Christopher Briney Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | July 7, 2023

Christopher Briney Workout Routine and Diet Plan: The trailer of Season 2 of the hit series The Summer I turned pretty was released a few hours ago and the storyline seems interesting with Belly finally forced to clear her head around both of her love interests. The season finally seems to unfold Conrad Fisher’s reciprocity of Belly’s interest in him and it has pumped up the curiosity among fans of the show. 

Christopher Briney plays Conrad and is melting hearts with his performance in the series. The second season also features Rain Spencer, David Lacono, Jackie Chung, Elsie Fisher, and Spiderkyra Sedwich alongside Lola Tung playing Belly.

Christopher Briney is gaining a lot of followers with his role in this series he is quickly getting his own fan base. The guy is the perfect teenage crush with a charming personality in the show. So in this post, we will look into the secrets behind the lean physique he carries in the series. 


Christopher Briney Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Christopher Briney Workout Routine and Diet Plan


Christopher Briney Body Stats

Height 6 feet 1 inches
Weight 75 kgs
Age 23 years
Waist 26 inches
Shoulders  28 inches
Biceps 12 inches

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Christopher Briney Workout Routine

Christopher is relatively new to the movie game but with his role in the present series he has earned quite a name for himself because of his body next door and yet charming energy. 

He carries a lean frame but isn’t weak. A boyish energy surrounds him which gives him his unique style, unlike the muscular men from Hollywood. He is not into traditional fitness machines and given his young age, he also has a good metabolism rate which gives him a really thin frame.


Christopher Briney Workout Routine

Christopher Briney Workout Routine

Christopher Briney Workout Routine includes:


As mentioned Christopher does not go to the gym regularly and likes to keep his workout routine minimal and something that he enjoys. He likes to burn calories organically. Evening and early morning walks are his favorite exercises to do. 

Walking is preferred by people of all age groups who are not a fan of traditional gyms and weight training. In fact, walking has benefits for everyone, not just physically but mentally too. Christopher likes to spend his evening on open grounds, where he can see the sunsets. It seems he likes to be in nature. Walking builds lower body muscles, works on lung and heart capacity, and helps manage blood pressure. Additionally, it forces you to be in nature, which has a range of physical and mental benefits.

So, walking is one of Christopher’s favorite ways to burn calories.



Christopher has been a baseball player since his college days. Baseball or any other sport for that matter is the best way to manage long-term health. Many renowned fitness trainers suggest sports, especially team sports, to be the best exercise for a healthy body and mind. A team sport builds coordination, refines your reflexes, and helps you with the health of your vital organs like lungs, heart, and kidneys. It also gives you good sleep which allows the body to completely detoxify and gives good protection against diseases. We recommend you start with any sport that you like so that you can build consistency over time.


Water Sports

Water sports like swimming and diving are also a big part of Christopher’s workout routine. He likes to make sure that he enjoys these activities with his friends and close ones. He also shares pictures of himself diving in the oceans. Diving is considered a form of meditation in many cultures for its relaxing and calming effects. But any water sport increases your heart rate, builds coordination, and tones your muscles, in the long run, giving you strength. Swimming is also a great exercise for building endurance.



Skateboarding is a sport that Christopher loves. On his graduation day, he posted a picture of himself skateboarding. Skateboarding is a common sport among children of younger age groups but as we grow older, we seem to grow out of this incredible sport. Skateboarding targets your abs, thighs, glutes, and calf muscles and helps in toning the lower body. Further, it helps you in burning calories which promotes weight loss.


Other Exercises

Other Exercises like golf and dancing are also a part of Christopher Briney Workout Routine and he sometimes likes to go into the traditional gymming world. But so far he has only involved himself in active sports where he can really enjoy his time.

This is all about Christopher Briney Workout Routine.

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Christopher Briney Diet Plan

Christopher Briney’s ideal day is a movie and dinner date with his loved ones. One can guess that he loves good food. The guy is lean in his frame and usually has lean proteins like chicken and grilled fish with an occasional dose of his favorite foods from time to time.


Christopher Briney Diet Plan

Christopher Briney Diet Plan


Christopher starts his days with coffee and likes good cream rolls and sweet dishes like cakes and pastries. He often shares pictures of his time with his friends on his social media accounts. 

His usual diet includes fruits, vegetables, a dose of protein shakes, eggs, and a small piece of dessert. Besides, he is young so a good metabolism allows him to get away with one or two heavy meals once in a while. Good fats through tofu, nuts, and seeds also form a part of Christopher Briney diet plan.

Is Christopher Briney Vegan?

No, Christopher Briney is not Vegan.

That’s all for Christopher Briney Diet Plan.

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