Luke Grimes Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | September 7, 2023

Luke Grimes Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Netflix last week released its next venture featuring Luke Grimes, Ellie Kemper, and Nico Santos in lead roles. Titled ‘ Happiness for Beginners’, the show is promising an exciting ride. 

Luke Grimes looks charming and can hold attention in the trailer. Ellie and Santos too seem to be putting their best foot forward. Looking at this avatar of Luke as opposed to his tough cowboy role in Yellowstone, people are quite curious about his fitness routine and how he molds himself to physically embody the character he is supposed to play. 

Luke Timothy Grimes is best known for his project ‘American Sniper’ and ‘Yellowstone’ both of which are pretty fierce characters. We will also be covering Luke Grimes Workout Routine and Diet Plan for these roles and some general guidelines about fitness that can help everyone. 

Luke Grimes Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Luke Grimes Workout Routine and Diet Plan

So, if you’re looking for steps to get fitter like Luke or to just be healthier physically, here is the answer. But first, let’s have a look at Luke Grimes’s Body Stats-:

Height 6 feets
Weight 72 kgs
Age 39 years
Waist 34 inches
Shoulders 40 inches

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Luke Grimes Workout Routine

Luke Grimes was born in Ohio but moved to New York for his degree in Acting. He has been passionate about acting through his body and often goes through intense routines to get into the shape and body language of the character. 

Luke especially went through a particularly intense workout regime while preparing for Yellowstone. 

Luke Grimes Workout Routine

Luke Grimes Workout Routine

Luke carries a pretty sculpted body anyways and he is quite conscious of his workout routines too. In fact, he seems to enjoy sports and you can see him enjoying his vacation at some cool adventure sport destinations in most of his Instagram posts. So here’s a look at his Workout Routines-:

Working Out for Yellowstone

In a recent interview, the actor revealed his workout routine for Yellowstone and the fact that they were training almost every day while shooting. It must be noted that the first season was shot in pretty challenging physical environments too, which helped the actors in getting into their best shape. 

Grimes revealed in an interview that they were supposed to undergo a Cowboy Bootcamp which involved a lot of Horse Riding and other routine exercises that helped them carry the role with such prowess. Working out for Yellowstone also included a wide range of Cardio exercises, as they were required to jump and climb tough mountain terrains and it was one of the reasons behind the absolutely gorgeous bodies of Yellowstone Actors. 


Horse Riding

In an interview, the actor revealed he has become quite seasoned at horse riding and it now forms a big part of his schedule, given the fact that the next season of Yellowstone is on the way. Horse Riding is not a very common exercise, especially among the film fraternity, but it has many benefits. Firstly, the exercise is a great cardio workout. It burns loads of calories, improves posture, and gives you a stronger core. Regular Horse Riding also builds lean muscles in the lower body and makes you stronger in the long run.



Hiking and regular Walking exercises are also a part of Luke’s workout Routine. It seems he prefers outdoor exercise over gym workouts. Also, the guy is a traveler and it seems he likes to spend his vacations on hill stations or by getting into physically intense jobs like Hiking and Mountain Climbing. Hiking was also a big part of Luke’s training schedule for Yellowstone, and it seems he picked up this workout style from the sets of Yellowstone.


Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing was a major part of Luke’s workout routine and it’s one of the most effective forms of workout, as it combines weight training with cardio workouts. It works on your lung capacity and builds stronger cardiovascular health, all while giving you a muscular shield. So, mountain climbing can be one of the most complete forms of workout if you are into outdoor workouts. We recommend you follow all safety precautions before entering into the adventure of mountain climbing.

Gym Workouts

Sometimes Luke has to get into his gym sessions and he does lots of weight training to get that toned and muscular frame. Moreover, for many of his roles, Luke had to go through rigorous stunt training that helped him get the gist of his action sequences. All this training definitely helps in long-term fitness if you follow a relatively healthy lifestyle.

That’s all for Luke Grimes Workout Routine.

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Luke Grimes Diet Plan

As mentioned, Luke is not very active on social media. So we don’t know the details about his diet plan. But looking at his performance in Yellowstone, he needs lots of energy, and a diet dominant in Protein and Fats is important to adequately fuel the body.

Luke Grimes Diet Plan

Luke Grimes Diet Plan

Rest and Recovery

Behind every successful workout routine is a solid rest and recovery plan. Luke Grimes recognizes the importance of allowing his body to recuperate after intense training sessions. He ensures he gets sufficient sleep each night, which aids in muscle repair and overall well-being. Grimes also incorporates rest days into his routine, allowing his muscles to heal and grow stronger.

Is Luke Grimes Vegan?

No, Luke Grimes is not Vegan. 

He loves his steak and especially prefers deer meat. He harvests his own meat products and cooks them in his backyard at his residence.



The crew was working under intense environmental conditions and also underwent rigorous training. So adequate rest was followed up with a high amount of hydration. Luke prefers vegetable smoothies and juices over plain water. But he keeps a regular check on his hydration levels. 

That’s all for Luke Grimes Workout Routine and Diet Plan.

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