Drake Workout Routine and Diet Plan [ Updated ]

By | October 13, 2023

Drake Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Aubrey Drake Graham is one of the few musicians in Hollywood who knows how to remain on top consistently. The guy is an explosion on stage and carries immense energy in all of his stage events. Recently the star Canadian rapper climbed up the headlines of major entertainment news portals by giving away $50K to one of his fans who got dumped by his girlfriend.

The guy is a complete blast with his quiet noteworthy professional and personal life. His recent tour was a success too.  Being an A-list celebrity, Drake is required to maintain a certain physique. And he is doing quite a good job at it. With good height and strong masculine features, Drake is a rage among his female fans and fellow rappers alike.  So, what does his latest Workout look like? How is he maintaining such a strong and healthy body, especially in his latest tour?  This post will answer all of your queries. We will dive deep into Drake’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan and extract the pearls of wisdom from his routine, to help our readers maintain a healthy body and mind. 

Here’s a look at Drake’s Body Stats-:

Drake Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Drake Workout Routine and Diet Plan


Drake Body Stats



Height 6 Feets
Weight 84 kgs
Age 36 Years
Waist 34 inches
Shoulders 44 inches
Biceps 16 inches

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Drake Workout Routine

Drake Workout

Drake Workout

Drake is quite an active man. He has been consistently working out for years now. And that shows in his physical stature and energy on stage. He is being trained by celebrity fitness trainer Jonny Roxx and the focus is on all-around fitness rather than aesthetics or particular body stats. So, Drake tries out many different forms of workouts throughout the year and tries to hone his skills. He focuses on different muscle groups on a particular day and gives himself enough time to rest and recover.

Drake Workout Routine Includes-


Drake’s love for basketball isn’t new. Everyone knows how much the rapper loves his basketball games. Standing at 6 feet, the guy is quite a good match for the games. So,  basketball is one game that has been a consistent part of Drake Workout Routine over the years. Any team sport is one of the most efficient ways to stay fit in the long term. You are not just burning fats, but also enjoying the process. This has tremendous benefits for your mental health and also calms down anxiety. If you are not interested in Basketball, any other team sport is good too. Some people also enjoy Plyometrics which too has similar benefits.


Gym Workouts

On weeks when Drake is in the mood to hit the gym, he targets specific muscle groups each day of the week, leaving Saturday and Sunday for recovery. He is not a fan of Burpees but likes to get into weight training that includes Deadlifts, Weighted Pull-ups, and Weighted Squats. Other major exercises include adequate reps of Crunches, Leg Raises, Plank, Pull-ups, Barbell Curls,  Bench Press, Squats, Leg Curls, Cable Kickbacks, Lateral Raises, and Lateral Pull-downs. He prefers to lift heavier to reduce reps. And this clearly seems to be working for him.

An adequate weight training schedule is extremely important for everyone. Not just strength, it’s great for long-term weight management too, as it improves metabolism and regularly burns calories.


High-Intensity Interval Training


When Drake is short on time, he goes for a session of HIIT. High-Intensity Interval Training is quite common among celebrities for its efficient nature. It combines cardio with weight training and gives you the benefit of both in a smaller time frame. The exercise burns loads of calories at once and is great for people looking to quickly lose weight. So, HIIT too has been a good part of Drake Workout Routine recently. 



For Cardio, Drake relies on a combination of Hiking and Walking, or sometimes he likes to Dance. Hiking is one of the outdoor activities he really enjoys. Mountain climbing too, is one of Drake’s favorite outdoor activities. Regularly going out and connecting with nature has proven therapeutic effects and one must regularly try to go out and be in nature because after all, we are nature ourselves. So, one must try to regularly invoke themselves in outdoor activities like hiking or walking to maintain good physical and mental health.


Rest and Recovery 

Drake has quite an extensive workout routine. So, has to take good care of his rest and recovery procedures. For the weekend the guy takes complete rest from workout and gets into lots of Massages, Foam Rolling, and Stretching to recover better and improve blood flow.

That is all for Drake Workout Routine.

Drake abs Photo

Drake abs Photo

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Drake Diet Plan

Now, this is still a mystery. There is no legit thing about his diet plan. All we find out is that he eats more protein food and fewer carbs.

Drake Diet Plan

Drake Diet Plan

Though Drake loves food, he is a disciplined Man. With regular cheat days, he keeps a check on his cravings and sticks to his diet plans diligently. Italian food is his favorite.

Food Habits

When Drake is trying to bulk up, he goes for a more carb-heavy diet. But on all other occasions, his diet plan is protein-heavy to build and maintain his muscles. Muscles are a powerhouse of health benefits, including improved bone health and better immunity. So, Drake takes special care of his protein intake. 

This includes lots of lean meats, like fish, Salmon and Chicken. Pasta is one of his favorites. Most of his meals revolve around Oatmeals, Fruits, Lean chicken, Stir Veggies, Lean Beef, and Eggs.  Whey Protein Shake is also an important part of Drake Diet Plan.

Is Drake Vegan?

No, Drake is not Vegan.

That is all for Drake Diet Plan.

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