XG Members Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | September 6, 2023

XG Members Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Xtraordinary Girls, affectionately known as XG, emerges as a dazzling Japanese girl group that has captured hearts globally, captivating music enthusiasts with their remarkable talent and captivating charm. Debuting on March 18, 2022, with the release of “Tippy Toes,” this sensational septet has swiftly risen to become a worldwide phenomenon.

Comprising seven exceptional members – Jurin, Chisa, Hinata, Juria, Cocona, Maya, and Harvey – XG has not only conquered the music scene but also garnered attention for their impeccable physiques. Their videos, amassing millions of views within hours, echo their immense popularity. The spotlight also shines on the members’ fitness routines and diets, contributing to their radiant appearances. So, if you’re curious about the XG Members workout routine and the XG Members diet plan, then don’t worry, as I will be giving you a detailed explanation on what keeps XG members so healthy. 


XG Members Workout Routine

For anyone curious about how XG members maintain their impeccable figures, the key lies in their dynamic workout routines that encompass a blend of cardio, strength training, and the art of dance.

Cardio and Strength Training

XG’s journey to fitness often starts with their regular visits to the gym. As glimpsed in their vlogs, the group’s synchronization transcends the stage as they hit the gym together, embarking on cardio and strength training routines. While the specifics of their gym exercises remain undisclosed, incorporating activities like cycling, elliptical workouts, and running can significantly contribute to cardiovascular health and overall endurance. Complementing cardio, XG members engage in strength training, focusing on toning and agility rather than bodybuilding. This includes bodyweight workouts, kettlebell exercises, and controlled weight lifting for sculpted muscles and increased functional strength.



Undoubtedly, dance is a cornerstone of XG’s fitness regimen. The group’s commitment to maintaining their flawless dance routines fuels their weight loss and body toning efforts. Regular rehearsals, performances, and new music video shoots ensure that XG members are consistently active and calorie-burning. The dynamic nature of dance ensures a full-body workout, targeting various muscle groups, enhancing flexibility, and boosting overall energy levels.


Staying Active

In the dorms and beyond, XG members exhibit an active lifestyle. Their blogs offer glimpses of their constant movement, whether it’s engaging in group activities or simply staying on their feet. This constant physical engagement contributes to calorie burning and prevents sedentary habits, reinforcing the notion that an active lifestyle is a crucial factor in maintaining their enviable physique.

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XG Members Diet Plan

While comprehensive details about XG members’ diet plans remain scarce, industry insights offer a glimpse into the dietary choices commonly followed by idols. Typically, a calorie-restricted diet is common, with daily calorie intake ranging from 1200 to 1800 calories. This controlled approach, coupled with occasional treats during outings, is designed to maintain a healthy weight. Diet staples include lean proteins like chicken breast, rice, side dishes, soups like miso soup, and salads. Sweet potatoes and other low-glycemic carbohydrates often feature in their meals, providing sustained energy. When it comes to snacks, XG members opt for healthier choices, steering clear of fried and unhealthy options.

Are XG Members Vegan?

No, none of the XG members are Vegan or Vegetarian for now.

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