April Bowlby Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | December 13, 2023

April Bowlby Workout Routine and Diet Plan: April Bowlby is a hidden talent of the Hollywood industry, which I thought didn’t get that much recognition as she should have. April started her career by starting in various shows and getting her massive break at the best TV show Two and a Half Men.

After that, April starred at Big Band Theory, Drop Dead, and now at Doom Patrol. April is still known for her incredible and sexy body physique and made the list of sexiest women that you might not know about, so let’s see the April Bowlby workout and diet plan.

April Bowlby Workout Routine and Diet Plan

April Bowlby Workout Routine and Diet Plan

April Bowlby Body Stats

Height 5 ft 8 inch
Weight 54 kg
Age 40 years
Breast 35 inch
Waist 24 inch
Hips 35 inch

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April Bowlby Workout Routine

April Bowlby is an incredible actress and model; she has taken fitness as one of her essential priorities. April has not changed body-wise, since her role in Two and a Half Men, the reason behind that is her workout and diet routine, that she follows.

April Bowlby is a gym person and loves to work just like other models do to stay in shape; she workout almost every day and try to keep fit as much as she can. However, she still has no updated workout routine after her interview during Drop Dead, and the reason is the same as I said before she is a hidden gem, there are not many people who recognize her hard work.

April Bowlby Fitness

April Bowlby Fitness

So, I tried to find some kind of workout routine that she must have updated recently, but there was none whatsoever, in 2011 interviews there are some things that she has stated about her workout, which include going to the gym a lot and working out. There was no information, so I’m not going to say that I know her routine but will provide you some workouts that will help you get a body like April.

April Bowlby workout includes:-


Cardio is one of the things that I can say April likes to do, as she even ran a marathon a few years ago. That’s why we are also going to do a cardio workout in our weekly routine.

In cardio, you can do any cardio exercises that you want, but I recommend running on the treadmill. Running will help you get an overall body workout and build your stamina while burning many calories.



Yoga is another workout that you should try to get a slim waist and slim legs and arms like April; yoga has always known for its various benefits. From getting lean-to burning calories, form toning body to making your body flexible, yoga is considered an ultimate workout routine that is beneficial for everyone.

In just one hour of a yoga session, you can quickly burn around 500 to 700 calories if done right, so try to do yoga at least three times a week.


Gym Training

Last but not least, the workout that April does by herself. In the gym training, you will be mostly doing a mixed workout routine that will focus on your arms, legs, butt, and core. However, you don’t have to go to the gym regularly; you can work out four days a week training, lower body on two days and upper body, and core body rest of the two days. Focus on adding some bodyweight exercises in the workout of the core and lower body. 

That’s all for the April Bowlby workout routine.

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April Bowlby Diet Plan 

April Bowlby’s diet plan is also not updated after the 2011 interview with self; in that interview, the actress shows a glimpse of her daily breakfast. In that breakfast, April usually eats two poached eggs, half avocado, turkey bacon, and yogurt with berries. She is so looking at her meal.

I’m guessing that April Bowlby eats lots of organic food and fruits in her diet. Let’s see a diet plan created by me, that you can follow to achieve a body like April Bowlby.

April Bowlby diet includes:-


  • Two poached eggs
  • Half of avocado
  • Turkey bacon
  • Yogurt with berries



  • Green juice or fruit juice



  • Turkey or chicken
  • Veggies



  • Salad

That’s all for the April Bowlby diet plan.

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