Charli D’Amelio Weight Loss

By | July 13, 2023

Charli D’Amelio Weight Loss: Charli D’Amelio’s latest footwear line is here. And her fans are all over social media, congratulating her on the latest venture. Charlie has been a TikTok star for the last 5 years, gaining the most number of followers worldwide. At the mere age of 19 years, the girl is already winning at life.  Charlie D’Amelio is a TikTok star who rose to fame steeply and recently won ‘Dancing with the Stars season 30. She has slowly ventured into modeling, brand acceptances, and now a business with the increase in her loyal fanbase. 

Recently she dropped her talk show titled ‘The D’amelio Show’ on Hulu, where she shared her journey to fame, and her struggles throughout the journey. She also talked about her relationship with fitness and how social media influenced it. Recently she can be seen looking much slimmer than usual and people are concerned about her weight loss. 

So, in this post, we will look into the secrets behind Charli D’Amelio weight loss and spot some valuable tips for our readers.


Charli D'Amelio Weight Loss

Charli D’Amelio Weight Loss


Charli D’ Amelio Body Stats

Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 54 kgs
Age 19 years
Waist 24 inches 
Shoulders 26 inches

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Charli D’ Amelio Weight Loss Workout Routine

Charli has been a competitive dancer before embarking on her successful TikTok journey. So, she has been involved with fitness in some or the other way almost all her life. Charli’s mother too is a fitness enthusiast and so almost all of her family is conscious of their fitness levels. Recently the social media star gathered lots of attention for her supposed weight loss. Let’s have a look at what seems to be her secret to weight loss.


Charli D' Amelio Weight Loss Workout Routine

Charli D’ Amelio Weight Loss Workout Routine


Charli D’ Amelio Weight Loss Workout Routine includes:


Dancing has been Charli’s forte. Having won the title of winner in one of the best dance-based reality shows, there is no question about how much Charli loves dancing. She has been a trained dancer since the age of 15. Dancing can be one of the best ways to lose those extra kilos and gain better mental and physical health. If you are someone like Charli who loves dancing, losing weight will not be a problem if you can take care of your calorie deficit. 

Dancing also helps you stay consistent with your workout routine, and can be really enjoyed.

So, you can opt for regular dance sessions, if you are looking to lose weight, just like Charlie.


Abs and Cardio workout 

Several popular fitness magazines share that Charli works out regularly. But those workouts are not specifically weight-bearing exercises. She does lots of Pilates, Yoga, Running, and hiking rather than just being stuck with the weights in a gym.

Body weight Squats, mountain climbers, plank, Bulgarian split squats, and Jumping Jacks are some staple exercises for Charli when she is working out in the gym.



Recently the rising social media personality took to social media to share her vacations. It seems she likes the beaches, and water too. Swimming looks like a sport Charli really enjoys. Swimming can be your way too, of losing weight due to the amount of calories a single 30-minute swimming session can burn.

Swimming also builds muscles, which increases the overall metabolism of the body, increasing the amount of calories your body burns while at rest. Swimming is also important for dancers like Charli, as it helps with agility, flexibility, and overall muscle control.



The teenager likes to go on safaris and vacations where she prefers to walk rather than use a mode of transport to travel the city. Walking forms a good part of Charli’s workout routine that has resulted in recent weight loss.


Eating Disorders 

Resorting to a healthy living isn’t always a smooth ride. Charli has had to face the bumps on the road to healthy weight loss. In an episode of ‘The D’Amelio Show’, Charli revealed her tough relationship with food.

She regularly went into alternating cycles of overeating and undereating due to the body image issues, invoked by social media comments. She admitted to being very unhealthy at the start of her TikTok career.

But now the tik tok star is fitter than before and is healthily losing weight, i.e. through a healthy diet and exercise.

That’s all for Charli D’ Amelio Weight Loss Workout Routine.

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Charli D’amelio weight Loss Diet Plan 

Charli D’amelio regularly shares her meals on her social media handles. As mentioned, due to her eating disorder Charli has often gone into cycles of unhealthy eating in the past.

But her recent weight loss is a result of a good diet routine, rather than an abrupt cut in the number of calories consumed. Recently in a video, she shared her experience of making hot chocolate bombs by herself and enjoying it. Charli starts her day with a smoothie and coffee and then goes for a quick workout. After this, she likes to have cereal, protein shakes, and fruits for her breakfast. 

Charli loves spaghetti pasta with marinara, salad, chicken with vegetables, and a good Iced Coffee.

Sometimes Charli also allows herself to loosen up with some coke, fries, burgers, and a cheese Pizza. But most of her diet is protein-rich, consisting of steak, salmon, and chicken and good quality yogurt.


Charli D'amelio weight Loss Diet Plan 

Charli D’amelio weight Loss Diet Plan

Is Charli D’Amelio Vegan?

No, Charli is not vegan.

That’s all for Charli D’ Amelio weight loss Workout Routine and Diet Plan.

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