet that gives her enough energy to maintain lean muscles and build upon strength. She also likes Korean classics like ham kimchi stew, Tuna Kimbap, and mul naengmyeon.  She also likes Pizzas and other Western staples like Greek Yogurt and Bread. 

NMIXX Kyujin Diet Plan

NMIXX Kyujin Diet Plan

Rest, Recovery, and Nutrition

The NMIXX Members are required to take good care of their rest and recovery process, by getting enough sleep and resting deeply. Getting enough water intake every day is an important part of the schedule as well. To get the best results and control caloric intake, Kyujin focuses on reducing portion size. But she loves food, so she tries to eat many small meals, instead of a few big ones.

The twin eating philosophies of eating smaller meals, and eating them frequently is a major way through which Kyujin maintains a strong, healthy, and fit body. 


 Is NMIXX Kyujin vegan?

No, KYUJIN is not vegan.

That’s all for the NMIXX Kyujin Diet Plan.