[Zendaya Diet] Zendaya Workout Routine and Meal Plan

By | October 12, 2020

Zendaya Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Zendaya is an American actress, model, singer, and TV star. She has always been in the spotlight even when she was in her teenage, she used to perform as a backup dancer before getting starred on Shake it up.

Now you can see her in many famous movies and lots of magazines, her fitness is another thing that keeps her at the top of her game. So today, we will discover what “Zendaya Workout” looks like and also take a look at the “Zendaya Diet” plan.

Zendaya Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Zendaya Workout Routine and Diet Plan


Zendaya Body Stats

Zendaya Height 5 Ft 10 Inch
Zendaya Weight 59 Kg
Zendaya Age 23 Years
Breast 34 Inch
Waist 25 Inch
Hips 34 Inch

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Zendaya Workout Routine

So when she was a teenager she wasn’t in love with doing lots of workouts, especially she told me that she hated going to the gym and she used to just do her usual dancing routine for her workout.

Zendaya Workout Routine

Zendaya Workout Routine

Now that she has grown and she’s getting a lot of big movies she has started taking her fitness to another level and somehow started to like going to the gym a little. She also likes to mix some other things in her workout routine which are yoga, Pilates, and even hiking.

Zendaya Workout Includes –


Dancing is the main exercise in Zendaya workout routine. Well as we know that she was a backup dancer even in her childhood, which is why she has always loved doing dancing and for her dancing is what keeps her moving and fit.

So for her cardio in her workout routine, she just likes to do dancing and performing live. Zendaya has a dancing session almost every day and her dancing routine goes on for an hour or sometimes 2. More about Zendaya workout is given below.


Zendaya Weight Training

Weight training isn’t her everyday thing but she does love to get it in her weekly workout so for weight training. Zendaya just trains before a movie and only 3 days to 4 days to get her muscle toned.

In those 3 days, Zendaya does a mixture of different exercises divided into upper-body, lower-body, and abdominal routine. So mostly Zendaya trains functional exercises like deadlifts etc. She also loves doing planks on medicine balls and you may have even seen her doing all that as well in some of the videos.


Yoga Workout

Zendaya also loves doing yoga sometimes, she tries to fit yoga at least 3 days in her weekly routine. She does a total body yoga workout which targets all the body muscles and helps them to get toned.

Zendaya yoga and dancing Workout also favor her into getting a great shape and flexibility.

Zendaya Fitness Training

Zendaya Fitness Training


Zendaya also said that she loves going for a hike sometimes if she is not busy and doesn’t have any plan she will go hiking with friends or family at the Los Angeles hills.

This is not part of her regular activity, it’s just a thing she likes to do once a week.

Zendaya Fit HD Photo

Zendaya Fit HD Photo

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Zendaya Diet Plan

Zendaya’s diet plan contains a lot of vegetables and fruits as Zendayais a vegetarian, not a vegan but a vegetarian as she doesn’t really like to eat a lot of meat but she still takes some of the dairy and animal products.

Zendaya Diet Plan

Zendaya Diet Plan

Also drinking more than a gallon of water throughout the day is an important part of her life that also helps her detox her body and keep it hydrated as well.

Zendaya Diet Includes –

Breakfast Meal

  • Fruits
  • Pancakes
  • Nutella


Zendaya Lunch Meal

  • Rice salad
  • If she’s not at home then she just orders anything like ramen or any other snacks



  • Fruits
  • Juice
  • Nuts


Dinner Meal in Zendaya Diet

  • Salad
  • Veggies
  • Ice-cream

This is all about Zendaya diet Plan.

Zendaya Meal Program

Zendaya Meal Program

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