Anna Kendrick Weight Loss

By | January 1, 2024

Anna Kendrick Weight Loss: Anna Kendrick and her ‘Alice, Darling’ is quickly getting the attention of all movie buffs. In a recent interview, the actress shared that she has been in abusive relationships and the movie was a way for her to process her emotions. But another fact that caught my attention was how perfect the ‘Pitch Perfect’  actress looked. She seems to have lost a bunch of kilos and looks fantastic in every frame. 

Many people are curious about how she lost weight and what was the secret behind her rapid weight loss, especially in her late 30s. So, if you are one of them, your search ends here. In this post we will dive deep into what went into making her stellar physique for the movie, and what’s the secret behind Anna Kendrick Weight Loss that’s evident in all of her appearances. 

Anna Kendrick Weight Loss

Anna Kendrick Weight Loss


Anna Kendrick Body Stats

Height 5 Feet 2 Inches
Weight 52 Kgs
Age 38 Kgs
Waist 24 Inches
Shoulders  28 Inches

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Anna Kendrick Weight Loss Workout Routine

Anna Kendrick has been a physically active person almost all her life. She is not too proper about her workout plans, but she ensures a workout whenever she can. Anna has been in the limelight for a long time now. She started as a child actor, and her career spanning decades has been outstanding. She starred in physically challenging roles as well as feminine roles and looked stellar in both.

In an interview about fitness and weight management, the actress revealed that her secret is to not take herself too seriously. And her recent weight loss too has a lot to do with this stress-free attitude of hers.

Anna Kendrick Weight Loss Workout Routine

Anna Kendrick Weight Loss Workout Routine


Anna Kendrick Weight Loss Workout Routine includes:


Yoga seems to have played a big role in Anna Kendrick weight loss. In an interview, she shared that she likes to switch up different workout routines from time to time. And Yoga is one workout she comes back to quite often.

Yoga is one of the most effective workout routines, especially effective for long-term weight management. Regular Yoga practice burns calories, improves cardiovascular capacity, and tones up your body. Some effective Yoga Poses for weight loss are Surya Namaskar, Dhanurasana, Naukasana, Purvottanasana, Veera Bhadrasan and Trikonasana.



Recently, Anna Kendrick has also added a 30-minute Running session to her workout sessions. A morning 30-minute run is proving quite effective for her.

Running has several long-term weight loss benefits. Firstly, it releases stress which is one of the basic reasons behind stubborn fat accumulation in the body, especially around the belly. Running is known to burn loads of calories which directly reduces weight.

Regular running also builds lean muscles around your lower body which increases your metabolism and burns calories even when you are not actively sweating. This leads to efficient weight loss.


Barre Classes

Barre has been quite a rage in the fat loss community for some time now. It’s a combination of Pilates and strength training, focusing on muscle sculpting. Barre is known to quickly cause fat loss, and targets every muscle group in the body, including the core, glutes, and arms. In just a few weeks of regular Barre classes, you can feel the difference in the way you carry your body. It’s known to build better muscle-mind connections that help you maintain long-term nervous health.

It also improves joint health, while building muscles all through the body. This muscle building is important for quick weight loss, as it results in a higher metabolic rate. 



In a recent interview, the actress shared that currently she is obsessed with hiking at the moment. And her relationship with working out has also undergone an evolution. Now, her workout routines are not about fitting into a size, but about strength and flexibility. So, she is now getting into more dynamic and enjoyable yet challenging activities. And hiking is one of them.

She also experiences a de-cluttered mind after a good hiking session. So, it has had a big positive effect on Anna Kendrick’s mental health too. So, Hiking has been her best friend in this weight loss journey. 

Hiking has been one of the most effective exercises for weight loss. It’s challenging, burns huge amounts of calories, and is rewarding afterward. Hiking is also an exercise that’s a great option for people who like to work outdoors. 

So, Hiking is another exercise in Anna Kendrick lose weight.

That’s all for Anna Kendrick Weight Loss Workout Routine.

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Anna Kendrick Weight Loss Diet Plan 

The Instagram bio to Anna Kendrick’s page describes her as an emotional eater. And well, the woman is all about enjoying her food but being wise with it. Her approach to fitness and eating habits has been focused on improving her quality of life. Her comfort meal is the classic Mac and Cheese. She also likes to eat a lot of sweets, and cakes. She is anemic, so eating lots of iron-rich food too is her priority.

Anna Kendrick likes to keep her mantra to food simple, it is about moderation. She tries to be in her body and doesn’t support the philosophy of completely depriving her body of anything. Her favorite snack is an organic vegan peanut grain bar, and her detox drink includes lots of ginger, lemon, and cayenne.

Anna Kendrick Weight Loss Diet Plan 

Anna Kendrick Weight Loss Diet Plan

Trial with Veganism

Anna Kendrick also shifted to being vegan some time back, and now she is back to enjoying her normal meals. There’s a big lesson in fitness there. One must always look at their own physical needs while making a decision and also move back to things if one needs to, without thinking about the latest trends. In short, your fitness choices must be about what suits you.

Is Anna Kendrick Vegan?

No, Anna Kendrick is not vegan.

That’s all for Anna Kendrick Weight Loss Workout Routine and Diet Plan.

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