Jordyn Woods Weight Loss

By | September 8, 2023

Jordyn Woods Weight Loss: Jordyn Woods is rocking her main character era after the fallout with Kylie Jenner. With a thriving entrepreneur journey with her brands ‘FRSTPLACER’ Fitness and make-up line being success stories, the girl is also working hard on her physical and emotional wellness. 

She is an Instagram model and her recent pictures are setting the bar high. Jordyn uploaded some of her recent pictures on the internet, and people are quite curious about her physical transformation. She has been quite vocal about her life and her recent weight loss story is no different. But the kind of transformation she went through is truly inspiring. In fact, it seems the 25-year-old has grasped the essence of fitness and isn’t running behind impossible scale measurements and unhealthy diet routines. She is working out for herself. And that’s the most powerful reason to work. 

So if you are curious about what went into the making of such a toned physique, we got you covered. Keep scrolling. We will dive deep into her mental and physical space that gave Jordyn the strength to conquer her life and deal with negative comments on her body without losing track of her life. 



Jordyn Woods Body Stats

Height 5 feet 9 inches
Weight 60 kgs
Age 25 years
Waist 26 inches
Shoulders  32 inches

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Jordyn Woods Weight Loss Workout Routine

First things first, Jordyn is not one of those extremely thin and lean models. She carries a good amount of muscle mass and a dominant personality. Jordyn carries one of the best bodies in terms of muscle tone and she works hard in the gym. In fact, in an interview the entrepreneur and model shared that Workout works as a therapy for her and helped her deal with emotional and mental turmoils, especially after the death of her father. She is a true fitness enthusiast and works out for the right reasons. In an interview Jordyn also suggested that working out makes her happy, and the weight loss is just a side effect; Process over Results, Anyday.



Jordyn Woods Weight Loss Workout Routine includes: 

Weight Training

As mentioned, the girl hits the gym hard and loves to feel the burn in her muscles. She doesn’t follow a very light workout routine and doesn’t shy away from lifting heavy weights. Weighted squats, Deadlifts, and heavy leg press are some of her best friends in the gym and they help release her emotional pain. Her partner NBA player Karl Towns shared that fitness saved her life. Weight Training is the most effective way to lose weight and it is especially good if you are trying to replace a fat layer with muscle mass. It doesn’t sag your skin and gives you a good toning.

So if you want to get a strong and toned body like Jordyn, weight training is the best exercise for you.



Jordyn starts her Workout with a Cardio session of 30 minutes. She hits the treadmill at this time or a stationary bike. And follow it up with other exercises. Warm-up is usually followed up by a Cardio session. And Jordyn regularly gets into cardio workouts. Complementing weight training with cardio helps you avoid the bulking-up process and gives you a more toned and flexible body. So, cardio must be a part of your daily workout routine, to lose those extra pounds without any compromise on long-term health and fitness.


Abs Workout

The Instagram model follows the Cardio session with abs Workouts and then moves on to target specific muscle groups every day. Abs training includes regular exercises like Planks, Pull-ups, Sit-ups, and crunches. She adds weights to get the most benefits.



Jordyn doesn’t like living in a box. And so, she keeps experimenting with new forms of workouts and challenges her body regularly. In a recent Instagram post, she shared her training session with her Boxing trainer Jeremiah Maestrei, and the results are visible. Boxing not only burns calories, but also builds strength, endurance, power, and muscle mass. It has been proven to help you deal with mental health issues and regulate hormonal health. So, boxing is also an exercise that Jordyn enjoys, and that has a big role to play in her recent weight loss.


Resistance Bands

The Hollywood personality has a very hectic schedule and she is constantly traveling. So getting a gym workout is not always possible. Jordyn solves the problem by using resistance bands to train. She uses the one by the brand name’ B_ND ‘ and keeps her physical health in check by getting a quick workout using resistance bands. No excuse whatsoever, for Jordyn.



What gives her the strength to go through intense workout sessions every day? It’s the mindset. In an Interview, Jordyn shared that has been through a lot of negative experiences regarding her body size in the past. But she didn’t let them hamper her confidence. She works out and maintains her fitness to be the best version for herself, and not to fit into some arbitrary molds and sizes. This clarity has allowed her to keep focusing on herself and keep improving.

This is all aboutJordyn Woods Weight Loss Workout Routine 

Jordyn Woods Weight Loss Diet Plan

Jordyn Woods is quite conscious of her diet too. She is a good cook and often uploads vlogs of herself trying out different healthy recipes. She believes in the mantra 

‘ Abs are made in the Kitchen ‘. So her diet too is very balanced per se, with some dose of her favorite meals once in a while.

She eats lots of veggies and fruits, including Salads with Yellow Pepper, corn, Watermelon, Zucchini, Tomatoes, and Apples. She also likes Chicken wings and fish, which form a major portion of her protein intake.

Juice Fasts

The Instagram model is known to go on Juice Fasts to detox her body and she loves the results thereafter. She is also quite careful of her hydration levels and keeps a tab on consuming enough water throughout the day.


Is Jordyn Woods Vegan?

No, Jordyn Woods is not vegan, but she goes off meat every once in a while to detox and relax her body. 

That’s all for Jordyn Woods Weight Loss Workout Routine and Diet Plan.