Grace Caroline Currey Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | April 30, 2023

Grace Caroline Currey Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Lionsgate’s next release, season 2 of its survival thriller’s trailer is out and it’s a jam-packed performance by the crew. Titled  ‘ Fall 2 ‘ the project follows a survival attempt of two friends stuck at the top of a 2000 ft high platform over a tower. The trailer seems interesting and the cast has really been a treat to the eyes.  The movie is led by Grace Caroline Currey and Virginia Gardener and is creating hype in showbiz circles. 

Grace has been getting praise for her work for quite some time now. She is young but has a long experience of being in front of the camera. She has been a child actress since 4 years of age and that’s where she fell in love with the whole process of filmmaking. Recently her work as Mary Shazam in DC’s Shazam! Fury of the Gods. In the series, she is the only actor to have a dual role as Mary Bromfield and Superhero Mary. The actress’s character carried speed, flight, and strength and Grace looked fabulous in the role. 

Grace has also performed stunts in Shazam and carries a physically challenging task in Fall. The actress is fit and looks strong physically. So in this post, we bring you a look at Grace’s process behind the preparation of physically challenging roles and some of her general practices for fitness and health.

Grace Caroline Currey Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Grace Caroline Currey Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Here’s a look at Grace Caroline Currey’s Body Stats-

Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 50 kgs
Age 26 years
Waist 22 inches
Shoulders 26 inches

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Grace Caroline Currey Workout Routine

The actress carries a feminine energy to herself. One should not mistake it for timidness. Grace carries a powerful grace to her aura. In Shazam! Fury of the Gods, the actress beautifully embodies the body language of a Superhero. She is not bulky, but she carries lean muscle mass while also being extremely flexible. She has an excellent range of motion and carries a naturally lean frame.

Here’s a look at the exercises she does Grace. Caroline Currey Workout Routine-:



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The actress has been trained in ballet at the Royal Ballet Academy, London. She is a level 6 Ballerina and you can see her posts practicing ballet on her Social media posts. The actress is a trained ballet dancer and is genuinely involved in the art form. She revealed in an interview that for her next project, the actress reverted to her ballet lectures and is currently doing lots of ballet training. 

Ballet is a great form of exercise, if you are genuinely interested in it, otherwise it may be too challenging for you.  Ballet is an art form that connects you to your body, improves posture, builds flexibility, and strengthens bones and muscles. Ballet can be a great way for you to move towards great health.



Not many people know Grace has also worked in The Conjuring Universe film Annabelle: Creation. The actress is a tank of talent but she keeps out time for herself, going on vacations and hikes. Hiking is also one of her hobbies and it has definitely helped her in being fit and healthy. We at healthyogi always focus on holistic health. Exercises like hiking and other outdoor sports have great benefits for the overall fitness of your body. Hiking builds muscles and improves coordination and cardiovascular strength. 

So, hiking can be a great way to regain health as it’s excellent for long-term weight management.

Grace Caroline Currey Workout Routine

Grace Caroline Currey Workout Routine

Ice- Skiing

The actress shared a picture of herself ice skiing and it seems she is quite interested in that too. The actress is married to Branden Currey and both of them seem to be passionate about travelling and adventure. The Actress’s also revealed in an interview that she has become an adrenaline junkie after ‘Fall’ and now she loves a challenge where she has to push her physical body to its limits.  Adventure sports are great for such people. 

Ice- Skiing has been termed a great workout for cardiovascular health and builds endurance and resistance of the body.


Training for ‘ Fall ‘

The actress has to face extreme conditions while shooting for the movie and underwent lots of training. She trained in sweatpants and sweatshirts in the heat to accustom her body to heat and yet function well. Further, the actress is also into dancing and likes to jam to contemporary music which is another reason behind her fit stature.

Overall the actress loves physically challenging tasks and likes workouts that involve more of her and she likes to give her all in everything she does, even workouts.

That’s all for Grace Caroline Currey Workout Routine.

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Grace Caroline Currey Diet Plan

The internet has not covered Grace’s diet routine but we took a deep dive into her social media accounts to grab some hints to her approach towards diet routines and plans. The actress does not seem to be too stringent about her calorie intake, partly her metabolism is strong too which gives her a leaner frame.

Grace Caroline Currey Diet Plan

Grace Caroline Currey Diet Plan

Enjoy Your Food

The ideas from Yoga of mindfulness and living slowly are essential to establishing a good relationship with food. We should eat because we enjoy food and in turn our bodies will tell us when we are full. 

The actress loves to enjoy her food and she is not someone to hold herself back, though she doesn’t forget to maintain a good balance of healthy food. Her favorite meals seem to be salads, Avocado Toast, pasta, Pastries, Donuts, and fruits. She also loves good herbal tea and often goes to picnics out of her car trunk.

Is Grace Caroline Currey Vegan?

No, Grace Caroline Currey is not vegan.

That’s all for Grace Caroline Currey Diet Plan.

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