Sullyoon NMIXX Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | December 16, 2023

Sullyoon NMIXX Diet Plan and Workout Routine: The K-pop world is bustling with new talents every day. With the newer faces, the choice of favorites has become quite tough. But one  K-pop idol who seems to smoothly sail through the popularity game is NMIXX Sullyoon. With her debut in 2022, and being just 2 years in the scene, this KPop idol has made her mark at quite a young age.

At Just 19 Years of age, Sullyoon is ruling hearts as the most visually appealing member of NMIXX, besides being immensely talented as a K-pop idol. She is often introduced as 4th Generation Top Visuals in the KPop world. The girl is beautiful inside out, with her dance moves, beauty, and maturity, she has become the ultimate goal of KPop enthusiasts.

Many people are enamored by her fit physique. If you are one of them, we have researched and produced for you the best guide to getting a strong, healthy, and beautiful physique like Sullyoon. Keep Scrolling.

Sullyoon NMIXX Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Sullyoon NMIXX Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Sullyoon NMIXX  Body Stats

Height 5 Feet 6 Inches
Weight 52 Kgs
Age 19 Years
Waist 22 Inches
Shoulders 26 Inches

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Sullyoon NMIXX Workout Routine

Well, being a KPop idol requires years of training. And being with JYP Entertainment is no small feat. So, Sullyoon is quite trained in maintaining a healthy physique, which most idols are required to maintain. She follows a strict workout routine, besides dancing for hours. So, her workout routine is more or less managed by her company JYP Entertainment. But even Sullyoon is quite wise when it comes to her lifestyle choices. She maintains a healthy eating habit and exercises regularly.

Sullyoon NMIXX Workout Routine

Sullyoon NMIXX Workout Routine

Sullyoon NMIXX Workout Routine includes:


Dancing is the biggest part of workout routines for every K-pop idol. They are trained to dance for long hours throughout the day, during the training period. So, dancing is one of the crucial aspects of being a K-pop idol. And Sullyoon is no exception she is much closer to perfection. 

Her perfect dance moves have left her fans obsessed with her. In almost all live performances, you can easily see the perfection with which Sullyoon performs every move. And so, naturally, Dancing is one of the biggest secrets behind her fitness. 

Dancing regularly is one of the cheapest ways to lose weight. It’s great for heart health and you can build lean muscles by dancing regularly. So it’s a complete exercise and has tremendous health benefits, including a highly toned and flexible body. 

So, if you want a body like NMIXX’s Sullyoon, dancing regularly to your favorite beats can be one of the best ways to get there.


 Team Workouts

All the members of NMIXX are required to work out together sometimes and follow a well-defined workout routine. This routine starts with a treadmill run for about 30 minutes, followed by conventional exercises, like sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, plank, squats, some stretching exercises, and light dumbbell exercises for arms and upper body.

Various variations of Plank are a considerable part of this team workout routine, as it builds well-defined abs and tones up your lower body quite well. So, an intense team workout is also an important part of Sullyoon’s daily workout routine.

NMIXX members are also known to train extensively to sing abs and dance simultaneously on the live shows. So, they train to sing at high notes while running, or while doing duck walks. This reduces the voice shaking and burns loads of calories too.



Sullyoon loves a simple walk in the woods. And on most of her vacations, she is always on foot to admire the beauties of the city. So, walking is also one of her favorite things to do. Walking is one of the most efficient exercises for people of every age group. It keeps you in a good mood, reduces chances of chronic illness, and improves overall fitness of the body.

So, walking is also a good part of the NMIXX Sullyoon Workout Routine.



There is no real health, without sound mental health. And being in a profession that’s as demanding as KPop comes with its own set of challenges. So, in a recent episode of HeyNews talk series, Sullyoon opened up about her struggles with mental health. She shared that her way of dealing with it is by journaling and venting it out to a friend or by simply crying. This releases the stuck-up energy and helps us manage our emotions, which is a great way to manage long-term mental health. 

So, NMIXX’S Sullyoon is a very wise girl, who knows how to handle herself with grace and keeps herself healthy by keeping a good check on her mental health.

That is all for the NMIXX Sullyoon Workout Routine.

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Sullyoon NMIXX Diet Plan

As far as diet is concerned, Sullyoon is quite young. So she has a good metabolism that keeps her lean. But she is conscious of her diet anyway. Keeping herself hydrated, avoiding calorie-dense food, and eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables are some simple things through which Sullyoon keeps a tab on her eating habits. But she is not a freak at all. 

Her hobby is making sweets. And it seems she has a sweet tooth. So, Sullyoon treats herself to a plate of dessert, every once in a while and doesn’t forget to keep a balance with her dietary choices. Sullyoon NMIXX Diet Plan includes sweet potatoes, ramen, fish, rice cakes, eggs, and salads. She also loves a good cheese roll.

Sullyoon NMIXX Diet Plan

Sullyoon NMIXX Diet Plan

Is NMIXX Sullyoon Vegan?

No, Sullyoon is not vegan.


Sleeping well is one thing Sullyoon keeps a good track of. She is aware of the necessity of good sleep in a busy profession like hers’. So, she always ensures to have good sleep for detoxification, muscle recovery, and better brain function. So, getting adequate sleep is a priority for Sullyoon.

That is all for the NMIXX Sullyoon Diet Plan.

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