DK Metcalf Workout Routine and Diet Plan [Updated]

By | September 23, 2023

DK Metcalf Workout Routine and Diet Plan [Updated]: Seattle Seahawks’s unlikely win against the Lions this Sunday, brought the attention back to it’s star Wide Receiver – DK Metcalf. The giant was hit in the hit at the start of the game but brushed aside the injury to lead his team to victory. 

K. Metcalf has been a very promising athlete in the recent past, eyeing a long and prosperous career ahead. Coming from a lineage of Footballers, the guy has been taking some significant strides in his career as an NFL player. D K Metcalf carries an aesthetic physique, resembling that of a superhero. With a height of 6’4, the guy also has a 1.6% body fat percentage and makes impossible moves on the NFL field. He has been an aspirational figure in the bodybuilding circles and people are always curious about the work that goes into making such a physique. 

If you are one of them, we got you covered.  In this post, we will dive deep into DK Metcalf Workout Routine and Diet Plan. And dig some secrets behind Metcalf’s stellar physique.

DK Metcalf Exercise Routine and Meal Plan

DK Metcalf Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Here’s a look at DK Metcalf’s Body Stats-:

Height 6 feet 4 inches
Weight 107 Kgs
Age 26 years
Waist 30 inches
Shoulders 40 inches
Biceps 16 inches

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DK Metcalf  Workout Routine

First thing first, DK Metcalf comes from a lineage of athletes and carries an athletic gene. His father has been a successful NFL player and is himself very big and fit. So, Metcalf got an Inspiration to be an athlete from his home and he already had great genes, taking him to unimaginable heights in his profession, at a young age. So, One can take great Inspiration from Metcalf’s workout routine but should abstain from trying to emulate his workout routine. This is because your body is different, and you must do things that work for you, rather than blindly following random celebrities online.

DK Metcalf Exercise Routine 

DK Metcalf Workout Routine

D K Metcalf Workout Routine Includes-:


D K Metcalf starts his workout sessions with stretching for mobility, flexibility, and muscle activation. He works out twice daily, so injury is a big possibility for him. So, Metcalf takes his stretching sessions seriously, to avoid any injuries. Stretching is mostly done to avoid injury, aid recovery, and promote full range of motion. It’s extremely important for flexibility and mobility, which are extremely important for an athlete, and yet is so easy to be ignored. So, stretching is a consistent part of the D K Metcalf Workout Routine. 



The next session consists of a Cardio workout, which is usually running on a Treadmill. Adequate power and endurance while running is extremely important for a football player. So, Metcalf works consistently to improve on these parameters. His 40-yard dash in close to 4 seconds, is a testimony to his cardio workouts. He focuses on building speed and power while running. So, a treadmill session is a pivotal part of the DK Metcalf Workout Routine.


Gym Workout 

DK Metcalf works out twice a day on alternate days, leaving adequate time to recover. Gym Workouts for Metcalf are based on targeting specific muscle groups every day. His focus shifts from Chest Workout to Abs and Lower Body Workout and finally Back and Shoulder Workout respectively. So, he focuses on a specific muscle group every day, maintaining equal intensity every day.

His Gym Workouts include a lot of 

Power cleans, Kettlebell Squats, Bench Press, 

Curls, Tricep, Bicep and small muscle conditioning, and lots of mobility exercises. Deadlifts, Rope Pull Reverse Pyramid Training, Planks, and Side Raises are staples in the Metcalf Workout Routine.


Flexibility and Mobility Exercise 

Flexibility and Mobility is a special concern for Metcalf. He focuses on Flexibility and Mobility exercises to optimize the results and to avoid injuries. For flexibility and Mobility, his trainer incorporates several exercises like scorpion stretch, Hamstring Stretch, Deep Squats and full Lunges, Arm and Shoulder circles, and Hip circles. 

Additionally, the Seattle Seahawks athlete takes lots of Hot Tub showers and Massages. Massages relax the body, improve circulation, and aid muscle recovery. It’s also known to improve the range of motion of an athlete, improving overall athletic performance.


Other Exercises 

DK Metcalf has been an athlete all his life, so he likes to try out new sports too. He has a keen interest in Basketball and is pretty good at it. Further playing basketball gives him a necessary break from football and yet hones his skills by improving hand-eye coordination and endurance. So, a team sport can be a good way to enjoy your workout sessions and yet remain on track for your targets.

That is all for D K Metcalf  Workout Routine.

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D K Metcalf Diet Plan 

D K Metcalf recently took the internet to storm by revealing his diet plan which includes lots of Sugar and Candies and Coffee. He has been summoned by nutritionists after that, and he has really improved from there in the recent past.  D K Metcalf has hired a Nutritionist and a Chef for his Diet Plan who takes care of his Macronutrient intake and prepares all the meals accordingly. DK Metcalf starts his day with a big bowl of Oatmeal, before working out.

DK Metcalf Meal Plan

DK Metcalf Diet Plan

He then eats 3 pieces of bacon and lots of vegetables and fruits. 

Approach to Diet Plan 

D K Metcalf remains quite serious about his diet now. His food intake is low on carbs, and high on protein, and meets his micro nutritional requirements by eating lots of vegetables, fruits, legumes and nuts. He abstains from processed and fatty food.

Sometimes the NFL player likes to relax a bit and eats lots of Steak, Chicken Alfredo, Caram Ice Latte, and Desserts to satisfy his cravings. He is a big fan of Italian Dishes.

Is D K Metcalf Vegan?

No, D. K. Metcalf is not Vegan.

That is all for D K Metcalf Workout Routine and Diet Plan.

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