ITZY Chaeryeong Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | October 13, 2023

ITZY Chaeryeong Diet Plan and Workout Routine: ITZY Chaeryeong is a dancer, singer, and rapper in the Kpop group ITZY and is known for rapping skills and singing skills. Chaeryeong is also the lead dancer of the group, and some even Chaeryeong is an even better dancer than many other kpop artists. Chaeryeong also gets known for her looks and has a very slim and slender body shape. I’m sure many of you already tried to search Chaeryeong routine and what she does. So if you also want the ITZY Chaeryeong workout and the ITZY Chaeryeong diet plan, then keep reading.

ITZY Chaeryeong Diet Plan and Workout Routine

ITZY Chaeryeong Diet Plan and Workout Routine

ITZY Chaeryeong Body Stats

Height 5 ft 5 inch
Weight 47 kg
Age 19 years
Breast 32 inch
Waist 24 inch
Hips 33 inch

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ITZY Chaeryeong Workout Routine

Chaeryeong is an incredible person and singer who has always looked slim and lean since we saw her after debut. One of the main reasons is that Chaeryeong has to be fit for the K-pop industry as the stars need to stay in a lean shape. Now let’s talk about what Chaeryeong does to stay in shape.

I went through some research to search for her routine, but I couldn’t find that much to tell you about Chaeryeong’s workout. I would say that Chaeryeong mostly does activities like dancing and some other bodyweight exercises. We all know that dancing is essential in the K-pop industry, and to do all those steps, you need to practice a lot.

Especially in ITZY, the choreography is quite intense, so that the practice can take place for two hours on an average basis. That dance routine will surely help anyone to lose weight and burn many calories. Other than that, I read somewhere that all of the ITZY members like to do some other exercises that include free body workouts.

There is no proof from any promising source, so I won’t say that Chaeryeong does that. However, it is possible; some of the artists even do other workouts like Yoga, Boxing, Weight training, Pilates, etc. So yeah, you can also incorporate these workouts while trying to get a body like Chaeryeong.

Now that we know Chaeryeong’s routine, let’s turn it into a routine that you can follow to get a body like her. In this routine, we will do exercises that will include working out for five days, and every day, we will train for three hours. So it won’t be easy, but it indeed is worth the hard work you will put in. So now let’s see the training plan:

ITZY Chaeryeong workout includes:

ITZY Chaeryeong Workout Routine

ITZY Chaeryeong Workout Routine

Dance Routine

We will start the dance practice in the morning, and this will be our main work out so don’t skip it. You must do one to two hours of dance practice every day for five days to get the best result. It will give your body the flexibility you need and make your body lean and toned like Chaeryeong.


Toning Workout

It’s up to you which way you want to follow. You can do an hour of boxing, yoga, pilates, etc. Or you can do alternate days, so your work stays exciting, and you can have fun while working out.

If you aim for a body like Chaeryeong, I would recommend doing yoga and pilates two days each, and one day you can do boxing. This pattern will tone your muscle and also give you flexibility while working your cardiovascular.

That’s all for the ITZY Chaeryeong workout routine.

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ITZY Chaeryeong Diet Plan

I found an article on Koreaboo where they mentioned all the members ‘ diets. In Chaeryeong’s diet plan, she skips breakfast, drinks a lot of water, and eats healthy foods. Chaeryeong also stays away from spicy and salty food; she does taste them sometimes but in very small quantity. Now let’s see the diet mentioned:

ITZY Chaeryeong diet includes:

ITZY Chaeryeong Diet Plan

ITZY Chaeryeong Diet Plan


  • Lots of water



  • Meat
  • Rice
  • Sometimes ice cream



  • Usually, a crispy salad

That’s all for the ITZY Chaeryeong diet plan.

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