Drew Starkey Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | October 2, 2023

Drew Starkey Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Netflix’s next Rom-Com series titled’ The Other Zoey’ featuring the phenomenal cast of Drew Starkey, Josephine Langford, and Archie Renaux dropped the trailer this week. Drew Starkey is really taking long strides, be it professionally or just on the scale of popularity he has gained after his portrayal of Rafe in the teenage series Outer Banks. His real-life fun stories too never fail to make his audience laugh. In his late 20s, the guy still carries the charm of a child and that’s the reason behind the insane fame he is getting.

He has been in front of the Camera for quite some time now, with relatively successful projects like’ Love, Simon ‘and ‘ The Hate You Give’, but the guy has tasted true fandom with three seasons of Outer Banks. Recently it’s known that Drew is all set to join the cast of Luca Guadagnino’s ‘ Queer ‘ alongside Daniel Craig. One reason behind his popularity is his appearance. With classic American features, that isn’t too much, the guy carries a very fit body.  So, in this post, we will be diving into Drew Starkey Workout Routine and Diet Plan and his approach to fitness. 

Here’s a look at Drew Starkey Body Stats-

Height 6 feet 2 inches
Weight 82 kgs
Age 29 years
Waist 28 inches
Shoulders  34 inches
Biceps 14 inches

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Drew Starkey Workout Routine

Drew Starkey is a fun-loving guy. So, his relationship with fitness to us one in which he can truly enjoy himself. So, he ensures a mix-up workout session where he can try out different stuff and not get used to a certain workout routine. He works out quite often, and keeping variations in workout patterns has helped maintain discipline and consistency. Further, Drew is pretty tall, so he works extensively on his upper body, which gives him a highly toned physique.

Drew Starky Workout Routine

Drew Starkey Workout Routine PC

Drew Starkey Workout Routine Includes-


Well, Drew Starkey is a seasoned Golfer. You can often spot on a golf course taking up the perfect position and hitting up the exact shot. He likes to play Golf, and that’s why Golf often features in his workout Sessions. He doesn’t get on a golf course with the intention to work out, he simply loves the game.

Now, Golf has several health benefits attached to it. The first is the improvement of balance and coordination, as well as mental focus. Further, it’s a great exercise for heart health, as you are required to walk for five to seven kilometers on a golf course. Moreover, being an outdoor exercise, Golf actually helps you manage sleep and high blood pressure better, boosts creativity, and lowers depression. So, Golf can be a great physical exercise too, contrary to popular belief.


Mountain Climbing 

Drew Starkey likes to enjoy his workout sessions. So most of his workouts are outdoor activities and quite challenging, Mountain Climbing is one of them. He likes to go on regular treks in the mountains with his friends and he loves the challenging nature of this physical activity.  Mountain Climbing is one of the best things you can do for yourself if you are interested in physically challenging activities. It gives instant relief from mental health problems, by balancing hormones inside the brain. It is also a great exercise for building endurance, flexibility, and muscle power all at once. It builds strength in the lower body, while also challenging the upper body. A Wholesome exercise indeed. 

So, Mountain Climbing is an important part of Drew Starkey Workout Routine, and it is quite beneficial for weight loss too.



Swimming is another exercise that Starkey likes. But he isn’t a regular pool swimmer. He is a swimmer from the beaches and seas. 

So, he doesn’t leave an opportunity to swim on his vacations. Swimming is a preferred exercise among many celebrities. It clears up your head, besides working on your physical health. It is known to calm the mind down and reduce anxiety, while also aiding strength and flexibility in the body. So, swimming can be good exercise for you, if you’re not a fan of weights and machines in the gym.



Cycling is another one of Drew Starkey’s favorite outdoor activities. He cycles around the towns he is visiting, getting a cardio session along with sightseeing. So, Cycling is also a significant part of Drew Starkey Workout Routine.


Other Exercises 

On other days, Drew is inside a regular gym, getting his classic strength Training session with cardio. This involves lots of weight lifting and cardio sessions. But those days are not quite common.  

That is all for Drew Starkey Workout Routine.

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Drew Starkey Diet Plan

Drew is a fun-loving guy, who likes to enjoy his time in the gym too. So food can’t be boring for him. So, Drew doesn’t quite fit into the mold of fitness freaks who like to count calories and measure the volumes of the food they are eating. He likes to enjoy his food, without going overboard about it. Some classic Tacos, Cakes, pasta, and a good Burger are his favorite dishes. Unlike many other celebrities, he doesn’t hold back from enjoying his meals and truly savoring it. He stays active throughout the day and has a good metabolism which makes up for the extra calories.

Drew Starkey Diet Plan

Drew Starkey Diet Plan

Approach to Dieting and Health

Drew Starkey’s approach to dieting and health is one of the healthiest approaches you can have. This complete acceptance of our cravings and love for food weirdly reduces them. Giving space to our favorite dishes from time to time actually helps us stick to our goals in the long run. 

Also, Drew consumes a protein-heavy diet, which has lots of Chicken in it, and a limited amount of carbs. This also helps him with maintaining and building good muscle mass, which increases metabolism.

Is Drew Starkey Vegan?

No, Drew Starkey is not Vegan.

That is all for Drew Starkey Diet Plan.

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