Dakota Johnson Weight Loss

By | December 2, 2023

Dakota Johnson Weight Loss: Dakota Johnson is one of the few Hollywood celebrities who tasted grand success early on in their careers. Dakota has been quite popular among Hollywood audiences, overlooking intercontinental boundaries. The woman is all set to rule the celebrity space of her time. With projects like ‘The Social Network’ and Fifty Shades of Grey Franchise, the woman is ruling over hearts. 

Her recent weight loss and fit physique are turning heads. If you are interested in Dakota Weight Loss journey, keep scrolling.

We bring our readers a detailed workout plan that Dakota Johnson followed which gave her a strong and toned body, after weight loss, which we all adore. We will also look at Dakota’s perspective on working out, losing weight, and her journey in fitness. 

Dakota Johnson Weight Loss

Dakota Johnson Weight Loss

Dakota Johnson Body Stats

Height 5 Feet 7 Inches
Weight 58 Kgs
Age 34 Kgs
Waist 24 Inches
Shoulders 30 Inches

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Dakota Johnson Weight Loss Workout Routine 

In her relatively recent work as Anne Elliot in a modern adaptation of Jane Austen’s Persuasion, Dakota has been appreciated by critics and fans alike. But her fitness level in recent projects has been the center of attention too. She looks visibly leaner in her recent appearances and people are curious about the work that went into those results. Well, we are here to put a full stop to your curiosity. 

Dakota Johnson has always been a lean woman. Even when she is not working out, her relationship with food is quite healthy, and her metabolism is high. This keeps her away from putting on lots of weight at once or in a short amount of time. According to her trainer Luke Worthington,  Dakota’s recent weight loss is result of her working out to get a toned body, rather than losing weight. 

Since Dakota has always been quite active, her recent workout schedule with Luke focused on resistance training to get lean muscles and tone up the body.

Dakota Johnson Weight Loss Workout Routine

Dakota Johnson Weight Loss Workout Routine

Dakota Johnson Weight Loss Workout Routine includes:

Resistance Training

To get a toned muscular physique, Dakota was required to engage herself in resistance training. Luke Worthington focused on getting the right amount of repetitions and the right intensity, to get lean muscular toning. They worked through three mini circuits, each working on the upper body, lower body, and core respectively. 

Dakota Johnson is more of a night owl, so she used to work out usually after 9 pm. She worked out with her trainer for 80 minutes 4 times a week to get those results. Luke shared that they focused especially on Single Leg Glutes work, Single Leg Hip Thrusts, TRX Hip abductions, and single leg deadlifts. 

Altogether, Dakota has put in intense work. She likes the feeling of getting her heart rate up and her focus is on receiving the emotional and mental benefits of working out. So, Dakota stayed consistent and disciplined with her workout routine as revealed by her trainer.



Dakota also included a quick 30-minute boxing session. Luke calls this disguised cardio as we focus on building the right technique, while our heart rate is continuously being challenged. Boxing is a common part of workout routines, for many Hollywood celebrities. It has excellent weight loss benefits. It works on your full body, at the same time as working on your cardiovascular capacity. It burns a lot of calories too, and builds muscles in your arms, legs, and core. So, boxing has an important role to play in the Dakota Johnson Weight loss journey.



Walking was also a staple part of Dakota Johnson Weight Loss Workout Routine for her recent weight loss. Luke Worthington revealed in an interview that this catered to her request to experience the emotional and healing benefits of working out. Walking is a low-intensity steady rate cardio and has a much lower risk-to-reward ratio, as compared to more intense exercise like HIIT. 

It’s a great exercise that promotes emotional well-being, improves sleep patterns, and balances hormonal health. It requires no recovery time. So, Walking is a good exercise for people not looking for intense workouts, and Dakota Johnson loves a good outdoor walk.


Other Exercises

Dakota Johnson is quite a physically active person. She loves the feeling after a good workout and cardio workout seems to be her favorite. She is an avid practitioner of Yoga too, for its mental and emotional benefits, besides the physical. Cardio, Calisthenics, and Weight Lifting are some of the other exercises that find a place in Dakota Johnson’s workout routine, and in her recent weight loss too these exercises helped her move toward complete health.

Altogether, Dakota likes to mix up different workout forms and this has given her such stunning weight loss results.

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Dakota Johnson Weight Loss Diet Plan

Dakota Johnson has always had a happy relationship with food and fitness. So, she practices mindful meditation. She also focuses on eating small portions of food and eating them regularly rather than eating huge amounts at once. This keeps the metabolism high and leads to weight loss.

Dakota is known to follow the principle of 3:2:1 which means she eats 3 meals a day, has 2 snacks, and consumes at least a liter of water every day. For breakfast, oatmeal and poached eggs are usually a staple, along with a bowl of seasonal fruits. 

In an interview, Dakota shared that she usually avoids fried food. So, salmon and chicken too are usually served grilled along with quinoa or brown rice for lunch. This is followed by a salad bowl.

For Dinner, it’s usually a veggie-filled pasta along with some protein source like chicken or tofu. She has simple snacks like nuts or peanut butter sandwiches.

Is Dakota Johnson Vegan?

No, Dakota Johnson is not vegan.

That is all for Dakota Johnson Weight Loss Diet Plan.

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