Rachel Zegler Weight Loss

By | December 5, 2023

Rachel Zegler Weight Loss: Rachel Zegler in the prequel to Hunger Games is making rapid strides in her popularity. The woman is all set to rule the drama space with her impactful performance as Lucy Gray Baird in The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes. But alongside her spectacular performance, people were also quiet to notice her weight loss for this role. A lot of them are quite curious about Rachel Zegler weight loss and the secrets behind such rapid results.

So, we are here to answer your queries, all always. In this post we will dive deep into the weight loss journey Rachel went through and help you with getting some secrets from her journey that you can apply. 

Rachel Zegler Weight Loss

Rachel Zegler Weight Loss

Rachel Zegler Body Stat

Height 5 Feet 2 Inches
Weight 50 Kgs
Age 22 Kgs
Waist 22 Inches
Shoulders 26 Inches

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Rachel Zegler Weight Loss Workout Routine

Rachel Zegler has been a young sensation in Hollywood. Her social media followings are quite high with more than 2 Million followers at the age of just 22. She rose to fame with West Side Story, winning the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for her role. Her role in Shazam 2 has been appreciated too. But in almost all her appearances, it’s sure that Rachel takes good care of herself and her physical health. Being young of course, helps, but Rachel has learnt how to keep a balance. In general, too, Rachel tries to work out on alternative days.

Rachel Zegler Weight Loss Workout Routine

Rachel Zegler Weight Loss Workout Routine

Rachel Zegler Weight Loss Workout Routine includes:

Gym Workouts

Adequate weight training is important to lose weight the right way, without starving yourself. So, Rachel Zegler did lots of strength and conditioning exercises. Regular exercises included lots of treadmill runs followed by weighted squats, push-ups, pull-ups, bench presses, crunches, and sit-ups. The rowing machine was also an important part of Rachel Zegler’s workout plan for the latest weight plan. She seems to also be a fan of Soul Cycling, so it also played an important role in her latest weight loss journey. 

Gym Workouts, and simple exercises like these work on major muscle groups of your body, building lean muscle mass which keeps the metabolism high, burning lots of extra fat. Also, Rachel is quite young and carries a naturally lean body, so that also helps. 



Rachel seems to quite enjoy swimming. Her Instagram posts are full of her enjoying her swimming sessions. So, swimming seems to be a part of her workout routine for her latest weight loss journey. At least for relaxing, Rachel seems to be consistently getting into swimming. Swimming is a great exercise, not just for regulating your nervous system but also for losing weight. Swimming builds lean muscular toning and at the same time improves flexibility and agility of the body. So, swimming formed a big part of her workout routine for the recent weight loss journey. 



Rachel is a trained singer. Dancing comes naturally to her. Dancing has been a big part of her life throughout her professional journey. Dancing has been an exercise that Rachel enjoys. So, dancing was a big part of her recent weight loss journey too. 

Dancing is known to improve muscle toning, provide strength, and build strong bones besides having tremendous benefits for weight management. It burns loads of calories and helps with quicker weight loss. So, dancing was a consistent part of Rachel Zegler weight loss journey.



Rachel is a fan of outdoor activities too. Pictures from her hiking trip are quite prevalent on her social media pages. It seems she enjoys Hiking. But for her recent weight loss journey, Rachel could not go for a Hiking vacation. So, she chose to go outdoor running as often as possible. Rachel Zegler also battles anxiety and depression, so a walk in the woods has helped her immensely. 

Moreover, Hiking is a regular part of her workout routine, especially for vacations, Rachel likes to keep her adventurous side up. It builds long-term health and improves cardiovascular strength, which in turn helps us with getting quick results. So, Hiking and outdoor running were big parts of Rachel Zegler Workout Routine for weight loss.

That is all for Rachel Zegler Weight Loss Workout Routine.

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Rachel Zegler Weight Loss Diet Plan 

As far as diet is concerned, Rachel has done her homework. She abstains from a lot of things that don’t work for her, like dairy. She has gone dairy-free for quite some time now, especially during her weight loss journey.

Going off dairy has many benefits, including better skin and digestion. Also, Rachel tried to limit her caffeine consumption for her weight loss journey. For her vocal cords, she has adopted a ritual of having coffee only after her performance in the morning and reducing the overall intake. 

Her diet plan includes lots of protein sources to help her body recover and maintain muscles. So, her diet included lots of chicken, salmon fish, Tofu, and Seafood. Rachel is quite a fan of seafood, she loves Paella and prawns. 

For breakfast, the diet for her recent weight loss included oatmeal, Brown Rice, and a bowl of fruits. Lunch was usually chicken, Spaghetti, or Pasta and Dinner was usually tofu and Vegetable Soup. 

On her chest days, Rachel likes to have a box full of cupcakes or burgers and fries. 

Rachel Zegler Weight Loss Diet Plan 

Rachel Zegler Weight Loss Diet Plan

Is Rachel Zegler Vegan?

No, Rachel Zegler is not Vegan.

That is all for Rachel Zegler Weight Loss Workout Routine and Diet Plan.

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