Keke Palmer Weight Loss

By | September 6, 2023

Keke Palmer is all through the headlines of Hollywood again. This time for her incredible weight loss following the delivery of her first baby and her iconic presence at the Met Gala and other major film festivals. Keke Palmer has been in the news for all the right reasons. Her take on the pressure on women to lose postpartum weight and the health scares associated with it has allowed many women to find a voice in her. 

In her podcast. The ‘Nope’ actress also revealed that her journey towards weight loss has been exhausting and tiring. Her directorial debut ‘ Big Boss’ is also set to be floored soon. The show too has pulled attention towards the brave and ambitious actor and singer. 

Postpartum weight loss is a risky subject and we recommend you to be patient with your body and rely on expert medical guidance. This is just an account of how Keke Palmer lost weight postpartum and not medical advice.

So, if you are curious about her weight loss and the road to that, keep scrolling.

First, let’s have a look at Keke Palmer’s Body Stats-:

Height 5 feet 6 inches
Weight 57 kgs
Age 29 years
Waist 24 inches
Shoulders 33 inches


Keke Palmer Weight Loss Workout Routine

Keke Palmer has been quite vocal in her life. And she keeps everything as real as possible. Following the same way, she shared that her job requires her to look a certain way, and that’s the only reason she decided to go tough on her weight loss journey and train hard. Secondly, she also emphasized that each body is different and you will get different results for everyone so you must be really careful about what you are putting your body through, especially post-delivery. The actress worked with renowned celebrity trainer Corey Calliet and just followed the basics of fitness correctly.


Weight Lifting

Keke’s major workout revolved around weight lifting and weight training to build muscles and reduce body fat percentage. She has been cast in action movies already and is pretty seasoned in going through intense routines. Corey defined her workout routine as being not fancy and back to basics. The actress did weight training for 5 days a week and relied on progressive overload to get quicker results.


Cardio Workout

For Cardio, the actress relied heavily on incline treadmill runs and tried to just be consistent with it. In fact, the actress is not a cardio person at all and only focuses on Cardio to the extent of necessity. Cardio is important for healthy weight loss. It improves heart function and gives you a clearer body and mind by improving blood circulation. Cardio workouts are proven to burn loads of calories and promote overall weight loss. Getting into weight training without cardio makes you bulky and you lose out on flexibility and toning, which isn’t healthy.


High-Intensity Interval Training

HIIT sessions are regularly featured in Keke’s Workout routines. Firstly, it’s the most time-efficient way to lose weight and workout. Secondly, it’s a combination of weight Training and Cardio. So if you don’t enjoy your time on the treadmill, an intense HIIT session can help you in reaching your goals. HIIT builds power and provides muscle tone while also working on Cardiovascular strength. It’s a great exercise for quicker weight loss, as you are working on multiple muscle groups at the same time. So, HIIT can aid your weight loss, if you enjoy getting into intense workout routines.


Circuit Training

Circuit Training was also a big feature of Keke’s Workout Routine. In fact, HIIT too was a part of Circuit training. Usually, her circuit training routine included push-ups, Pull-ups, sit-ups, Mountain Climbers, Battle ropes, Jumping Squats, and other Explosive movements. Circuit Training builds endurance, and muscle tone and improves mental health by working on large muscle groups at the same time. It’s proven to help with fat loss and promote muscle gain, helping you with long-term fitness. So, Circuit Training can prove helpful too, in losing weight quickly, just like Keke.


Other Exercises

The actress also incorporates other routines, to get variation in exercise regimen. She included Pilates, Yoga, and simple bodyweight exercises to challenge herself. Goblet Squats, Kettlebell swings, and Glute bridges were the most common exercises in her routine. Corey revealed they started with working muscle groups in the back and lower body to progress towards smaller muscle groups.

That’s all for Keke Palmer Weightloss Workout Routine.


Keke Palmer Weight Loss Diet Plan

Exercise can only bear results if you follow it with adequate nutrition and rest. Working out can prove extremely unhealthy if you are short on nutrition or compromising on health. As muscles are formed and maintained only through adequate rest and Recovery.

So, Keke was very aware of her sleep cycles and ensured adequate sleep every day. She also focused on the optimum amount of recovery by taking time off from the gym. 

Diet Plan

Keke’s trainer revealed that Keke’s diet during this period was healthy and not strict. She built a good eating habit by avoiding junk and processed food. She further followed a very planned diet which has an adequate amount of Macro and micronutrients. The most important change was in the amount of food intake. She increased her diet consciously, to fuel the body. Corey’s mantra was simple-‘ Eat to lose weight, and lift to burn fat’.

Is Keke Palmer Vegan?

No, Keke is not a vegan.

That’s all for Keke Palmer  Weight Loss Workout Routine and Diet Plan.