Strawberry Benefits For Skin | Strawberry For Skin Whitening

By | July 7, 2019

Strawberry Benefits For Skin | Strawberry For Skin Whitening

Hello, We are going to discuss Strawberry Benefits For Skin | Strawberry For Skin Whitening. Strawberries are the fruit with a great look and a delicious taste that surely everyone would love to eat. But if you think that these conical shaped fruits only have a sweet and delightful taste then you are wrong.

Strawberry Benefits For Skin |  Strawberry For Skin Whitening

Strawberry Benefits For Skin | Strawberry For Skin Whitening

Strawberries are the fruits that have potent antioxidants that provide nourishment to our skin and also have a load of Vitamin C that gives our skin a healthy look. Even the research has also proved that the people who eat fruits, which contains vitamin C shows less sign of aging as compares to those people consume less Vitamin C.

Strawberries are full of nutrients that can do wonder to your body and skin. A 150gm of Strawberry contains 49 calories, and 3 gm of fiber other than this delicious fruit contains Vitamin C, Vitamin K,  Protein, Manganese, potassium, etc.

In, fact Strawberries can help you to fight with some serious diseases like cancer and heart disease as they have polyphenols, which proves very useful in these diseases. Let us see the Advantages of Strawbertty for the skin.

Strawberry Benefits For Skin

  • Anti-aging

Strawberries reduce our aging signs and give us a wrinkle-free skin, Do you want to know how? Keep reading.

As I have already told you in an earlier post that a compound named collagen is responsible for slows downs of the aging process, but unlike other fruits, Strawberry did not produce collagen instead it prevents the destruction of collagen in our body with the help of Ellagic acid present in it.

Ellagic acid protects our body from UV rays and thus prevent the production of MMP particles which are responsible for the aging process. 


  • Oily Skin

You can also prevent your oily skin with the help of strawberries as they contain acid, which is really helpful in removing sebum from our face that is responsible for our oily skin. You can start simply by eating Strawberry every day.

If you are the person that want rapid results like me, then you should definitely try strawberry face mask that is excellent in the removal of oily skin as Strawberry have a high amount of Vitamin  C. For oily skin Strawberry is very useful.


  • Skin lightening

Everyone wants his skin to be shiny and brighten where most people take the way of make-up for this. We find out a natural way of lightening your skin.

Simply starts drinking strawberry juice in a day and it can do wonder to your skin. Ellagic acid present in Strawberry helps our skin to reduce dark spots and blemishes from our skin.


  • Acne removal

Most of the people, especially teenager, get pimple and ane on face frequently. If you are one of them, we have a solution for you.

Acne caused due to the collection of sebum on your skin Strawberry has acidic properties which can help to reduce sebum entirely from your face. Acne removal is one of the best Strawberry Benefits For Skin


  • Protection from UV rays

Strawberry contains ellagic acid, which is very helpful in preventing the aging process. Many types of research have also been done on mice and humans, which proves that ellagic acid is the critical ingredient for slowing down of the aging process.

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Strawberry for skin whitening

You would have noticed that a lot of faces cleanses products have Strawberry as a critical ingredient ??

Strawberry for skin whitening

Strawberry for skin whitening

This is because Strawberry is an excellent cleanser for your body as it has ellagic and salicylic acid that helps to remove dirt and impurities from your skin. Eating Strawberry is very good for Skin Whitening.

You can also use Strawberry as a skin moisturizer for this; you just need to follow the procedure given below, and your natural moisturizer will be ready.

MIX strawberry juice with rose water

Then, put this compound in the refrigerator or in simple word refrigerate the mixture.

After some time, open the mixture and use it as a moisturizer and the best part of it is you can use this mixture for one week.