David Tennant Weight Loss

By | January 5, 2024

David Tennant Weight Loss: David Tennant and his successful portrayal of doctors in ‘Dr. Who’ is all about perfection and conviction at the same time. David Tennant holds the record for appearing as Doctor thrice, a record that’s tough to break. His career as a professional actor in Hollywood extends over decades and his graph is only moving upwards, with an ever-increasing loyal fanbase.

Another thing that has been the center of attention recently, is David Tennant weight loss for the role. It left many people wondering as well as appreciating the quick weight loss he went through. Some people are very curious about what his regime has been to lose weight at the cusp of his 50s. So in this post, we will be diving deep into how David Tennant lost an impressive amount of weight and his workout routine and Diet plan for the same.

David Tennant Weight Loss

David Tennant Weight Loss

David Tennant body stats

Height 6 Feet 1 Inch
Weight 80 Kgs
Age 52 Kgs
Waist 28 Inches
Shoulders 36 Inches

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David Tennant Weight Loss Workout Routine

David Tennant has been popular among young and old alike. His work as an actor is already widely appreciated, but his interviews are quite intriguing too, bringing charm and wisdom together. In all these interviews, David looks as fresh as ever, and being an alumnus of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama helps. 

He has been in top-state fitness for almost all his life. But now he has become more aware of his body movements and levels of functional and motor ability. He is experimenting with new diets, and trying out new ways to improve health.

David Tennant Weight Loss Workout Routine

David Tennant Weight Loss Workout Routine

David Tennant Weight Loss Workout Routine includes:

Aerobic Training

Aerobic Training is the cardinal exercise in David Tennant Weight Loss Workout Routine.

Aerobic exercises include exercises like Swimming, Walking, and Running. It’s essentially the exercises that put your heart rate up and force your body to use more oxygen. 

Aerobic Exercises have impressive weight loss benefits. Firstly it burns loads of calories. Secondly, it builds lean muscles that increase metabolic rate, keeping your weight in check. If followed with a good diet, and with consistency and discipline, an aerobic training session is enough to keep your weight in check in the long run. It’s also associated with improved 



Yoga too has been a regular part of David Tennant weight loss workout Routine. He especially focused on Yoga for flexibility and agility. As we grow older, it’s difficult to maintain body flexibility. In fact, according to renowned health coach Luke Coutinho, You are only as young as your spine. So if you are interested in learning about and implementing fitness routines in the 50s and 60s, then regular Yoga practice is a must to ensure you don’t lose your flexibility and maintain that long-term fitness. Spine health is one thing that yoga specifically focuses on. So, it has actual anti-aging benefits, and David seems to be reaping the results. 

So, Regular Yoga Practice was a major part of David Tennant weight loss Workout Routine.


 Electrical Muscle Stimulation Training

Electrical Muscle Stimulation is one of the lesser-known fitness routines in the market. The hype is immense around this training and according to some sources, David regularly used electrical training to get into shape for the role.  Electrical Muscle Stimulation is essentially used to activate more muscle fibers than usual, resulting in better ofter results over conventional routines. It’s also used to recover well, though there is some eerie around its safety and effectiveness, so, you must keep an eye on the quality of Electrical  Muscle Stimulation machines you are using. You can read more about EMS training here, including detailed research on its effectiveness.

David used the Electricity training sessions for a better recovery rate, and better recovery means more caloric burn and higher metabolism, leading to weight loss.

That’s all for David Tennant Weight Loss Workout Routine.

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David Tennant Weight Loss Diet Plan

David Tennant has been a lean guy all his life. And all his food choices have been generally healthy. But his recent weight loss has a lot to do with a good diet plan and a good eye on nutritional requirements. So, he went for more whole foods, fruits, and vegetables. Eggs, Oats, Quinoa, Chia Seeds, Nuts, and lentils were major parts of his weight loss diet routine.

David Tennant Weight Loss Diet Plan

David Tennant Weight Loss Diet Plan


Mindfulness and its wide range of health benefits are well documented. Mindfulness practices not only increase mental fitness, and attention span but when employed in eating habits, it’s associated with better digestion, more satiation, and smaller appetite. Mindfulness makes you eat less, eat healthier, and leads to lesser caloric intake which aids the results from exercises and makes you lose a lot of weight in less time. So, mindfulness in eating was an important part of David Tennant weight loss diet Plan.


More Vegan Diets

David Tennant focused on the basics of diet like hydration and sleep to reduce cortisol levels. But he also shifted to a majorly vegan diet plan. In an interview, David shared that he consumed more vegan Diets to lose weight. He ate eggs and fish to meet protein requirements, but most of his platter was about vegan meals.  Vegan Diets are associated with lesser caloric intake, and easier digestion and also make you lose weight much quicker. So, vegan meal plans were an important part of David Tennant weight loss diet plan.

Is David Tennant Vegan?

No, David Tennant is not vegan.

That’s all for David Tennant Weight Loss Diet Plan.

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